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March 2, 2023

Katie Hobbs may be ensconced in the Governor’s residence in Arizona, but we can’t say “safely ensconced” just yet. The Appeals Court may have rejected Kari Lake’s bid to invalidate and redo the Maricopa County election, but her attorneys have just presented her case to the state Supreme Court.

Conservative journalist Emerald Robinson has a summary and excerpts from her arguments to the Court. I’m not an attorney, but it looks pretty convincing to me. Her attorneys cite specific instances in which the Maricopa elections officials clearly violated state election laws, as well as instances in which the lower court imposed nonexistent standards on the plaintiffs and ignored the law and Supreme Court precedents in making their ruling.

They also allege that Runbeck Election Services, the third party ballot processor used by Maricopa County, injected 35,565 unaccounted-for ballots into the total. That’s significant since Hobbs’ margin of victory was only about 17,000 votes.

I know the leftist media narrative on this because it’s already been enshrined in Wikipedia, and I quote: “Lake refused to concede and filed a post-election lawsuit in an attempt to overturn the results, with all her claims either being dismissed or ruled against for lack of evidence.” But Lake and her supporters understandably believe that the dismissals weren’t due to lack of evidence but the courts’ refusal to look at the evidence. After the 2020 Presidential election, that feeling of déjà vu only fuels the growing distrust in the integrity of our elections.

It’s impossible to predict how the Arizona Supreme Court will rule, but even if Hobbs remains Governor, despite the best efforts of the media and the Democrat establishment to insist that we “move along, nothing to see here,” she will undoubtedly spend her term with a dark cloud of suspicion hanging over her among a large percentage of her constituents.

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