June 7, 2018

Yesterday, I wrote about the stalling of the IG report in the worst place for it to be languishing; namely, the DOJ/FBI, where the very departments cited for misconduct get to review it and perhaps do some editing and redacting to lessen its impact. It’ll be up to Inspector General Michael Horowitz to keep them from watering down what we’ve heard is a scathing report.

According to Jason Chaffetz, only the IG and his staff have seen the entire final report, along with the attorney general, deputy attorney general and FBI director, who were each given copies. Cooperating witnesses have seen segments that apply to them. Chaffetz also said the IG told him leaks would be inevitable.

And sure enough, a few leaks have happened, but they’re just general remarks on some of the glaring misconduct that we already knew about. I think it’s important to ask why, out of this 400- or 500-word report (depending on who is saying), these tidbits were the ones chosen for the early leaking.

According to a source cited by ABC News, former Director James Comey’s conduct was called “insubordinate”? Get me my smelling salts! Loretta Lynch’s suggestion of the word “matter” instead of “investigation” was questioned? OMG!

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Now, class: What are leaks to major news outlets typically designed to do? Let’s say it together: Preserve the Obama legacy and damage Trump. Now, how does the use of the distinctive word “insubordinate” help preserve the Obama legacy? Anyone?

It’s easy. To be “insubordinate” is to violate the orders of those having higher rank. In Comey’s case, that would include Attorney General Loretta Lynch and, more significantly, President Obama. To say Comey’s behavior was insubordination not only communicates that he was wrong, but that President Obama was NOT wrong. It takes the blame off the Obama White House and places it squarely on him. Thus, it’s the perfect thing to leak.

Why should we assume that Comey was acting entirely on his own? It seems much more likely that he was doing exactly what was desired of him to keep Hillary viable as she coasted to her inevitable victory. Yet that word stands out as an attempt to make us go against our instincts and accept the idea of Comey “going rogue.” My intent is not to criticize the report --- we still haven’t seen the report --- but only to consider this particular leak in the context of its likely motivation.

Comments made by Comey while on his book tour make it clear that he considers himself to be an intensely moral man, quite possibly the most virtuous man who has ever trod the earth. (He has said he considers Trump to be morally unfit to be President). And he said he believes in “the chain of command.” Now, class: How does someone who behaves according to his principles and believes in the chain of command commit acts of insubordination? Answer: He doesn’t. Whatever he’s doing has come down from the top.

That’s why I suspect that Comey followed orders that came straight down from Obama, through “the chain of command” to him. Certainly the specific wording in Comey’s statement to protect Hillary from criminal charges in the summer of 2016 was part of that. Even the re-opening of the Hillary email case so close to the election could have been a way to try to minimize the damage to Hillary (or her future Presidency) from her emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which we now know had come to the FBI’s attention weeks before.

Comey cited the infamous tarmac meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton as a reason why he had to distance himself form her. Lynch had become a “weak link” in that chain of command. Certainly she should have recused herself from the Hillary investigation after that stunningly inappropriate meeting. If she had, then supervision of Comey would have fallen to her deputy, and Comey might have felt less inclined to act as prosecutor as well as investigator.

While doing TV interviews during his book tour, Comey offered variations of this statement made on “The Late Show” on CBS: “I can be useful by offering people a vision of what ethical leadership looks like.” (With late-night TV starved for good comedy, this was probably the most hilarious line heard in some time.) On the contrary, what we now know, even before the full IG report is made public, is that Trump was absolutely right to fire Comey. It’s easy to see –- even for those of us on the outside looking in –- how thoroughly messed-up and agenda-driven the Hillary investigation was. Somebody sure needed to provide some ethical leadership, and nobody did.


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  • Gil Bellamy

    11/05/2018 10:23 PM

    Before Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California he was giving a speech. A woman in the audience noted that he was espousing Republican views so she asked him why he had never changed parties. He explained that it was tough to change parties but he had been considering. She walked up with a voter registration form -- Reagan signed it -- Ronald Reagan Republican just in time to register and run as a Republican for Governor. . He was asked later about the change. He said he didn't leave the Democrat party -- it left him!

    Share this with on your website tomorrow -- election day.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    06/09/2018 04:27 PM

    Maybe it is time for Jeff Sessions to either deliver the report, and all the other documents missiog - or resign. Trump could wait until the August recess, make a recess appointment, and after the mid-terms he should have enough votes in both houses to confirm anyone he wants.


    06/08/2018 03:22 PM

    Expecting ethics out of the progressive left is like trying to prove the ocean are not salty or that volcanoes don't spew lava!

