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February 8, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • President Trump's Impeachment Defense
  • “Normality!”
  • RIP George Schultz
  • Social Media Update
  • “Aggressive niceness.”
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Motto
  • Good luck
  • Americans are fed-up with cancel culture
  • Nailed it


Mike Huckabee



President Trump's Impeachment Defense

By Mike Huckabee

Monday, President Trump’s attorneys released a legal brief detailing their planned defense in his “impeachment” trial (the quotes are because this is to a real impeachment what a tofu “turkey” is to real turkey.)

Background and the full text of the brief are here.

But to save you having to scroll all the way through it, here are the major arguments, taken directly from the attorneys’ own closing summary:

“The Article of Impeachment presented by the House is unconstitutional for a variety of reasons, any of which alone would be grounds for immediate dismissal. Taken together, they demonstrate conclusively that indulging House Democrats hunger for this political theater is a danger to our Republic democracy and the rights that we hold dear. Reasons for dismissal include:

1. The Senate of the United States lacks jurisdiction over the 45th President because he holds no public office from which he can be removed, and the Constitution limits the authority of the Senate in cases of impeachment to removal from office as the prerequisite active remedy allowed the Senate under our Constitution.

2. The Senate of the United States lacks jurisdiction over the 45th President because he holds no public office from which he can be removed rendering the Article of Impeachment moot and a non-justiciable question.

3. Should the Senate act on the Article of Impeachment initiated in the House of Representatives, it will have passed a Bill of Attainder in violation of Article 1,Sec. 9. Cl. 3 of the United States Constitution.

4. The allegations in the Article of Impeachment are self-evidently wrong, as demonstrated by the evidence including the transcript of the President’s actual speech, and the allegations fail to meet the constitutional standard for any crime, let alone an impeachable offense.

5. The House of Representatives deprived the 45th President of due process of law in rushing to issue the Article of Impeachment and by ignoring its own procedures and precedents going back to the mid-19th century. The lack of due process included, but was not limited to, its failure to conduct any meaningful committee review or other investigation, engage in any full and fair consideration of evidence in support of the Article, as well as the failure to conduct any full and fair discussion by allowing the 45th President’s positions to be heard in the House Chamber. No exigent circumstances under the law were present excusing the House of Representatives’ rush to judgment, as evidenced by the fact that they then held the Article for another 12 days.

6. The Article of Impeachment violates the 45th President’s right to free speech and thought guaranteed under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

7. The Article is constitutionally flawed in that it charges multiple instances of allegedly impeachable conduct in a single article.”

Some of the arguments are new, including the “bill of attainder” claim. FYI: a bill of attainder is when the legislature finds a person or group guilty of a crime and punishes them, usually without benefit of trial, and it’s forbidden. As point #5 notes, that’s what happened when the House voted to impeach Trump with no investigation, evidence, defense or due process.


By Mike Huckabee

President Biden wants to redirect $30 billion from a fund Trump set up to help farmers hurt by the trade war and use it to fight climate change and support restaurants. No word on what those restaurants will use for food.

RIP George Schultz

By Mike Huckabee

One of the major geopolitical figures of the past half century has died at 100. George Shultz was best known as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State, where he helped bring the Cold War to an end. He was an author, scholar, Medal of Freedom recipient, Marine veteran, economist, educator and one of only two people ever to hold four different Cabinet posts, as the Secretary of State, Labor and the Treasury and Director of the Office of Management and Budget, under three different Presidents. And he was active to the end, writing an op-ed for the Washington Post in December, just before his 100th birthday.

You can read more about his extraordinary life at this link.

Social Media Update

By Mike Huckabee

After being banned by most social media outlets, President Trump returned with his first post since January. It’s just a repost of his attorneys’ blunt response to the Senate’s letter inviting him to testify in his “impeachment” trial. But the opening sentence was familiarly Trumpian: “We are in receipt of your latest public relations stunt…”

I’m sure that Trump supporters will be most interested in knowing where he chose to post it, and that was at This story reports that offered him 40% of the business if he went exclusively with them (naturally, Democrats are “DEMANDING AN INVESTIGATION,” even though Trump didn't do it – I’m more interested in investigating Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million in-kind contribution to electing Biden, but don’t hold your breath waiting for that.)

