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February 23, 2023

Being in Congress may not give you much in the way of real world experience these days, but you can’t say that Rep. Eric Swalwell hasn’t become an expert in what Democrats are best at: squandering other people’s money.

Fox News reports that during the 2022 election cycle, Swalwell spent $583,000 (about three times his annual Congressional salary) on lavish travel expenses paid for by his campaign donors. That’s even more than the $434,000 Nancy Pelosi spent. It includes $20,240 at the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay; $3,539 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris; $28,646 at Just Dreaming Yacht Charters; and somehow, $131,000 in childcare expenses (Fang-Fang doesn’t babysit for free, apparently.)

Incidentally, he represents a California district that’s so in the bag for the Dems that he won last time by 69%, so he hardly needs to campaign at all. Which I guess is why he spends so much of his campaign funds on luxury hotels in Paris and rented yachts. It might also explain why he and so many other Democrats in DC don’t really care that their constituents have to take out second mortgages to fill up the gas tank and buy a dozen eggs.

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