  • Anita Mule

    06/08/2018 03:18 PM

    The timing of the releasing of the emails has been said, by Democrats, to be bad for her side because they had no chance to refute it before the election. But C
    omey himself has said that he sat on it so that Republicans would not have time to use it to their advantage.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    06/08/2018 07:27 AM

    All of this is so clear to the "AVERAGE" American...why is it so hard for people in "power" to continue to be blind to the writing on the wall?

  • rodney Burke

    06/07/2018 08:26 PM

    someone needs to go get that report. jeff won't, he isn't man enough. maybe the US Marshals should invade Rosenstein and take the full report and put it in capable hands.. About two levels below where Brennan was and let them determine if there is anything that is classified or should NOT be revealed to the public. Barry and Valerie have contaminated nearly ever department available. It's time for house cleaning and jail cells to be prepared for the swamp rats.

  • Joan Chambers

    06/07/2018 07:26 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Why is it taking so long for a solution - too many road blocks and there shouldn't be any? Trump needs to step in or have someone else do the work - they all hate him regardless. We need to get to the bottom of this and fast before the dems/liberals start something else to hinder President Trump. They are fishing with a big rod and they don't care what or who they catch. President Trump is so right 'fake' news. All the haters only watch 3, 6, 10, CNN and MSNBC and they never hear the truth or all the good President Trump is doing.
    I love your Saturday night show on TBN and I love you and Sara - Sara is definitely a chip off her wonderful parents. Keep up the good work.
    Thank you and God Bless you and America

  • Alex Paul

    06/07/2018 07:15 PM

    Regarding the sale of Uranium One. Has anyone ever looked at the price the Russians paid for the uranium? It is one thing to approve the sale because it is deemed not a matter of national security, but another thing entirely to sell it at a below market price. In that event the donation to the Clinton Foundation becomes a payback for selling the uranium at a below market price, something that the Federal government has laws against, I have to believe. Otherwise for example, a President could authorize the sale of all the timber in a national forest and instead of it going to the highest bidder, it goes to the person that has contributed to his charity.

  • Carmine R. Fea

    06/07/2018 07:07 PM

    It is unreasonable and makes no sense that the FBI and DOJ, the principles of the IG's report, are permitted to remove information about themselves from the report; and, therefore, the IG's report cannot be complete or relied upon. A special counsel is required to investigate and clean up the corruption of the FBI and DOJ.

  • Mary Haggan

    06/07/2018 05:46 PM

    Please tell President Trump and the Republicans especially the rhinos to build the wall and do border security! We did not elect them for DACA! People are angry at Paul Ryan et al believe me. Educate the people about chain migration with families. We need merit based system and it needs to explained to the people like Reagan did! Learn from Reagan wall first. Talk about the money being spent on illegals. Say illegal! Tucker Carlson and Gramham Ledger on One American News. Obamacare is another hot issue. Repeal it please! The Dems will blame the Republicans for the major increases coming! Please get in front of this issue too ASAP. We are being the Republicans to stop and remember Why Trump got elected. Make tax cuts permanent too. We are praying for President Trump and these major issues. Tell them not to forget the base and other people including minorities and legal immigrants. Many agree with Trump!!!!! Thank Mr. Huckabee for time.

  • Waylon Bush

    06/07/2018 05:15 PM

    Did anyone notice that after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes, and House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy, met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and his deputy Ed O’Callahan, as well as representatives from the FBI (Christopher Wray) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (Dan Coats) the air went out of the balloon? Was that about sharing info in the (X-) files, (hmmm, maybe XXX-Files), or was it a deal being cut? If the POTUS was never a target in this insane investigation, why did we have it anyway? In my humble opinion, this whole bag of garbage is in the landfill. It's done. Nothing is going to happen to any of those implicated in deceit and/or wrongdoing. McCabe-immunity? Smoke and mirrors. Someone wake me, IF EVER, even one of the alphabet soup gang actually is on the receiving end of consequences for their actions/inactions. Who is in charge of this country?

  • Judy Swisher Nunez

    06/07/2018 04:56 PM

    Below, I have copied and pasted a paragraph from your Newsletter 6/7/2018. I am concerned that YOU would use the final three letter expression. It is offensive to me and hopefully many other believers. All I can say is Exodus 20:7. Sadly this expression is used very often now in Social Media. PLEASE tell me that you did NOT write it and that someone else added their "two cents" to your writing.

    "According to a source cited by ABC News, former Director James Comey’s conduct was called “insubordinate”? Get me my smelling salts! Loretta Lynch’s suggestion of the word “matter” instead of “investigation” was questioned? OMG!"

  • Michas Ohnstad

    06/07/2018 04:29 PM

    Clearly "the Opposition" - and this may consist of "friend" as well as "foe" - is playing out the clock. What should have been resolved long ago will drag into and through the advent of the next election cycle and the "wrongs" will not get "righted" and the malefactors will escape administered justice.

