August 22, 2020


August 22, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Pop some popcorn and go camp out on the couch right now; you don’t want to miss a minute of tonight’s very special “Huckabee” on TBN! My lead guest will be President Donald Trump, in an interview shot at the White House. I’ll also talk with Kim Klacik, the African-American GOP House candidate in Baltimore whose devastating ad exposing how Democrat-run cities have been disastrous for black residents went viral and made her a rising political star almost overnight. Of course, we’ll also have some lighter entertainment, including comedy from hilarious Southern stand-up, Sonya White, and a classic soft rock hit from ‘70s superstar John Ford Coley.

We get rolling tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and the same times on Sunday, only on TBN. To find where you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on the “WATCH” menu at the top. You can also stream previous episodes, highlights and Internet-only “Digital Exclusives,” like extended interviews and extra performances by our musical and comedy guests. It’s all at


The Republican Convention gets underway next week. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

Speakers will include New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, who was so powerful during the House impeachment farce. She’ll highlight Joe Biden’s record: 47 years in Washington, and his most praised accomplishment was getting through a 20-minute speech without wandering off-topic or off the stage. (The Babylon Bee no longer has to make up satirical humor stories; they can just relate exactly what happens and that’s hilarious enough.)

We’ll also hear from Nick Sandmann, the former Catholic high school student who forced CNN and the Washington Post (and likely more liberal media outlets still to come) to pay undisclosed settlements for defaming him and his friends who were wearing MAGA caps in DC after the March For Life.

One thing I hope to see is an upbeat, hopeful, optimistic, unifying message. I’m sick and tired, especially after last week, of hearing about what a racist, oppressive nation America is, how evil and mean the President is, how he's to blame for every problem including China unleashing a worldwide pandemic, and how everything’s awful, to the point of having the first virus in history that will apparently never go away until we elect Democrats to power.

Enough of this darkness, division and ridiculous scaremongering. This is the greatest country in history, the nation that people all over the world dream of coming to because it’s the land of opportunity and the American Dream, where anyone with enough brains, talent and drive can succeed; not some backward dystopia where you’re stuck in a caste and can never get ahead. I want to see the flag-waving, not burning, and people of all colors talking about the hopes, dreams and gratitude for our blessings that we all share, not petty differences that divide us. I want to hear that our best days are still ahead of us, not that the past was all slavery and oppression and the future is all climate change, government control and lowered expectations.

I think that’s the message that most Americans are desperate to hear. Let the Democrats keep peddling gloom and doom. Other than to a handful of cranks in college campuses and social media hangouts, I don’t think it’s selling. If you want proof, check out this unprecedented polling news: Normally, your own party gets a bump from your convention. The Dems’ doomathon gave a bump to Trump! After four nights of relentless Trump-bashing at the Democratic convention, Rasmussen shows that Trump’s approval rating has surged from 47 to 51%.

Maybe instead of a Republican convention, the Republicans should just rerun the Democratic convention. Nah, that might be considered cruel and unusual punishment.


AOC and Ilhan Omar in Congress and Soros-based D.A.’s who release criminals and arrest citizens who protect themselves from criminals are just a few of the examples of the catastrophes that can occur when a fringe candidate wins a primary in a district where voters rubber stamp one party, no matter who the candidate is. Here’s the latest example, and believe it or not, it’s getting even worse.

Meet Aaron Coleman, who just defeated incumbent Kansas state Rep. Stan Frownfelter in the Democratic primary in a one-party district where he faces no Republican opponent and is virtually guaranteed to win the office in November. Not only is he just 19 years old, but in that short span, he appears to have worked in a lot of reprehensible, degrading and possibly illegal behavior toward women.

He admits that the accusations of bullying, blackmail and revenge porn are true, but chalks them up to him being a “sick and troubled 14-year-old boy.” He’s since matured. Now he only claims that he would giggle if a former Republican legislator he dislikes got COVID-19 and died.

This is the kind of thing Benjamin Franklin was referring to when he said the Founders had given us a Republic, “if you can keep it.” That requires voters to do their due diligence and know more about the candidates than just the Party initial after their names. Let’s hope that between now and November, the voters of Kansas District 37 can learn both the name and background of a decent write-in candidate.


