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April 16, 2021

I’m sure that when I predicted during the election that if Democrats took full power by even one vote, they’d soon be trying to force through bills to completely remake America and cement their power forever, some people thought I was being paranoid or overstating the case to fire up the GOP voting base. No, I just know these people.

And so, some Congressional Democrats have gone full-on dictator mode and today will introduce a bill to expand the Supreme Court to 13 Justices. This scheme known as “court-packing” (as usual, they’re trying to redefine the term, but we use words appropriately around here) would let them appoint four more liberal activists to the SCOTUS to outvote the current (occasionally) conservative majority.

This is such a transparent attempt at a power grab and a massive politicization of the SCOTUS that would destroy the public’s faith in its integrity that it was opposed even by fellow Democrats when FDR floated it in the 1930s. Liberal heroine Ruth Bader Ginsberg opposed it, and liberal Justice Stephen Breyer recently spoke out against it. In 1983, then-Senator Joe Biden called it “a boneheaded idea.” That's back when he could recognize those.

The bill’s sponsors, Sen. Ed Markey (Mass.), House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (NY), Rep. Hank Johnson (GA) and Rep. Mondaire Jones (NY) aren’t even trying to hide behind the fig leaf of claiming the SCOTUS is overburdened and needs more Justices. They’re quite open about their nakedly political intent being to stack the Court with liberals to change its rulings.

It should be noted that when Trump was appointing Justices such as Amy Coney Barrett, he never said he was looking for conservative activists. He chose judges who respected the Constitution and the original intent of its writers, not those who advocated for their version of what it should say. That’s the opposite of what Nadler and company are seeking. They clearly want to turn the SCOTUS into an unelected super-legislature dominated by leftwing political activists.

In response, six House Republicans introduced a Constitutional Amendment reading, “The Supreme Court shall be composed of not more than nine Justices.” That's not currently in the Constitution, but it's been the number for 150 years. They say this would bring stability to the Court and take attempts to expand and pack it for political reasons off the table.

Most Constitutional Amendments are passed by starting with a two-thirds vote of both Houses of Congress, and I have no confidence that you could find that many of our current Congress members who would oppose such a terrible and tyrannical idea. There’s also the much rarer route of getting two-thirds of state legislatures to vote to ask Congress to call a national convention, but again, the ball is back in Congress’ court.

Bottom line: the best way to prevent Congress from attempting to do an end run around the Constitution with abominable ideas like Court-packing is to be a lot more careful about who we elect to Congress.

Fortunately, this bill is so over-the-top that it’s given little chance of passing. Even if it got all 50 Democrat votes in the Senate, moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin has already stated that under no circumstances will he vote to end the filibuster, and there’s no way it would get 60 votes.

But it should send a chill up all Americans’ spines to think that we have elevated to power so many people who put their politics and lust for power above their sworn duty to preserve and protect the Constitution that we have ended up dependent on one Senator having the guts to prevent such a shocking assault on the rule of law.

America is still a great and exceptional nation, and one reason is because we are a nation of laws rather than a nation of power-mad men. We need to start appreciating and defending that tradition before we lose it.

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  • Elizabeth Houghton

    04/20/2021 01:47 AM

    These are once again the 'times that try men's souls'. This is a scary time in our nation when leftists who press for full government control of every lever of power seem to be ascendant. I hope that everyone of us who is opposed to tyranny will stand up and shout "Stop!".

  • Marlene Eichelberg

    04/19/2021 01:26 PM

    I appreciate you and your daughter so very much

  • Carlos Solis

    04/17/2021 08:31 PM

    My Life Story
    Carlos Solis

    It was 1959 and I was four years old when Fidel Castro’s revolution took control of Cuba, my place of birth. People were being arrested and killed. I still remember hiding under the bed when Castro came down from the mountains with tanks rolling into the middle of the capital. People were cheering thinking this was the answer to the corrupt regime of Fulgencio Batista, the ruling dictator at the time.
    It didn’t take but two years for my parents, and thousands of other Cubans, to realize communism was on our doorstep. Our family had worked hard and had several factories, rental properties, and a large home…a castle. But the new government confiscated my family’s businesses and the castle later became a communist school. All the rental properties they owned were taken under the guise of “belong to the people,” which really meant the government.
    Between 1959 and 1962, nearly 120,000 Cubans arrived in the United States; most of which were Cuba's elite: executives and owners of firms, big merchants, sugar mill owners, cattlemen, representatives of foreign companies, and professionals. They used whatever means they had to get out of Cuba.

    My family fled in 1961 and landed in Miami, Florida along with thousands of political refugees. We got a very small two-bedroom apartment in an area called Pastorita (SW 9th and 35th Avenue). I was six years old; my twin brothers were eight and my sister was four. My father spoke a little English that he learned while attending Valley Forge Military Academy as a young man. My mom didn’t speak English, didn’t know how to cook, or even drive a car - since in Cuba we had chauffeur, cooks, and nannies; all that was gone and we had nothing. My dad got two jobs just to make ends meat, while my mom stayed home with all of us.