  • McRae F Williams

    06/07/2018 04:09 PM

    Shepperd Smith Must Go ! Fox needs to fire him ,now ! He just read one of the President's tweets and said how mad he is and corrected the President . He had a couple of guest on with him, that bat from the same side of the plate that Smith does ,to agree with his distain of The President, to underline his opinion . They were both card caring Democrats, of course!. Shepperd would fit perfectly at CNN and we need to launch his transfer immediately . I have permanently clicked off my TV at 3:00 until he is GONE .
    My disappointment with Congressman Gowdy has grown experientially. HOW can he come out of a meeting that only last an hour and produces no information and say he's satisfied with the DOJ and the FBI did not place a spy in the Trump campaign m only a fact investigator. Oh, Please ! We've got some swampland down here in Georgia available to sell Congressman Gowdy,
    Fox giving Shep one hour is too much!

  • Yvonne R. Crumpler

    06/07/2018 02:21 PM

    Comey is delusional. He is the "great pretender" from the Hillary camp.

  • Alex Paul

    06/07/2018 02:18 PM

    Regarding the sale of Uranium One. Has anyone ever looked at the price the Russians paid for the uranium? It is one thing to approve the sale because it is deemed not a matter of national security, but another thing entirely to sell it at a below market price. In that event the donation to the Clinton Foundation becomes a payback for selling the uranium at a below market price, something that the Federal government has laws against, I have to believe. Otherwise for example, a President could authorize the sale of all the timber in a national forest and instead of it going to the highest bidder, it goes to the person that has contributed to his charity.

  • Helen Tritt

    06/07/2018 02:01 PM

    Hello Governor Huckabee: I would just like to let you know how very much I appreciate and enjoy the courage, professionalism of Sara. She is Great, a perfect fit for the job of Press Secretary. I also appreciate your IN DEPTH newsletter about IMPORTANT ISSUES that the LOONY LEFTIES ARE AFRAID TO REPORT. Thank you very much for your newsletter and all of its accuracy. I am a big fan of yours and as much as I would love to come to Branson, MO, to see you and Irish Tenor Anthony Kearns, who I think has the most beautiful voice ever. I have all except one of his CDs and saw the Irish Tenors when they came to Atlanta in 2009. They are the BEST!

  • Dale Johnson

    06/07/2018 01:39 PM

    According to some of the most recent statements from those close to the Mueller investigation, "obstruction of justice" was the charge they were going to pursue against the President, either as a corollary to the investigation or as an impeachment charge, should Democrats win the House. ... But it looks like the real obstruction of justice here was carried out by the Obama Administration and its appointees. What provision is there for pursuing justice against these people?

  • Dolores

    06/07/2018 01:29 PM

    It is a very sad day for American justice when I doubt that the FBI and DOJ can ever present a believable case again. Both entities need to be dissolved and re-formed with new guidelines and new people. The previous administration hated America so much that they achieved the complete destruction of these bastions of Justice. Shut them down. Start over.

  • Paul VanFossen

    06/07/2018 01:04 PM

    Letting the DOJ and FBI review the IG report is like letting the fox inspect the lock on the henhouse.

  • James Evart

    06/07/2018 12:58 PM

    "The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." Gal 5:6

  • Arda Blevins

    06/07/2018 12:55 PM

    Very good article. It disturbs me greatly, however, to see anyone -- especially an ordained minister -- use "OMG", knowing "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain." Exodus 20:7

  • Christine Maher

    06/07/2018 12:53 PM

    I am trying to come up with words to describe what goes on in Washington, but I can't. The filth that is Washinton is beyond words.
    I try to help by voting for people who I think will help but they soon become like the rest of them. I pray for this country, but I think God has washed his hands of us. I lo e my life now trying to do good by my fellow man, and live with what may come
    God bless
    Christine Maher

  • Anita Mae Barker

    06/07/2018 12:46 PM

    OK.......... I'm sick of all this crap. How do we get all these criminals charged for their crimes?????

  • James Evart

    06/07/2018 12:44 PM

    Your analysis of the I.G. report leaks is, as usual, an eloquent summary of the truth of the "Deep State's" motivation and MO. What strikes me is the wisdom and beauty of our President's great place given him in the spanking of this great nation founded by those whose purpose was to bring a country into being whereby God's glory in truth, justice and honor might be given the freedom to be played out on a level field.
    Fear not, God is not mocked, "He knows those who are his". The longer this is allowed to play out, the longer the bad actors are allowed to act, the longer the deep state is allowed to exist with the beauty of an honorable administration ruling in diligence, honor and truth, the more complete the healing of our country will be when this scab of corruption and dishonor eventually falls off. Those guilty of undermining the noble purpose and honor of this great nation, founded under God and his great name, will be seen for who they really are, without any question or argument.
    Pray for the wisdom, guidance, strength, protection, vindication and salvation of our President, his family and this country. May our country turn back to the God upon whom it is founded.


