May 3, 2020


May 3, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee




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How’s the social distancing thing going? Don’t you sometimes just want to get in your car, go somewhere—anywhere—and just go up and hug someone; even a total stranger? For those of us who haven’t left our homes in 7 weeks, we are rapidly approaching the fight or flight moment. And in many states, things are starting to open up, albeit in spurts and small steps.

One thing we know—the models and predictions for how bad it was going to be were all wrong. For those who had an acute case of Wuhan Virus, it was awful. For those who’ve had a family member die from it, there are no words adequate to offer condolences and compassion. But I hope we feel the same way when an acquaintance dies of cancer or heart disease or from an accident.

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By Laura Ainsworth, Staff writer

Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to protect against malaria –- I took it myself on a trip to India several years ago –- and it has been around for, oh, about 70 years. It’s considered by doctors to be quite a safe drug, though patients should be monitored by their health practitioner “just in case” because it has been associated with heart arrhythmia. Many people who have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune problems have been on this drug for years, even decades, at a time, and some of these patients really need it to get along, as we're discovering now that they're having trouble obtaining it.

But to hear the media, this drug has terrible, life-threatening side effects. Never mind the stories of dramatic reversals and recoveries; this drug will KILL YOU, even if you're on it for a week or less. President Trump has been irresponsible for suggesting this drug might be helpful in keeping coronavirus patients out of the hospital and off ventilators.



Some states are starting to open up, but at “Huckabee” on TBN, we never shut down! And we have another great new show for you tonight! My guests will include Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, actor Dennis Quaid, best-selling author and pastor Ruth Graham, and Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, who will tell us about her new book on the gift of forgiveness. His previous scheduled appearance had to be postponed, but now, magician Reza of “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” will magically appear with an astounding illusion. And we'll top it off with a visit and music from country superstar Lee Brice!

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Threaten citizens with jail for surfing on empty beaches, walking in parks or attending drive-in church services, but let dangerous criminals out of jail because they might catch the coronavirus in there. How dangerous? How about the Green River Killer, suspected of 71 murders, convicted of 49 and sentenced to over 500 years in prison? He came within one vote of being released by the Washington State Supreme Court.

Okay, Washington: California will see your Green River Killer and raise you seven high-risk sex offenders.

And let’s not forget: to stop the spread of the virus, we must also shut down the gun stores so law-abiding citizens can’t defend themselves from all the violent criminals who are being released. Well, it wouldn’t matter anyway: people would be arrested before they could get to the gun store just for leaving their houses. In really liberal states, dangerous criminals are the only people who aren’t confined indefinitely.


When the coronavirus first mugged the world (with China’s government acting as accomplice to the crime), we knew almost nothing about it, even whether it could be transmitted from human to human. That was back in January (although it could have been spreading even earlier – see, we keep finding out new stuff all the time!) We’ve now been dealing with it for four months, and we’ve learned a lot since then, and not just about the virus itself. We’ve also learned a lot about our political and media classes, and frankly, they haven’t distinguished themselves as being much better than the virus.

We can now look back over the first four months of 2020 with 20/20 hindsight and see things clearly that were difficult for most people to grasp in the heat of the moment. For instance, we were told repeatedly that President Trump was poorly prepared, in denial, that every decision he made was ill-informed, too late and wrong-wrong-wrong, even that he is personally responsible for over 50,000 Americans dying of the disease (with experts now predicting a US death toll of over 70,000.) We’ve heard his critics claim repeatedly that if only they’d been in charge, the right decisions would have been made, “science” would have ruled the day, and they would have done everything right and much sooner.

Okay, it’s nearly May, so let’s look back and assess if any of that is true. First of all, the “experts” now predicting 70,000 deaths started out by predicting 2.2 million deaths, so what exactly are they “experts” in? Plus, while I don’t want to downplay the extraordinary danger of this particular disease, the death toll of the flu in 2017-’18 was about 80,000.

Trump banned travel from China in late January, a move that likely saved countless lives. His critics at the time accused him of racism and xenophobia. As recently as late February, prominent Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Bill DeBlasio were urging people to ignore the scare stories and turn out for big public events. They later accused Trump of not acting soon enough to ban travel or take the threat seriously. Trump even warned about it in his State of the Union speech that Nancy Pelosi made a big show of tearing up.

They also claim that Trump should have shut down the economy sooner. Yet while he was setting up his virus task force, they were completely obsessed with trying to impeach him. Even the WHO, whom they defend because Trump called them out for parroting Chinese lies, tried to downplay the danger early on. What do you think they would’ve said about Trump if he’d used executive orders to shut down the economy then?

They’ve also made a national hero out of Dr. Anthony Fauci (see last week’s “SNL” sketch where he was played by Brad Pitt and depicted as the rational savior protecting us from the dangerous idiot man-child Trump.) But Trump has taken Fauci’s advice on almost every issue, and despite fake news rumors, never fired him. If Fauci is always right, and Trump has done what he recommended, then how can Trump have always been wrong?

This relentless drumbeat of “Trump wrong! Trump wrong!” has apparently convinced some people, since a new NPR/Marist poll of “adults” claims that Americans believe Joe Biden could handle the virus better than Trump by 15 points. Yes, Joe “That travel ban is xenophobic/What day is it again?” Biden. I can’t help wondering if this was actually a poll of adults committed to mental institutions.

We now know a lot more about the virus, but at a time when we should be making decisions based on those facts, we’re still getting a steady diet of panic, politics and partisan narratives that the media cling to like an Iowa tourist clutches her purse in Times Square. Making Trump look wrong about everything is still Job 1, even if it requires ignoring basic math.