There’s a term in politics and economics: “Potemkin village.” It refers to Grigory Potemkin, a Russian military leader of the 1700s who wanted to impress Empress Catherine II during her visit to Crimea, so he built a facade of a fake prosperous village, like a movie set. After she passed it on the river, it would be broken down, moved further along her travel route, and set up again so she would think she was passing a whole series of prosperous villages. “Potemkin village” has come to mean any phony construct that is created just to fool people into thinking things are going great when they aren’t.

All that is just by way of explaining that many Americans sense the Biden/Harris ticket is a “Potemkin candidacy,” even if they don’t know the term. Since the Democratic Party and the media are colluding to create this Potemkin-style fakery, you might say it’s yet another version of Russian collusion to influence an election. The big question is, how long can they keep convincing people that the phony façade they glimpse in passing (whenever the candidate briefly emerges from his basement) really is a dynamic, energetic, moderate dream ticket when so many people already suspect they’re being flimflammed?

At the link, Newt Gingrich lists three reasons why he believes the Biden/Harris ticket will collapse before Election Day. For instance, despite all the soft soap talk about them being moderate centrists, the Republicans will surely let voters know that they’re running on the most far-left platform in history, and that Harris has the most liberal voting record in the Senate, to the left of even Bernie Sanders. Also, Newt cites a Rasmussen survey that found that 38% of likely voters think Biden is already experiencing cognitive decline, and 58% think he won’t finish out his first term. That includes 73% of Republicans, 57% of Independents and even 49% of Democrats.

Think about that: nearly half of Democrats already don’t believe that their allegedly healthy, dynamic candidate will be able to stand up to four years in office. No wonder they’re keeping him hidden in the basement and trying to dodge debates. But will that really work? I wouldn’t even buy a used car without being allowed to inspect it. Why would I buy a President sight-unseen?

No wonder the Democrats are pushing so hard to get Americans voting as early as possible – and “no takesy-backsies!” They're worried their Potemkin ticket will unravel even before November!



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  • Robert Carter

    08/23/2020 11:32 PM

    I would love to hear the President say - not one word about Joe, except to possibly say that the Democrats have made some really poor choices in selecting their candidates. Then, I want to hear, without bragging, the equivalent of a SOTN speech, lending credit to those who have helped make such awesome progress in draining the swamp, as well as returning the nation to follow God's ways instead of the world's ways. Also, identify the next steps in making America great again, with a certain amount of substantive detail, and how true Americans can influence others, similar to Jesus commanding His followers to make disciples of the people. One item I'm not sure about would be publicly identifying some of those under investigation for accoutability for some of the recent cruel and wasteful violence and its instigation (did I hear "Soros", as well as certain elected legislators and state/county officials ?)

    My other two cents worth - regarding the nation's western wild fires - I've submitted written plans to the President, as well as many fire officials in CA and its Governors (two separate ones now) for a relatively cheap, but massive effort to simply provice cargo aircraft kits or acquire 747s recently removed from service (two waves of 747s have been available, the second just happened).
    My first submittal regarded when Boeing was nearly through making C-17s - really the best choice, since all they need is a water cargo module and controls and have the perfect flying qualities - and trained Air National Guard crews to fly them.
    Several airlines halted 747 use in late 2017 and early 2018, prompting my second plan submittal. Following that submittal, a single 747 conversion was accomplished; that aircraft can drop a swath of water/retardant 200 feet wide and a mile long in one drop.
    There is just one converted 747 in service now - all we need to do is convert more the same and use those pilots to train others.
    My third submittal went out when three more airlines canceled 747 passenger service during this pandemic - they're probably pretty cheap to acquire right now.

    Mike, we've paid milions to Canada over the past generation to rent "Super Scooper" aircraft and pilot services - these aircraft are small and agile (in between helicopters and big fixed-wing aircraft), but didn't have a chance against the (now several) really large fires over the past three years, resulting in huge losses and some lives as well.
    I really feel a federally promoted plan, to include the opportunity for fire insurance companies to join the campaign to provide big water-droppers for big fires. Heck, we could even offer our services to Canada, Texas, maybe even Brazil when we're not fighting our own fires.
    And, by the way, this would allow watering of reseeded areas following fires to avoid storm flooding/ erosion in the winters after fires; and we could do it even during dry weather.
    That's my pitch; is there a way for you to get it to the right people ?