Meanwhile, Parler is still offline. But investor Dan Bongino says it could be back this week, maybe as early as today.

“Aggressive niceness.”

By Mike Huckabee

A Los Angeles Times editor wrote an op-ed that’s getting a lot of comment because it’s such a perfect example of the left’s utter lack of self-awareness of what they have become, and how they’ve adopted a stunningly intolerant, narrow-minded attitude and embraced negative stereotypes and guilt by association. Bryan Preston at PJ Media has a good commentary on it, but there are many more floating around.

The gist is that the writer is flummoxed because her Trump-supporting neighbors took it upon themselves to shovel the snow off her driveway, just as a friendly, neighborly act. And they did a really good job of it, too.

Now, she’s all twitterpated. She doesn’t know how to respond to their “aggressive niceness.” Should she thank them? If so, how much? After all, how can she thank people she compares to Nazis, the terrorist group Hezbollah and violent rioters (pretty sure 99.9% of those are on the left, by the way.) They’re also staunch partisans of “blue lives,” and we all know how horrible it is to care about the lives of the police – you know, those people who protect leftists like her from all those imaginary “rightwing rioters.”

She also writes that her neighbors “supported a man who showed near-murderous contempt for the majority of Americans. They kept him in business with their support…Americans are expected to forgive and forget before we’ve even stitched up our wounds. Or gotten our vaccines against the pandemic that former President Trump utterly failed to mitigate.”

(Uh…where does she think those vaccines came from? And please show me the wounds Trump inflicted on you. Psychic wounds from losing the 2016 election don’t count.)

No matter how nice her neighbors are, she remains filled with hatred and contempt for them because they don’t vote the way she does -- her views, naturally, being the only pure, correct, good and acceptable way to see the world. I wonder if, like so many on the left these days, she wants to round them up and put them in concentration camps, because “THOSE PEOPLE are Nazis!”

There’s a meme online that’s been going around for quite a while. It’s a clip from a British comedy sketch in which a question suddenly dawns on a Nazi soldier: “Are WE the baddies?” It was used a lot against Trump supporters, but I think it’s far more applicable here.

The hilariously non-PC Kurt Schlichter also offers some tough love advice to leftist political junkies who are overdosing on wokeism, which he compares quite aptly to other dangerous, soul-crushing, mind-destroying drugs:

Our leftist moral superiors who are filled with hatred and contempt for their fellow Americans who treat them kindly should ponder that question, “Are we the baddies?” It might also help them answer the question, “Why does hardly anyone trust the media anymore?”

Personally, I wouldn’t trust them to shovel the snow off my driveway competently.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Motto

By Mike Huckabee

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s motto could be “Rules for thee but not for me.” She got her hair done while her constituents were banned from salons. She defended rioters who attacked Washington and praised environmental protesters who “occupied” her office, then wanted to impeach anyone who didn’t forcefully condemn the rioters who attacked the Capitol. She banned “gendered” language, then proudly described herself as a mother and grandmother. And now, she’s trying to dock the pay of Republican legislators by thousands of dollars for breaking a rule that she ignores herself.

Good luck

By Mike Huckabee

The Democrats seem to have built their entire party around accusing people of racism, but if you are Asian-American, good luck getting the Biden Administration to stop people from discriminating against you.

Americans are fed-up with cancel culture

By Mike Huckabee

After rising country star Morgan Wallen was videotaped behaving badly while drunk, he issued a statement saying, “I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word. I promise to do better.” But of course, this is 2021, so that wasn’t good enough. His radio airplay dropped 71%, and his record label, streaming services and the ACM Awards all turned their backs on him.

But then, a strange thing happened: his record sales leaped more than 300%.

I’m sure this will be used as another excuse for the left to paint all Americans who like country music as racist white supremacists supporting racist white supremacy. And maybe there are a few people who bought his music for that reason.

