May 13, 2019

Reader comments are driving my newsletter today.  It seems appropriate to use this perfectly-timed letter from reader Lawrence to introduce today’s unsettling FBI news….

Governor Mike,

Re the FBI spying. It's de rigeur for politicians to praise the FBI, and say "only a few" agents have gone off the rails. How quickly we forget! The FBI has a long history of political activity and abuse of citizens. The FBI HQ building in Washington is named for one of the most shameful characters to ever be in government, J. Edgar Hoover.

And, having worked with the FBI numerous times over the course of an almost 54-year career in the Defense Department, I can tell you they are not always the sharpest knife in the drawer. I've seen more than one DOD operation or investigation torpedoed by the FBI because they had congressional testimony coming up and wanted what we called a B4 (Bureau budget boosting bust) to brag about before Congress. I think we need to abolish the FBI, start over with a new law enforcement agency that has rigorous congressional controls. The agents that work for the FBI now could apply for jobs and be given hiring priority at the new agency, provided they are cleared of any political actions while working for the FBI.

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Dear Lawrence:

That idea is sounding better and better all the time. You (and all our readers) might appreciate the following story about the FBI’s “investigation” of Hillary’s email that, if confirmed, illustrates your point very well…

A report from May 8 in The Epoch Times alleges that according to a former intelligence official, the FBI conveniently “LOST” notes that documented some particularly explosive information about Hillary’s emails, as discussed during a meeting or meetings between their staff and the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG). According to the source, this meeting was held less than a month after the ICIG had made a referral to the FBI that classified material “may have been disclosed in an unauthorized manner to a foreign power” because Hillary Clinton conducted State Department business over an insufficiently secure private email server. But in this new meeting, the ICIG went further, passing along a specific lead that “anomalies in the metadata” of the emails examined indicated that a copy of nearly every email was indeed sent to an agent of a foreign power.

The Epoch Times’ source told them that the ICIG had found in “the actual metadata --- the data which is at the header and footer of all the emails --- that a copy, a ‘courtesy copy,’ was being sent to a third party and that third party was a known Chinese public company that was involved in collecting intelligence for China.” The source said this anomaly was found “pretty early in 2015,” and sources for The Daily Caller also said that the FBI was briefed on the matter three separate occasions. So, where are the records of such a blockbuster disclosure?

In the past, the FBI has acknowledged that Hillary’s emails “could have been breached by foreign actors who covered their tracks, but denied that any evidence of foreign infiltration was found,” the story reads. “Several current and former senior FBI officials involved in the Clinton case denied in congressional testimonies any recollection of receiving the metadata lead.”

GOSH, It would be REALLY NICE to have the notes from that meeting, but they appear to be “lost.” We know this because of references to this boo-boo that appeared in some emails released by the FBI (with all names redacted) around May 6. Emails dated February 4 reflect that special agents from the Washington field office were going through some documents from the Clinton email investigation –-- sorry, “investigation” –- so they could be released in response to a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request. When they searched for the meeting notes, which according to their electronic case file management system should have been in Hillary’s case file, those notes were gone baby gone.

And they stayed gone. To quote the story: “A February 12 document shows that the Washington Field Office considered the meeting notes missing, as the special agent who was to receive the notes from the staffer said he ‘documented all relevant case materials before leaving the case and DID NOT RETAIN ANY NOTES OR OTHER CASE MATERIALS.’” (Emphasis mine.)

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Read the full story at the link. (i’ve also added the link to a story Laura Ainsworth contributed a while back, dealing with “the long, proud history of FBI spying.” Sad to say, it’s more timely than ever.) Lawrence, I imagine you consider this new story to be par for the course when it comes to the FBI. The new AG, Bill Barr, gives reason for hope, however, because if anyone’s a straight-shooter, he is, and he seems to know just what he’s dealing with. Also, we should never forget that the reason we’re finding out about these misdeeds now is that there are dedicated agents and former agents who are sickened by what they have seen in the intelligence community. That said, it sure look as though Hillary wasn’t the only one destroying evidence in the Hillary email case.



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Comments 1-25 of 38

  • Bill Robison

    08/16/2019 01:05 PM

    With all the crimes Hillary has been proven guilty with facts, when will she face legal action!

  • Sally Earnest

    05/24/2019 11:40 AM

    According to this news... The FBI Must Have Lost Critical Notes on the Hillary Email Investigation.
    They obviously used the tired old excuse...."The dog must have eaten my homework"

  • Sallie

    05/20/2019 07:34 PM

    The FBI did not loose anything! They conveniently hid the evidence. Remember Hillary's email they lost? After several years and a FOIA fight, they miraculasly found them, Obama had they hid. It's time to indict and convene a Grand Jury! Democrats stalling time is up!

