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January 5, 2023

After six votes Wednesday, holdouts were still refusing to back Rep. Kevin McCarthy, and the House voted to adjourn and reconvene later today. Reports are that negotiations continued last night with some possible progress. The New York Times, citing confidential sources, claims that McCarthy “privately agreed to more demands from the right-wing rebels that he had previously refused to countenance, including allowing a single lawmaker to force a snap vote at any time to oust him from the speakership.”

McCarthy has offered an astounding number of concessions, listed here by Victoria Taft at PJ Media.

The Club For Growth has also reportedly cut a deal with a super PAC associated with McCarthy that could result in them endorsing him as Speaker.

Fox News has comments from Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, the latest alternative proposed for McCarthy.

As noted in the article, until there’s a Speaker, the new House can’t even be sworn in, so this is preventing necessary action from being taken on many fronts. 

McCarthy’s detractors still have no alternative candidate who is more conservative and can attract enough votes to win. They keep pointing to the last time conservatives forced McCarthy to withdraw in 2015, but back then, a dark horse “unity” candidate stepped forward and won. Considering that was Paul Ryan, whom they now vilify as a squishy, Trump-hating RINO, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for this strategy.

This is a continuing (and continuing!) story, so keep checking the regularly updated Fox News feed for the latest developments.

One thing to note:  While the 10% wants to rule over the 90% (who has ever allowed that or thought it was the way elections work?), it’s revealing that some of the holdouts have said in interviews that what they are “demanding” of Kevin McCarthy is that they get choice committee assignments and a promise they won’t be punished for their attempted coup.  That’s not only delusional, but very telling.  If a person is objecting by sheer principle, one is willing to suffer whatever the consequences for the rebellion.  When a person says, “Hey, this is about ME…protecting MY position, MY role in leadership, and MY being able to take any shot I want at 90% of my colleagues and have no consequence other than being rewarded.”  THAT my friend is NOT acting on “principle.”  It’s a selfish act of a power grab and publicity stunt.  Reward THAT behavior and you’ll keep getting more of it in the future.

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