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May 17, 2023

If you’ve been reading my newsletter the past few years, you already know essentially what Special Counsel John Durham revealed in his 306-page missive released Monday.  Not that you’ve necessarily read it all --- you didn’t have to.  It’s taken years to finally come full circle, to conclude what you and I always knew, that the whole thing was a spectacular hoax from the start.  A hoax and an attempted coup, started by Hillary’s campaign.

When that coup failed in 2016 and Trump won, they continued the hoax into his presidency, hog-tying him with phony investigations that made it impossible for him to fire people without being charged with “obstruction” and impeached.  They secured their positions by preventing him from cleaning house.  That’s one reason why The Swamp is still The Swamp.

There are hardly words to express how odious this is without resorting to unprintable ones, but we’re giving it a try.  Here are some others…

First, though, some additional breaking news:  In a stunning move, the IRS has benched the entire group of investigators who had been looking into Hunter Biden’s financial affairs, along with the IRS criminal supervisory agent who came forward in April to blow the whistle on the DOJ for improperly impeding the investigation of the President’s son.  The IRS’s reaction to this allegation is to improperly impede the investigation of the President’s son even more.

According to the NEW YORK POST, “the purge allegedly was done on orders from the Justice Department.”  Surprise, surprise.  The POST learned this from a letter written by the whistleblower’s attorneys, Mark Lyttle and newcomer Tristan Leavitt, to congressional leaders.  The attorneys characterize this move as retaliatory, though IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel told Congress under oath that there would be no retaliation to whistleblowers.

“We respectfully request that you give this matter your prompt attention,” the attorneys wrote.  “Removing the experienced investigators who have worked this case for years and are now the subject-matter experts is exactly the sort of issue our client intended to blow the whistle on to begin with.”  In other words, the higher-ups are inadvertently proving the whistleblower’s point.

Depending on what the investigative team found and how much more there might be, this might be much more than retaliation.  Let’s just say it has the “classic earmarks” (ha) of a Watergate-style cover-up, with a Biden-appointed AG firing the whole team investigating the Biden family enterprise.

It’s interesting, strategy-wise, that this move came just as Durham released his looooong-awaited conclusions.  Nick Arama at REDSTATE includes a link to the full report, as well as an informative Twitter thread from TechnoFog.

From Durham’s report:  “Neither the U.S. nor the Intelligence Community appears to have possessed ANY [emphasis ours] actual evidence of collusion in their holdings at the commencement of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation...[nothing] indicating that at any time during the campaign anyone in the Trump [campaign] had been in contact with any Russian intelligence officials.”  The Crossfire Hurricane investigators “did not and could not” verify any substantive allegations in the so-called Steele dossier.

TechnoFog points out how differently the Clinton campaign was treated:  “According to an FBI CHS [confidential source] in early 2016, the Clinton campaign was ‘fully aware’ of and ‘okay with’ a foreign contribution in violation of federal law.  The FBI agent didn’t get receipts --- and asked the source to stay away from the Clinton Campaign.”

Also, from Greg Price:  “According to the Durham Report, the plan by Hillary Clinton to create a false story linking Donald Trump to Russia was briefed in August of 2016 by CIA Director John Brennan to President Obama, VP Biden, AG Loretta Lynch, and FBI Director Comey.”  So, they all knew it was fake political garbage, a dirty smear job on Trump.  And that includes the man currently in the White House, a thoroughly dishonest man who got where he is by blatantly lying again and again.  Obama knew it, too, so he lied by omission.

“What’s criminal is that it appears people might get away with it,” Arama said.  And they likely will.  Most media will do what they can to make it go away.  AP has already attacked Durham for his “spotty prosecution record” and said that his report “fell short of Trump’s prediction he would uncover ‘the crime of the century.’”  But you know what?  For the damage it did to our country, it arguably IS the crime of the century.

The WASHINGTON EXAMINER story has additional details, saying House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan says his office has contacted Durham’s office to have him testify next week.  The big question we have for him:  Why in blazes did you decide against making criminal referrals??

