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August 11, 2021

In the most underreported story of the week, Mike Lindell’s three-day cyber web symposium on 2020 election fraud kicked off Tuesday morning. Have you heard much about it yet?

Lindell is hosting the event from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and says it will feature 65 forensic cyber experts who are challenging the official results of the Biden/Trump presidential election. It will include a recreation of the vote count “in real time,” he says, so viewers can have a better understanding of what unfolded on November 3 and into the wee hours of November 4.

He’s offering $5 million to anyone who can show that the evidence he presents is “not cyber data from the November 2020 election.”

Let me say up front that we have no advance knowledge of the evidence Lindell plans to present at his event. I know Mike and he’s been a guest on my TBN show, but we promise to analyze his evidence as independently and objectively as possible (we’re not cyber experts) and report the findings as honestly and spin-free as we can.

We’d like to think Lindell has the goods, but whether or not he can show that voting machines were, or even could be, hacked (we have no idea), there’s plenty that still arouses suspicion about hanky-panky on Election Night. And, no, it has NOT been “debunked.” That doesn’t mean it’s been proven –- it has not –- but it can’t just be discarded, either, unless one’s agenda depends on it being discarded.

Some of Lindell’s critics wish he’d concentrate on those other reasons to suspect cheating, such as problems with mail-in ballots, and view the voting machine issue as a distraction. I see their point, but have a question for them: If there ARE security problems with electronic voting, shouldn’t we find that out before the next election?

Anyway, Lindell has invited people from across the political spectrum –- some reports say thousands of invitees –- and at this writing, we don’t really know who’s going to be there. He says he’s invited cyber experts, politicians and media. One we do know: Nancy Pelosi said she had a scheduling conflict and won’t attend. (Those hair appointments are hard to change!) But I don’t think anyone will miss her.

Lindell is hoping the event will attract hundreds of millions of viewers and be “the most watched live event in history.” That will be a good trick with the almost-total news and social media blackout on it. “I believe people are going tune in,” he said. “I want them to watch whether they’re a Democrat or Republican, or liberal or conservative. This is America, and we, and every person needs to see this, and say, ‘What are we going to do about it?’”

Of course, that’s the big question. Lindell actually has claimed that he can show the election should have gone the other way, but what he’s taken the most heat for is his prediction in March that former President Trump would be re-installed as President by August. For one thing, it’s already August, and for another, it just doesn’t work that way. For one thing, there would have to be formal impeachment proceedings in the (Democrat) House and removal of Biden by two-thirds of the (barely Democrat) Senate. And we know how the Democrats would react to even the most compelling proof: by draping it with the Cloak of Invisibility.

NEWSMAX, which --- unlike FOX NEWS --- did agree to run Lindell’s ad for the symposium, issued a statement that it does not endorse ads and that it accepts the 2020 election results as “legal and final.”

Predictably, left-wing news outlets such as MEDIA MATTERS made fun of Lindell as a right-wing conspiracy theorist and criticized him as a threat to democracy itself. Some on the right are exasperated, with Matt Margolis at PJ MEDIA saying he should “go back to selling pillows,” expressing admiration for his vocal support of Trump while saying he “jumped the shark” when he said Trump would be President again by August.

As you might know, Lindell pulled his “MyPillow” advertising from FOX NEWS after they wouldn’t run his ad for the symposium. The ad doesn’t make any claims about election fraud, only about the importance of this event, and it invites everyone to tune in –- and tell everyone they know to do the same. Then it offers some great deals on pillows and other MyPillow products, which, as you might imagine, are more challenging to sell these days.

So let’s tune in to as much of this symposium as we can and see what he’s got. I promise you a full report. And let me just put in a word for MyPillow and, especially, Giza Dream Sheets. Those sheets are fantastic to sleep on and oversized to fit the thickest mattress.

Just like he says.

By the way, here’s an example of problems on election night that have nothing to do with wilder claims of foreign countries hacking the voting machines to make Biden President. When a ballot shows that more than one candidate in the same race has been marked, it is deemed an “overvote” and is handed over to an election worker to review. JUST THE NEWS has seen what was going on with some of these “adjudicated” ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, and it’s not pretty.

