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February 8, 2024

The Nevada Republican caucuses take place today. Because of a complicated series of events, the caucuses will award all the state's delegates while Tuesday’s primary election was purely symbolic. Trump is expected to win the caucuses in a landslide. 

Nikki Haley chose to run in the primary because she claimed that the caucuses were rigged for Trump. But after losing by more than 2-1 to “None of These Candidates,” Haley is now complaining that the primary was rigged, too, and was a “scam.” Not a good look. I wonder if she’ll say the same thing if polls are correct and she loses her home state of South Carolina.

Why are Haley and her supporters so adamant that Trump shouldn’t be President again? Well, he claimed that the 2020 election was rigged! Not to knock them specifically; all the Democrats who are trying to prosecute and disqualify Trump also have a history of claiming elections they lost were rigged. One of my writers says he remembers his late father telling him 30 years ago that “According to the Democrats, none of them ever lost a ‘fair’ election.”

Some of us who don’t smoke crack like Hunter Biden can still recall 2016, when the same Hollywood liberals who want Trump imprisoned for trying to overturn an election made a video urging his electors to overturn the election by betraying their voters and choosing Hillary instead. Oddly enough, none of them faced prosecution (that is, if you don’t count sex crimes.) Remember Hillary herself declaring Trump to be an “illegitimate President”?

And here’s a leftist group that’s already attempting to convince us that it will somehow be a “coup” if Trump wins the next election by getting the most votes at the ballot box.

Claiming that an election you lost was rigged is hardly new. The term “sour grapes” dates back to the fables of Aesop, who died in 564 B.C. There are only two proper responses to losing an election: Concede graciously and move on, or provide evidence that it was rigged. And the proper response to the latter is to look at the evidence objectively. 

Frankly, I’m not seeing a lot of open-minded objectivity, or even self-awareness, among the multitudes of election deniers who want to pillory Trump for being an election denier.

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