But I suspect the real reason is not because they were showing support for using a racial slur, but because they are fed up with the “cancel culture” trying to destroy people’s lives and careers because they made a dumb mistake for which they have publicly apologized. Country music lovers also tend to be Christians who know that nobody’s perfect, and we all need forgiveness. I suspect that while they personally condemn Wallen’s behavior and expect him to be sincere in his apology and shape up, they’re equally unhappy with hypocritical, judgmental rage mobs trying to destroy people for not living up to standards of tolerance that they fall far short of meeting themselves.

And I also suspect that some of those fans know that if it weren’t for people getting drunk and doing dumb things they later regret, half of all country songs wouldn’t even exist.

Nailed it

By Mike Huckabee

The satirical site The Babylon Bee presents a way for Mike Lindell of MyPillow to get back in the left’s good graces…


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Comments 1-23 of 23

  • Roberta Brown

    02/09/2021 10:49 PM

    Love your updates!

  • Floyd Unger

    02/09/2021 04:58 PM

    Thank you

  • William E. Lacure

    02/09/2021 04:19 PM

    Hi Mike if you have not seen this article in the Epoch Times here is a link. All I can say is WOW!

  • Kathy Backer

    02/09/2021 11:59 AM

    HI MIke,

    Just thinking that President Biden needs to take a rest from all the signing of Executive Orders and take a trip down to the border where he said to all these people "Come on in". He should be welcoming them in and making sure they are well taken care of. He'll probably need to stay awhile so that at least the signing of executive orders can come to a halt for awhile. The press did ask when his first trip will be, well the border could be the trip of a lifetime!

  • J. Debra halsmith

    02/09/2021 11:42 AM

    Hey Gov....ICYMI . . .
    The other day, I burst out laughing when I heard what Evangelist Mario Murillo said to Mike Lindell on The Victory Channel interviews w/Mike.... “You will be the first man to ever defeat the devil in a pillow fight! How wonderful and amazing!”

  • Leo Draegert

    02/09/2021 10:43 AM

    As I am sitting here waiting for heavens doors to open to receive my Wife who has fought Covid-19 and Colon cancer! I( think just how all this hatred and political unrest is stacking up. It is so petty so unimportant in Gods great plan. We seem to forget whom is really in control! Some may not have any Faith, but when the chips are down and the time is near they always call on the higher power. This political circus it nothing compared to what is coming. I pray for us all that God in His Devine power can have mercy on all our souls.

  • BJ

    02/09/2021 10:26 AM

    I would love to march with the women that voted for Biden in DC to cheer on Biden to continue to take away women's rights, maternity and parental leave rights, maybe Biden can restrict their drivers rights, or maybe Biden can go a step further and cancel Title 9 and stop girls from competing in sports after all sports builds self esteem and helps in working with others maybe Biden can limit how many children women can have don't worry women Biden will always allow you to kill your babies he likes that, women that voted for Biden let us know when the Cheer for Biden rally is I want to join you although I won't cheer I may just cry for what he is doing to you. Enjoy your vote your education is reaping you great benefits

  • Stephen Russell

    02/09/2021 08:52 AM

    Coming Virus plague 2 outcomes:

    Big Tech blocks information we need
    Police State formed
    HC supplies critical?
    Riots over virus vaccine shots etc.
    More crime
    All cities host riots?
    Or other.
    China steps in?
    Illegals spread virus in US then the globe worse than China did in March 2020

  • Stephen Russell

    02/09/2021 08:43 AM

    Coming Wuhan Virus Plague 2:

    From Illegals Xing US border
    & NOT getting tested or screened
    All thanks to Biden & allies
    Took my vaccine shot 1 yesterday.
    LA County, CA Cal Poly Pomona.
    Can LA or other cities handle illegals commiting: crimes & carrying Wuhan virus too.
    Rerun lockdowns or masks.?
    Biden OWNs this we dont
    Said Virus plague 2 can ruin our HC system to the max alone
    Very scary outcomes ahead.

