February 2, 2018


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Today's Commentary: The Memo  -- Your tax dollars at work -- Mind boggling -- Apologize please -- Good question -- D.B. Cooper -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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At this writing, we’re still awaiting the release of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ memo on alleged FBI abuses of the FISA Court in targeting the Trump campaign for surveillance. Now that President Trump has agreed to declassify it, it’s expected to be released any time now. At the link is a quick primer to get you up to speed if you haven’t been following all the intrigue closely.

It’s been astounding to watch over the past few days, as Democrats and FBI officials, aided by sympathetic media figures, fought furiously to keep the memo from being seen, or failing that, tried to discredit it before it’s released (or in some cases, before they’ve even read it themselves). Their arguments have come so fast and furious (Eric Holder scandal reference intended) that they’ve started to contradict themselves. For instance, it’s nothing but lies and false information – yet releasing it will reveal secrets that will compromise national security.


Mike Huckabee


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Your tax dollars at work

By Mike Huckabee

Your tax dollars at work: Here’s what some Democratic Congress members were doing during President Trump’s State of the Union Address other than paying attention (or applauding when he mentioned things that they are allegedly in favor of).

And these people think Trump isn’t fit to hold his job?



Mind boggling

By Mike Huckabee

I understand that some churches are more liberal than others, and that’s their choice. But when people who claim to represent God’s Word (and even to be Baptists) hold ceremonies blessing abortion clinics, and pray to the Lord to keep the abortionists “safe and strong” and let them know that “all they do” (i.e., murdering babies in the womb) “is for Thy glory,” I find it hard to believe that they’ve even read the Bible.

I know it’s mind-boggling to think that this story could be real, but it is. And as the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention said, “This is revolting.”



Apologize please

By Mike Huckabee

Singer Joy Villa made headlines last year when she bravely showed up at the ultra-liberal Grammy Awards in a “MAGA”-themed gown. But when she got attention this year with her gown that carried a pro-life message and an image of a child in the womb, she was attacked by many in the media who questioned her motives and accused her of just pulling a cheap stunt to draw attention to herself.

Those people who attacked her should read the real story behind that dress and why she wore it and then start writing their public apologies. But I’m not holding my breath for that.


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Good question

By Mike Huckabee

When Joe Kennedy III gave the Democratic response to the State Of The Union, our Internet culture being what it is, much of the response centered on snarky debates about why the corners of his lips were so shiny (he had on too much Chapstick, which led wags to dub the scandal, “Chapstick-aquiddick”) and the bad optics of putting a Kennedy in front of a wrecked car.

Less attention was paid to what he actually said. It was a bleak depiction of a dystopian America where the races are at war, white supremacists are marching down every Main Street, immigrants and gays are under attack, mass shootings are happening 24/7, workers are being robbed and their money sent to corporations (never mind that the tax cut bill has resulted in corporations giving raises and bonuses to workers – Lowe’s is the latest to announce $1,000 bonuses to over 200,000 employee) and it’s all because Donald Trump is President. But there is hope: he said (cribbing a line from a DACA protest sign), “Build a wall and my generation will tear it down.’”

Now that that’s finally been noticed, it didn’t take long for Internet wags to start sharing photos of the Kennedy Compound and asking when they’re going to tear down the tall, concrete wall all around it.


D.B. Cooper

By Mike Huckabee

The mystery of what happened to D.B. Cooper, the airline hijacker who parachuted out of a plane with $200,000 in ransom money in 1971 and disappeared, has long been a subject of speculation and debate. But there’s a wild new theory that’s going to be catnip to people who love government conspiracy theories. It involves the CIA, the FBI, secret codes and hidden identities, it’s all in a new documentary by a man named Colbert, and his first name’s not Stephen. Click the link and step through the looking glass.



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