Every election has ballots that have to be adjudicated –- remember the nightmare of the “hanging chads” in Florida in the Bush-Gore race –- but in 2020, hundreds of thousands of people in Georgia were voting absentee for the first time and that meant many more ballots were mis-marked and, shall we say, open to interpretation. And in Fulton County, the rules apparently weren’t clear and consistently applied, and they weren’t even in writing, but passed along verbally.

JUST THE NEWS got ballot images through an open records act request; Fulton County officials would not respond to questions regarding what they found. More than 5,000 of the 148,000 absentee ballots processed through Fulton County --- about 3 percent --- required “some form of human intervention,” they report. "Mistakes" in the adjudication process alone were not enough to have changed the outcome of the election, they say, but this is one more potentially contributing factor. We’d second what they conclude, that “[these ballots] reveal an imperfect system vulnerable to chaos, subjectivity, or political dirty tricks, especially in a county like Fulton where state officials documented widespread irregularities and misconduct and now want to take over election counting.”

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Comments 1-10 of 16

  • Theresa La Ruffa

    08/16/2021 12:00 PM

    Respectfully, I am so tired of the republicans asking for money and discussing all the current problems and nothing gets fixed. Let's find a solution. Let us know what to do and let's do it.
    Otherwise we are all sunk

  • Patricia Allums

    08/16/2021 09:43 AM

    I watched the Georgia election results and saw on the security cameras as a woman in a purple sweater ran a stack of ballots through the copier three times.
    In addition, my husband who passed away in May 2016 was a registered Democrat who always voted Republican, started getting mail! I had asked the clerk the first time after he died to remove him from the rolls. Then I received two Absentee ballots! I always vote in person. I threw them away. My husband is still getting mail and I am sure that he would be furious to know he voted for Biden! Fulton County is a nest of bad people!

  • Sylvia Williamson

    08/16/2021 08:26 AM

    I truly believe due to obvious election FRAUD that the Republicans will never be in control again. Illegals will be given voting rights and no ID shown and Mail in ballots will prevail once again plus fixing voting machines. Every Republican I have encountered said they will not vote because it is pointless!!!!! Sad time in America!!!

  • Tom Qualman

    08/16/2021 07:20 AM

    When paper ballots are preprinted for Biden then run through scanners multiple times, when poll watchers are locked out, and when counting stops then suddenly starts back up with huge vote spikes for the candidate who is way behind we have Mike-a stolen election.

  • Deborah Master

    08/16/2021 07:00 AM

    The Cyber Symposium was last week!
    Its already been presented. Sorry you missed it. Your article is too late unless the whole program is to be repeated...It was very well attended.
    The information presented was profound and given by very well educated people.

  • Cathy johnson

    08/15/2021 07:45 PM

    If people are getting so much more on unemployment that they won’t go back to work, why can’t they pay their rent???

  • Pete Strand

    08/15/2021 05:52 PM

    I am worried that conservatives will not do as well in 2022 as they think unless Pres. Trump gets his own “cloud” service & website so voters can get the truth. Too many believe the CNN, et. news, which as you know is fake news. Hope you can help. Love your work. pete

  • Peggy Fenton

    08/15/2021 04:53 PM

    I can't thank you enough for covering Mike Lindell's cyber symposium. We cannot use machines to vote ever again. The single most important thing we need to accomplish before the 2022 elections is to remove all machines. If we continue to use voting machines, we are a lost people. Our freedom is an illusion. Our votes count for nothing. No point even going to the polls if votes are tabulated by machine.

  • Marianne Acklin

    08/15/2021 04:29 PM

    Everyday there is something earth shattering, now it’s Afghanistan. When are the Republicans going to get a set. Biden needs impeached.
    Trump would have been gone yesterday. I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  • Lauren Perkins

    08/15/2021 03:48 PM

    At the very least, you need to watch Dr. Shiva’s speech at the symposium (it is available on Rumble) and you should include this link in your newsletter. What happened to him & what he discovered makes my wonder why he hasn’t been suicided by the Deep State yet!