  • Helen ziller

    08/23/2020 06:32 PM

    Great show .

  • Julie

    08/23/2020 01:32 PM

    Huckabee is NOT at the same time on TBN on Saturday and Sunday. It airs at 8 on Saturday and 9 on Sunday.

  • Nissim Moshe

    08/23/2020 10:28 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, Happy Birthday!

  • Rick Locke

    08/23/2020 08:56 AM

    My gut says that the Democrats - not even trusting their own voters - will find some desperate need to replace Biden (probably some kind of health concern) and replace him with Michelle Obama just prior to the election. It's difficult to imagine that anyone believes that Joe can win from his basement cavern.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/23/2020 08:06 AM

    Pending GOP Convention: Betting 80% of the Leftist Media Industrial machine will NOT show Convention if any if at al; & Thus Dems enter election dumber than before on issues etc.
    We win again
    Or tap channels & see who makes comments about.

  • Loretta Machado

    08/22/2020 10:38 PM

    Looking forward to the GOP Convention.
    Did not watch the DNC. I can't stand to even see their faces never mind listen to them spew lie after lie. How anyone cannot see through them is beyond me.

  • Robert Carter

    08/22/2020 08:01 PM

    I'm really concerned that the major networks will not provide live coverage, only after the fact commentary, of the RNC.
    Would you please provide us, before the start of "our" convention, with the best contacts you know of amongst all the networks that provided "effective" coverage of the DNC, so we can flood them, in the absence of like RNC coverage, with our commentary regarding how they're absolutely proving the miriad of accusations of bias and/or neglect in balanced coverage to be absolutely true - to the entire people of America.

  • Jerry Korba

    08/22/2020 07:04 PM

    Joe Biden is being called a nice guy your regular guy family guy he is not a nice guy he corrupted his entire family he blackmailed Ukraine while in office he is accused of raping a young girl thats why he had sex addicted Bill Clinton speak at the Convention Harvey Wienstien wasn't available. Biden isn't decent China isn't a competitor it is a communist American hating regime nice guys get the Shitff kicked out of them by China they already beat the money out of American citizens while the Obama crime family were selling out our country for 8 years Trump is still trying to clean that mess up. Biden is that snotty boy in knickers that most of the kids hated now as old man people still hate him I mean dislike him. If CNN and MSM call him nice one knows that is FAKE NEWS. And Fox is not much better with exception of a few what is directing Fox News now I gotten so I can't watch much of it anymore I can tell the wife wants the TV after 9AM the horrible guests start appearing all the way to 7PM poor Martha see gets some real nimrods the other night she got a BLM thug from NY and he took her show from her ranting howling like a crazed lunatic. nice show bizarre the director should be defunded or removed send him to Jerry Springer.

  • Lawrence Foster

    08/22/2020 06:52 PM

    The irony of all ironies during the democrat convention was having Hunter Biden talk about his dad's honesty.

    Kind of like getting Jeffrey Epstein to testify as a character witness at your rape trial.

  • Wendy Weidenhamer

    08/22/2020 06:24 PM

    I love your good humor! It adds a bit of grounding of positive thought (not to mention a good laugh most times). Thanks!

  • Joseph Orsini PhD

    08/22/2020 06:14 PM

    Please include a reference to the Dem party platform with all the left wind items.

  • James Evart

    08/22/2020 04:48 PM

    As a pilot, a person is REQUIRED to take a periodic physical to be allowed to exercise the privileges of their certificate. Here we have the highest, most sensitive and critical offices in the WORLD that represents fully one third of the governing body of the greatest nation on this earth and mental and physical competency it NOT a requirement of holding that least not for a Democratic candidate????????
    It seems that the Democrats were earlier trying to hold our Republican President to a physical standard of competency through the 25th Amendment to our Constitution and threatening impeachment. Why is Biden not held to the same standard that the Democrats are only so willing to foust on others?

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/22/2020 04:45 PM

    I think Newt has it right...