    Everyone in our neighborhood was in the same boat; over 100 apartments filled with Cuban political refugees.

    My fist day at Auburndale Elementary School was terrifying. I didn’t speak English and I felt lost and alone. My brothers had their own issues to deal with, so it was just me, by myself. Dad wasn’t there as he was always working and my mom was overwhelmed.

    I pick up the language pretty quickly and managed to also keep Spanish. Things were ok until I got to Middle School. My fist year, 7th grade at Shenandoah Junior High, felt like a war zone. Fraternities started to form, but they were more like gangs. Fighting broke out constantly with bats, knives, and even guns.

    I didn’t last very long in that school after some fights I transferred to Kinlock Park JR for 8th grade. But things went from bad to worse. I joined a gang called Helix; they were mostly older kids from my neighborhood. Just walking to school, about 5 or 6 miles, was dangerous. I witnessed several cracked heads, a stabbing, and drive by shootings in-front of our apartment. I was always fearful other gang members were waiting to jump you walking to school. So, we would steal cars from the neighborhood car dealers and drive to school.

    I had enough after my first year of high school and it only took about 6 months before I dropped out and did nothing for several months before enrolling in a different high school. That’s when I met three Coral Gables police officers. They were a great influence in my life. It always felt like they were following me; every time I was about to get in trouble they would show up, if I didn’t know any better I would have sworn I was wired. But they are the reason I’m here today.

    Towards the end of the 11th grade, I decided to go to work to help my family. I landed my first job in the shipping department at a place called Colonial Press. This helped me to later get a job at Outdoor Media, a billboard company owned by Wometco Enterprise. I started as a laborer and did everything from wallpapering billboards to painting, making patterns, and building boards – gaining experience in just about every department.

    One means of escape for me was music. I had a small transistor radio, but really wanted a guitar. It took my dad 3 years to save up and one Christmas morning my wish came true. I thought myself how to play and wanted to write my own songs. I met an incredible writer and guitar player, Felix the Cat Valdespino, and we started recording and appeared on local TV. But it was difficult to make money since we wrote our own songs; restaurant and nightclub wanted us to play top 40.

    In 1976 I went to a friend’s wedding and a real pretty girl caught my eye. I had a pretty bad reputation back then, so she initially wanted nothing to do with me, but I was persistent and a year later we were married. My life was forever changed, meeting and marrying Sandy, and I decided to put down my guitar to focus on providing for our family.

    As I continued to move up in the billboard company, I got a position in the real estate department working to find locations to place billboards, negotiating lease agreements, and dealing with permits. I was very good at what I did and aspired to start my own billboard company - but had no money, no connections, and no help. Yet, at 24 years old, something inside of me told me I had to go for it. My drive to succeed led me to solicit and land major contracts with RJ Reynolds. But even with contracts and a business plan, banks wouldn’t lend me money to start my own company. I knew I could get plenty of illegal money from old street friends, but decided I’ve gone this far the honest way I should keep going; plus I knew my dad would kill me.

    Another few years, and the addition of a financial partner allowed me to expand and cover more territory. I purchased a motor home and took my wife, daughter, and infant son with me. We were on the road for almost two years when we stopped in Clermont, Florida – right in the middle of the state. We purchased a beautiful home on one of the lakes, put our kids in school, and welcomed our 3rd child, a son, to the family.

    The business now stood with over 180 billboards in Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. But the partnership began falling apart, so after a while I sold out and started another company focused on signage. My wife and I grew with company from our basement, to a small building in downtown Clermont, and after several-years outgrew this location and have since moved twice.

    In 2007 my wife of over 30 years was diagnosed with breast cancer and upon this revelation we decided to sell our business to focus on her recovery. Not one day later, we received an unsolicited offer to purchase our company; God was looking out for us. We purchased an RV and traveled in between chemo treatments. This took our minds off cancer, gave her an opportunity to rest and heal, and me an unexpected chance to pick up the guitar. I started writing again - it had been 30 years, but it seemed like yesterday. I quickly wrote my first song and decided to record it shortly after.

    This was the start of the Solisbravo Band, a 10-piece band producing a fusion of Smooth Jazz, Bossa Nova, Latin, Big Band , Swing, R&B and Beach Shag. We recorded our first album called You’re Not Alone - dedicated to my wife. One of the songs on that album, Wasting the Night Away, went to #5 on Beach Music Top 40. The second album, Sailing, was released and Pandora gave us our own station - Solis Bravo Band radio. Later, we recorded a Christmas song
    and most recently a song titled USA , which expresses my appreciation and love for our country.

    God makes all things possible. I truly believe that. He has provided for me during the toughest of circumstances and continues to bless me now. Currently, we plan to travel full time in our RV, write music and hopefully tell my story, while my wife writes her first children’s book.

  • Wanda Wilkes

    04/16/2021 03:04 PM

    America is not the same they are doing nothing but hurting America people! We have got to take a stand for our country!!