  • Jerry

    02/09/2021 08:40 AM

    These impeachment's to me are a badge of honor although the money spent on these proceedings should be going to help wounded veterans the hospitals for children. Donald Trump had taken on the Deep State the most corrupt and vile mob in history. Donald had to fix decades of corruption thru out this country a minimum of 50 years of bad decisions made by the Deep State. Lets not forget about the Middle East a continent of unrest, Terrorist let run free with Obama and Biden in charge, murder, just like the city of Chicago and other major cities, these problems were not made by Donald, lets not forget about China 50 years of making China the monster it is today. Donald was on his way to taming China when it attacked the world with the China viral weapon covid killing millions of people No did much about it and now probably won't. Donald faced relentless false accusations for 4 years, Russian hoaxs, Ukraine folly, brought to you by the MSM a product of the Deep State, China, and large corporations doing business with China; one man against all those foes aided by25 years of anti american education, immigration laws that were not enforced, or policies to protect American citizens not enforced, like I said 6 decades of lawlessness that finally has taken a President down and is so fearful of Donald Trump and is ready to make America vulnerable again, it exposes the hyena in the Deep State and power of one man against millions of hyenas all ready to dispose his carcass.

  • Sheryl Kudelka

    02/09/2021 08:08 AM

    Thank you for including the Kurt Schlichter article. I found it to be hilarious and helped me look at the wokeism differently and still so dangerous to our society. I understand better why the Establishment is the pusher.
    I look forward to your morning and evening newsletters, I don't watch MSM anymore and I feel like you keep me in the loop.

  • Margaret M. Schenck

    02/09/2021 03:49 AM

    Keep on keeping on!!! Break up big tech! Win back Congress and the White House.

  • Paul Kern

    02/09/2021 12:40 AM

    Good articles today. I saw some on other reliable sites
    I sense a great hunger in many.
    Both Church and major institutions have failed us.
    This has resulted in many seeking God and His Truth. Are we in for another awakening.
    I never expect honesty from a leftist and their sheeple. Heavily indoctrinated and conditioned to hate.

  • Erika Eimicke

    02/08/2021 11:15 PM

    If the U.S. House has already violated the Constitution, and the U.S. Senate is poised to do so as well, and they follow through with it, what then? Who holds them accountable? We voted people into Congress to uphold the Constituition. They have taken an oath. If there is clear violation, what are the consequences for them?

  • Sharon Faulkner

    02/08/2021 10:16 PM

    Trump started a POPULIST movement of We the Folks at home and abroad. Why do you think brave people 8n Venezuela Iran and Hong Kong were carrying pictures of Trump -- to scare the dictators (: ?
    So why are we going on about winning control of the government instead of focusing on winning control of our towns cities and states?
    That is where we can clean up the election process and smack down dc overreach... dc hasn't got squat except what the STATES send them : money troops ect.
    Power to the people comes from the people and it all starts at the grassroots..dc is too bloated. Time to bring it all back home to the local level.
    And a Convention of States is way overdue. GOD Bl3ss.

  • Annette Joyner

    02/08/2021 09:06 PM

    President Trump never did concede did he ? If fraud can be proved can he come back in office ?

  • Joseph Kurt Weydemann

    02/08/2021 08:34 PM

    I need some help. I have 3 adult daughters. 1 granddaughter and one more coming in May. How do I reach the women and girls across the country. This crap put in place the rule of boys playing on girls sports. Trans athletes are fine they get their own class of athletes. But girls play girls.

    Although some baseball players were laughing at softball practice. The three boys struck out a combined 9 times. Then I put one one boy on first base. My daughter went to shortstop. Her first throw tore the kids glove off his hand. So to be fair we all went a baseball field. The three girls had 7 hits of 9 pitches no strike outs. My daughter once again at SS. One boy said she wont make the throw. I said oh okay Becks go to third. She burned the kids had at first again. My youngest was 12. She had a long at bat the count was full and she kept fouling off pitches. She let ball four go and the ump called her out. Amanda just stood let the head of the bat down on the ground and I called her back. The ump asks me out and I went he said a 12y/o girl made me almost pee my pants. Sorry dads gotta brag.
    This cannot stay in place. How do I get women and girls to come out together? Have people shooting video. They present that to, ahem, our President.

