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March 8, 2023

California Gov. Gavin Newsom feels this strange compulsion to take to Twitter and attack the red states that California residents are moving to, and it always ends with the Governors of those states figuratively handing him his hair-gelled head. Here’s the latest example: toldjah/2023/03/03/gavin- newsom-gets-mic-dropped-after- sniffing-around-in-another- red-states-backyard-n711313

(By the way, I love that the Governor of Tennessee cited the U-Haul rental factor to show the exodus from California. I think my use of that on “The Huckabee Report” a decade ago might have been the first time it appeared, and it’s now ubiquitous. If I didn’t invent it, then I’ll just go on believing that I did.)

I have a feeling that all the people who’ve fled California for Tennessee think that lower taxes, more freedom, and less crime, homelessness, drugs and filth are worth it, even if they do have to give up letting their kids enjoy the California-style educational experience of being exposed to sexually-explicit drag shows.

Newsom might want to focus a little more attention on his own backyard, since he’s already getting blasted for leaving the state for some “personal travel” just hours after declaring an emergency due to all the snow that I thought global warming fanatics like him had assured us was a thing of the past. 2023/03/04/wheres-gavin-ca- gov-newsom-departs-for- personal-travel-even-as-he- declares-state-of-emergency- after-monster-storms-n711420

Meanwhile, if Newsom really is dreaming of inflicting California’s woes on the entire nation, a new Quinnipiac University poll has some bad news for him and some good news for the rest of us: 70% of Californians don’t want him running for President in 2024, and only 22% do. Well, they're the ones who know him best! politics/lincolnbrown/2023/03/ 03/even-californians-dont- want-to-see-newsom-as- president-n1675401

I have to assume that some of that 22% only want him to run for President to get him out of California.


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