  • Ernest D. Isaac

    05/20/2019 03:10 PM

    I really believe that the "FBI" deliberately was involved in the cover-up and disappearance of Hillary's emails and are still covering her butt. Time to bring those agents and their bosses down. Hopefully some of them will "open up" and some truth will come out. Either way Clinton and all connected in her crimes, including Obama, need to be charged with interfering and lying, attempting to steal an election, and the cover-up. Also there needs to be an honest investigation and prosecution of them on Benghazi.

  • Steven G. Smith

    05/20/2019 07:59 AM

    I would like to use reader Lawrence's posting about the FBI, however, I would like to use his real name. Is he willing to tell us a little more about himself?


    05/20/2019 06:42 AM

    Never have understood it. Even back in their Arkansas days, law enforcement protected the CLINTON immorality and lawlessness to their own detriment.

  • Becky Bryant

    05/20/2019 01:23 AM

    I agree that we need to abolish the FBI and start over. I also think we need to do the same with the CIA. Too many of our agencies have gone off the rails and are too politicized. They have lost the confidence of the American men and women for whom they supposedly work and represent. Breaks my heart.


    05/19/2019 10:08 PM

    All government agencies preach accountability. But here we have none. It seems we will eventually know the truth but at what cost? I fear there will be a day of conspiracy and another fall guy to answer for the death of a President.

  • Stephen Russell

    05/19/2019 05:54 PM

    We saw FBI abuse under Hoover over MLK & the 60s crowds, but nothing like this FBI did to Pres Trump alone.Nothing this scale then.
    Sure did spying but no action taken in 60s & 70s, so how does this FBI get away with so much

  • Margaret B Sands

    05/16/2019 11:42 AM

    The reason they are missing is because of the Mueller investigation . That is probably why they were hired to hide evidence .

  • Tim Touchstone

    05/14/2019 01:19 PM

    Governor: Thanks for giving your readers unbiased news; REAL NEWS. Concerning Lawrence's comments, I too believe the FBI should be dissolved and re-formed. The part I don't agree with is the "rigid congressional controls". How are a bunch of crooks and idiots going to control ANYTHING!! They're too interested in getting re-elected so they can continue to do very little to help the citizens of our country. I say we are doomed if we don't get term limits for these idiots!

  • Judy Pevonka

    05/14/2019 01:04 PM

    I hate to admit that I feel that the FBI as it exists is out of control; they appear to feel that they are untouchable and can do anything they want; the utter disrespect shown by Strock at his televised hearing was unbelievable; Hillary would fit right in as director, if you get my drift; I want to believe (and pray daily) that AG Barr is on the right track and is able to maintain his credibility despite the vicious attacks of the left; the hearing where he was harangued by congressmen without being asked a question was totally unacceptable. I also believe that if the Demoturds create health care for "all," it had better be for them, too. The are not better than us either...….In closing, we attend as many tapings of your show as possible; we love it!! God bless you, Governor Mike. See you Friday!

  • Michael T Youngblood

    05/14/2019 11:06 AM

    I wouldn't want to be in Mueller's shoes for anything, He is likely to commit suicide by hammer any day now.

  • Michael Conboy

    05/14/2019 07:50 AM

    Other than the fingerprint unit and the lab why do we need the costly FBI now? They originally got their start on prohibition. Now we have the ATF as well as the CIA, NSA, DEA and a host of Inspectors General. People like J. Edgar, Louis Freeh, James Comey etc., etc., etc. have killed the reputation of the FBI. Abolish it. I worked with the FBI from a federal executive management position in a law enforcement organization of the Feds. I was also a police chief for many years. I seldom, if ever, got real help from the FBI. I did get a host of problems and meddling. The time has come to disburse the very capable street agents to other organizations and get rid of the hierarchy.

  • Mark Taylor

    05/13/2019 08:28 PM

    Hoover was made of the IJN plans to attack Pearl Harbor a good seven months prior to the attack, and he sat on it without alerting the President. The details of these plans and the Nazis collaboration with Japan can be read in detail in the book “Into the Lion’s Mouth” a biography of the double agent that delivered the plans to the FBI.

  • wilma faulkner

    05/13/2019 08:26 PM

    Nothing new here about the democrats. They have been proven to be dishonest to the point of evil . What's worse is they know it and they know we know it as well, and they don't even care. They just find ways to cover their tracks and we can't do anything about it . It's not fair that they get away with it . I'm going to pray about it , and ask the Lord to show the way and bring their crimes to light to all of us . Who ever was involved in hiding or destroying these e-mails should be fired and arrested for their crimes in this . But, again , guess what ?