    How can the government allow a child under 16 to get cosmetic surgery? How can we allow 5 y/o to make life alternating decisions? Do these parents allow the child to have candy for breakfast? Do they allow the 5y/o to walk alone to his friends house and it is a mile away.

    If you let your 5y/o child walk a mile with no supervision, the parents will be arrested.

    What do we do?

  • Dusty

    02/08/2021 08:24 PM

    Impeach what a joke on the Democrats they will drown in their misery after they make fools of themselves over this latest SCAM/ So Biden this is how you bring us together . So far we are falling further away from any of what you have done so far ? What are you going to do to ever bring us together after changing so many positive things we had before. Keystone dead and the workers now struggling WHY? Indians not happy over what they lose on their lands per this shut down? Take 30 Billion from our farmers are you for real. Let men now play in womens sports some big men the women cannot ever compete with WHY? Go play in the mens as a woman. Sending as a so called good Catholic money overseas for abortion? Now allow this to Impeach over nothing per the President that in the arrest group was one well known BLM guy why was he in the Capitol? Now to say purge our military this is the most disgusting thing ever. What could I expect military go back when Biden VP and he and Obama booted out thousands? Now they try to act like they care. Ask the Keystone about their union leaders telling them all was okay per Biden. He speaks with forked tongue and lost his mind.
    Pillow guy has plenty of info on the voting now to let more of this continue and I will be buying a pillow or two and other things to keep his business going there are US workers . Just not shop at KOHLS and Bed Bath anymore per they CX carrying his products per he is even trying to see if the voting for President was legal or not , hacked or not. WHY is this a problem he is doing this on his own time per many in many places say their were irregularities. VOTERS beware of what you wish for? Now many thousands are hurting along with the 10 million out of work. Now we get the BLM a horrible group anti much America in DC over the weekend and Antifa moving in to attack? So bad here then go to Africa like Nigeria where the black police are robbing their black citizens and killing also Time to end this racism that has only divided us per the Democrats want this to keep their control know why millions of Mexicans and others want in here travel through Mexico I have. No more of this racism that is only dividing not bringing us together change the way you see things and what is the truth. Ask many now unemployed in the Blue states what it is like and what has been done. My own family in Denver told twice to not fish per the police per the virus not even near anyone. Only the beginning of your rights your business like a GYM in NJ he was keeping open and so people sent him money to help per he was being legally attacked for doing this per NJ shut down. The Govt came in and took this money out of his band acct. Ck this online I did NJGym Owner. What have we become people?

  • Mary Jo Lincoln

    02/08/2021 08:02 PM

    Governor, I read comments from the owner of Gab that HE created the site for Trump and that it was previously a mirror of his Twitter feed, if I understood him correctly. There is some doubt that it was actually Trump who posted this recent post, but it was probably posted by the account’s creator, not Trump. It would be good to get to the bottom of that for us rather than continue with faulty reporting, although unintentional. Thanks!

  • James Drury Jr

    02/08/2021 07:38 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Gail Tusman

    02/08/2021 07:22 PM

    Thanks for the OurPillow post. Hilarious!

  • Joseph Trokey

    02/08/2021 06:44 PM

    When most of the Democrats don't believe in the Constitution, does anyone really believe they will agree that what they are doing with President Trump is Un-Constitutional? What they are is delusional, and their thinking leans more to the communist manifesto than it does to the American Constitution. But then, what do I know. I am a Christian, deplorable, low life freedom lover unable to think on my own. By the way, I would rather be that than a Democrat.

  • Carol MacMillan Godsey

    02/08/2021 06:37 PM

    Americans will not be threatened and throttled forever. The radical left best back off before they find the tail does not wag the dog!