The FBI issued a statement saying it has initiated “dozens of corrective actions” to reform what they call “missteps.”  Sorry, these weren’t mere missteps, and that won’t be enough.  Look at what just happened with the Hunter team at the IRS.

President Trump responded to Durham’s report on Truth Social, saying the American public had been “scammed” by people trying to undermine the United States.  “They are scum, like cockroaches all over Washington DC,” he said of the hoaxers, while congratulating Durham for his professionalism and quality work.

Ron DeSantis set political rivalry aside and agreed that the report “confirmed what we already knew.”  He said, “It reminds us of the need to clean house at these agencies, as they’ve never been held accountable for this egregious abuse of power.”  Surely, he knows that if he does win the GOP nomination, he’ll be treated as a Trump proxy by the deep state, and there’s no telling what scheme they’ll come up with in 2024.  Without accountability --- and I’m every bit as angry about that as the angriest among you --- they might even be emboldened.

Former Acting FBI Director Andy McCabe --- now, appropriately, a CNN contributor --- completely dismissed the report and claimed Durham’s investigation was “never legitimate.”  Just wondering:  how do you say there’s nothing new and also that you’ve only read portions here and there?

McCabe used the story about Russians hacking DNC computers --- a theory for which even the computer experts at CrowdStrike concluded there was no actual evidence --- to insist there really was Russian collusion.  He disputed Durham’s characterization of their data as “raw, unanalyzed and uncorroborated.”  He said Durham was on “a political errand” and that the assertion that the Trump and Clinton campaigns were treated differently is “a ridiculous claim.”

Just be glad that McCabe is far away from the FBI now and that with CNN’s dwindling ratings, few people will be hearing anything he has to say.  Here’s a link to his interview with Anderson Cooper, but get ready for the gaslighting of a lifetime…

Jake Tapper, also at CNN, was willing to acknowledge that Durham’s findings are devastating to the FBI and exonerate Trump “to a degree.”  He didn’t say what degree he had judged that to be.

By the way, to what “degree” does CNN owe Trump and his people an apology for their years of rabid anti-Trump “Russian collusion” propaganda masquerading as news?

Tristan Justice at THE FEDERALIST focused on the media and how their reports were poisoned by the concocted “collusion” story.  Recall that THE NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST won a Pulitzer for their fake reporting on this fakery.  (NYT and WAPO should give it back and apologize to Trump and to the nation for their role in perpetuating a lie, but they won’t. The Times must keep theirs on the same shelf as Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer for repeating Stalin’s lies to cover up his planned famines.)  FBI records show that what they were reporting in February and March of 2017 about Trump campaign officials being in touch with Russian intelligence officers was not true.

So, who gets held accountable?  If no one goes to jail after falsely swearing, for example, that information presented to FISA courts was verified --- well, that is not justice.  Hillary, the mastermind of the “bloodless coup” that this was, and her flying monkeys all skate.  They are criminals who tried first to manipulate an election and later to take down a President.

If the Democrats are really looking for “insurrectionists” who are a direct threat to “our democracy,” well, there they are!

The people we should be able to trust to enforce our laws evenly and with no regard for politics have failed us miserably and will fail us again if there are no consequences.

The Durham Report “oughta scare the living hell out of everyone,” said a subdued California Rep. Devin Nunes, former chairman of the House Intel Committee.  “...They’ve gotten away with everything from 2016 to today...We’re dealing with a very corrupt FBI and Department of Justice at this point.”  This interview is a must-watch.

To conclude, former Acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker appeared early Tuesday on “FOX & Friends” to say, “We should all be outraged by this.”  Like us, he doesn’t believe the FBI has taken the “corrective actions” that will prevent this from happening again.  “I think you put the wrong people in the wrong spots, and this could happen all over again.”  Excellent interview with Brian Kilmeade; if it’s posted later today, we’ll share the link.



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  • Dawn M Street

    06/02/2023 12:30 AM

    So what is happening with Durham's report? Nothing! No courtroom? I mean, it is evident that Joe Biden is deceased and an actor is wearing one of those masks that look real. And where has Jill disappeared to? Hunter does not even look like he did at the fake inauguration. What a big mess.