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    05/13/2019 08:10 PM

    It sure looks like the swamp rats have been busy. My hope is that they will all be rounded up and dealt with by honest hardworking Americans.

  • Firewagon

    05/13/2019 07:34 PM

    "....a copy of nearly every email was indeed sent to an agent of a foreign power." How many of the more than 600 emails from Ambassador Stevens to the State Department, and Clinton, asking for, and being denied, additional security at that Consulate in Benghazi were "known" to the Benghazi attackers?

    Those inept, criminally incompetent, self-serving pols, the criminal Clinton, and the no show Obama, have un-washable blood on their hands! The families of Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone S. Woods (the father of three), Sean Smith (father of two), should file a class action lawsuit against the State Department and The Clinton Crime Family, if not already having done so!

    Want some irony? Ambassador Stevens was a Democrat, his death facilitated by other Democrats! An Obamanation.

  • Denise Jackson??

    05/13/2019 07:23 PM

    Agree 100% with the reader's comments. FBI has lost all credibility with many law abiding citizens. The FBI is the dead letter office of law enforcement. When I hear a crime has been turned over to the FBI, I think that's the end of justice for the victims of that crime. Still waiting for some explanation of the Las Vegas shooting.

  • James Larsen

    05/13/2019 07:03 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I'm with you concerning the FBI. Start over with a new Bureau. I have often wondered if the Mueller crew was making records disappear as they were "investigating". Guess we will find out. I am infuriated with the FBI, Democrats, and others in the swamp that seemingly are not held accountable. Ed

  • Mike Smith

    05/13/2019 06:56 PM

    Hi Governor,
    About AG Barr - the idea that if anyone's a straight shooter, he is makes me uneasy. I seem to remember hearing the same description applied to Jim Comey. I hope for all our sakes that you're right and AG Barr can put our IC back on path.

    Currently, our country is in a desperate situation. After 8 years ( was it only 8 !? ) of President Obama and 2 yrs of this sham of an investigation our position of national security is just about as low as it was before Pearl Harbor.

    The U.S.A. must renew and regroup quickly. We're actually, just about in an existential crisis. And NOT because of our President but because of our Congress. ( I still hold them to blame for 9/11 BTW, because they had President Bush on the ropes for 8 months, but I digress ;-) )

  • Firewagon

    05/13/2019 06:54 PM

    "....a copy of nearly every email was indeed sent to an agent of a foreign power." How many of the more than 600 emails from Ambassador Stevens to the State Department, and Clinton, asking for, and being denied, additional security at that Consulate in Benghazi were "known" to the Benghazi attackers?

    Those inept, criminally incompetent, self-serving pols, the criminal Clinton, and the no show Obama, have un-washable blood on their hands! The families of Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone S. Woods (the father of three), Sean Smith (father of two), should file a class action lawsuit against the State Department and The Clinton Crime Family!

    Want some irony? Ambassador Stevens was a Democrat, his death facilitated by other Democrats!

  • Joseph

    05/13/2019 05:18 PM

    Nothing is surprising anymore with the corruption of the entire Obama administration. Soros is the puppeteer and pulled all the strings. He found Barry and Hillary the perfect patsy's as they were both corrupt and power hungry. Hillary has an entire life of corruption and even 60+ friends and business partners who died in various accidents and dubious suicides. Now I'm not a college graduate but still I know if I was involved with that many people who died(especially when going to testify against her) I would think there was something going on and think an investigation was in order. We know Barry put over a hundred Liberal judges on the courts so why not in the justice an FBI. Society as a whole has been corrupted over the years by the very people we have trusted to run our country so we just look the other way when wrong things are done because the job is more important than integrity.

  • Dot Whitley

    05/13/2019 04:41 PM

    Can we get a new FBI fast, or do we have to keep waiting and waiting for it to happen, until we just about lose our health on account of nothing ever gets done about it ? I hate all the talking we have heard for years now about crookedness that keeps going on, as if there's comfort in talking about these crimes.

  • Lanell Boldt

    05/13/2019 04:18 PM

    Governor Huckabee, your email publications are spot on, succinct, & so informative. I appreciate receiving these from you. You have a personality that’s inspiring & amazing to me. I love the way you write ! You are simultaneously entertaining & educational !
    God bless you !
    Lanell Boldt San Antonio Texas
    Build The Wall - our small towns & big cities are overrun with illegals!!! An ms13,gangster pistol whipped a man in little Three Rivers, Texas. Two more gangsters were found and arrested for stealing cars ! People are scared in the Goliad area.