    06/07/2018 12:35 PM

    Hi Mike,
    I wanted to let you know I am completely enamored with your newsletter and possibly with you. I trust your information to be honest and trustworthy. I also enjoy the tongue in cheek humor. Keep up the good work.

  • Patricia Driscoll

    06/07/2018 12:23 PM

    Hello, Governor - Your words "ethical leadership" surely are well said as that is what we have lacked for a long time. Like him or not, the presidential win of Trump has led to an unmasking of a whole bunch of unethical stuff, and thank God for that because unethical leadership would have prevailed if Hillary had won. President Trump's win was a win on the side of good; but the unethical bad actors in the Deep State are part of the evil that wants to "fundamentally change" America. I believe that good will always triumph over evil, and I will believe that President Trump will have a full eight years to guide and strengthen America.

  • Bruce Deming

    06/07/2018 12:09 PM

    I think we should start a pool on how many pages we get to see, that are completely unredacted. I say 2, the cover letter, and the back page references. Thanks to Ambassador Lee E Wanta for the links in yesterdays comments here, very eye opening. In case you missed them:

  • Grace bryson

    06/07/2018 12:05 PM

    The level of the corruption in fbi top to bottom means if the doj wasnt equally corrupt w cesspool sessions leading the sewerskells then doj would’ve shut down the American kgb for good and seized all electronics and docs
    Truth is their are no gop members that truly back trump
    Trump is a man alone
    And he’s trying to save America from becoming a banana republic
    But it’s too late

  • Kathleen L Davis

    06/07/2018 11:52 AM

    I agree 100 percent.

  • Bob Lawson

    06/07/2018 11:30 AM

    Mike, you are right on. The top sunk to the bottom of the swamp under the Obama administration. I am not certain that anything will be done about fixing the rogue government, but I know that they will blame President Trump's.

  • Lee Marcum

    06/07/2018 11:29 AM

    spent over 20 DOD yrs we did everything in duplicate X3 ...why can't Congress get the original IG report from the IG and compare the "satirized less incriminating report?" IF it is security reasons are you telling me Congress does not have security clearances...when Congress is the group that says we go to war or not? Something really sounds "broken" to me...The whole thing is like that old Arkansas saying about fish and relatives...they all stink after three days.

  • Joseph J McKay Jr

    06/07/2018 11:26 AM

    Thanks Mike for all your efforts to help keep our country a republic "of the people, by the people, and for the people"!

  • bonnie somer

    06/07/2018 11:20 AM

    Gov Mike Huckabee
    it is un-acceptable to us the American public u know WE THE PEOPLE , for the DOJ; FBI; CIA; DNI; AND OTHER ALPHABET GOVT AGENCIES TO SUBVERT THE FED GOVT then ignore congress who has the oversight to get all documents and the pres and to have mueller conducting a witch hunt. This is disgusting now we have gowdy and ryan who have sold out and it is time to vote them all out. The constitution is tetering on the edge and our kids have the least idea of it or the history of America. That is horrid. it does not give the govt authority to have agencies that violate the 9th and 10th amendments. our rights are being destroyed esp the 1st and 2nd we need to vote out this bureaucratic nightmare and get new people in now.

    time to re-take the country. it is un-acceptable what is happening. we need to fight for it. now or later

  • Vickey Morgan

    06/07/2018 11:17 AM


  • Ray Morris

    06/07/2018 11:12 AM

    I know the answer to this before I even ask, buuuut.....why does the chief executive officer of our great nation not have a copy of the IG report ? All of his opponents seem to have gotten one?? Hmmmm?

  • Alice Landolt

    06/07/2018 11:00 AM

    I hope that Comey is accused of lying. He lied to Congress when he said he woke up in the night and thought he had to leak a memo in order to protect himself from Trump's attack, when the actual time-line was that Comey's leaked memo had already come out and Trump had responded to it.

  • Carol Russell

    06/07/2018 10:59 AM

    The term "Drain the Swamp" continues to take on more meaning by the day!!!

  • Lynn Hoyt

    06/07/2018 10:52 AM

    I have more good news from down here in retired land. We are seeing some good changes in the VA. Especially Tri Care West, things are happening faster. We still have a problem with enough Dr's, and getting things done starting at the local level is difficult and time consuming, but it's changing.

  • Marlene Helfrick

    06/07/2018 10:47 AM

    Sort of like giving the fox the complete control of the hen house. We won't ever see that report. Most likely it will be "lost" and all back-up copies " accidently" deleted. I wouldn't put it past them to try this stupid tactic again.

  • Stephen Russell

    06/07/2018 10:42 AM

    Cancelling Aug recess, how about recess times ahead for Cong??
    Do same there, make staff work longer too.