Sen. Ted Cruz has released a video looking back to remind us of who was really taking this threat seriously and who was downplaying it.

With four months of hard-won knowledge behind us, Americans are assessing the facts on their own, and they’ve started demanding that we move past the panic and lockdowns and get on with life. But some politicians are imposing even more absurd rules. They seem to want to prolong the misery of their own constituents, preferably until after the election.

Some Democratic Governors are even banning people from going to beaches and parks and forcing them to stay indoors, even as new research suggests that lack of Vitamin D (which you get from exposure to the sun) increases your chances of dying from the coronavirus.

Will these people win in November by not only “denying science” but rewriting history? Or are voters already spending their virus relief checks on tar and feathers? I would remind them of the words of a great Democrat from back when there were Democrats who put country ahead of party. As Daniel Patrick Moynihan put it, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

For more on this subject, I recommend Kurt Schichter’s latest column at In his usual hilariously brutal fashion, Schlichter lists a series of tough but fair and necessary questions that our media class would be asking Democrats if they were actually journalists instead of unpaid DNC PR agents.

Finally, the line of the day, from an anonymous wag on Facebook: The White House Press Corps are a group of people with faces filled with Botox who pretend to be shocked and appalled at the idea of injecting a dangerous substance into your body.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

Proverbs 21:21 (KJV)


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  • Daniel S

    05/04/2020 05:05 PM

    Please more properly define "High Risk Offender". I read the article about California's release of 7 convicted sex offenders. Rap sheets look bad. They look high risk. But... It's probably bias at this point, but I don't feel like I'm getting the full story from those rap sheets though. I see one guy on there whose offense may not be as bad as it's being played up to be. I left a similar comment questioning the automatic classification of sex offenders as high risk over at Western Journal (said article to be found at and noted that it was deleted (or never appeared). No profanity, no insults, just a questioning of presumptions.

    [What's the recidivism rate for sex offenders? How many of these lvl 3 offenders are close-in-age teen romances, vs rapists and pedophiles, since the law doesn't always discern between them? Average criminal recidivism rate is around 60%, so I'd be worried about the general inmate population, and I believe the focus on sex offenders exclusively in this article is harmful (I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for that one, but please think it through rather than responding with knee-jerk reactions). Liberals, who operate on emotion rather than reason, also came up with #MeToo, which destigmatized being a victim of a sex offense... but also led men in general to be very wary of women, as anything could be construed to become a sex offense.]

    Now the sex offense recidivism rate is nationally, about 5%. That's 5% too many, but it sure is NOT the 80-90% we're led to believe. Instead, most rearrests of sex offenders are related to procedural violations. Yet anyone with a sex offense is presumed to be "high risk". Now Mr. Huckabee, you've gone on record in the past speaking out against the unfair treatment of a sex offender you personally knew, as you personally knew him and I bet he wasn't the monster he was made out to be. There were articles in the media of course making a big stink about it. But it won me over so hard that you were the candidate I personally wanted to see in office. You looked at the "least of us" and declared that we were just as human as anyone else.

    I'm sure everyone's guessed by my tone by now. Yes, I'm a registrant. I was one of those stupid boys who got involved with a girl who was too young. Not saying what I did was OK in any way, shape or form, but c'mon folks, keep it in perspective! People who know me chafe at the injustice, but have no idea how to fight back except for writing letters of support to the authorities - which of course go ignored. Hell, during the Obama era, I was accused of coercing my supporters! The only ones calling me "pervert, pedophile, or rapist", are those who don't know me. Unfortunately that includes the Powers that Be. Currently I'm facing a terrible violation of human rights in basically having my wife of 8 years now, constantly at threat of deportation for no other reason than that I was sexually involved with a minor as a young adult. Years ago. So the plight of sex offenders is right up in my face, and of course, no one is willing to step up on our behalf because "Sex Offender". Except you, who have insisted on being fair and balanced, even in politics. So seeing this written the way it was, it's frankly a bit off-putting. I'm not expecting you to stand up and fight back against such ingrained mindset, but I would hope you and your staff, at least, would remain fair and balanced even in the treatment of people who have practically been abandoned by the rest of the media and the establishment. It'd be great if people here could be more insightful and reasoned in this area, especially since right now the Conservatives are supposed to be the adults in the room.

  • Don Pattersons

    05/03/2020 04:44 PM

    Thanks 4 ur leadership and insights.

  • Bonnie Sappington

    05/03/2020 02:18 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee. You nailed it.

  • Lee B.

    05/03/2020 01:59 PM

    When it comes to COVID-19 treatment, those "stories of dramatic reversals and recoveries," many of them overnight from a downhill respiratory spiral cannot be ignored. Physicians have come out in support of the use of the combination of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin. The "new drug" remdesivir is a Gilead product but somehow the Chinese successfully "copied" (stole?) the drug and hold the patent on its treatment of COVID-19. Touted to relieve symptoms 3-4 days shy of the usual length of COVID-19 illness sounds pretty good. When compared to reports of overnight improvement (“back to the living”), however, it seems a no-brainer to opt for treatment with hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin. Remdesivir may shorten the length of illness, but it doesn’t save severely ill COVID-19 patients who die anyway. All drugs have side effects including those very commonly used as Ainsworth has clearly stated. Hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin as well as remdesivir are no exceptions. We've heard lots about deadly cardiac effects of hydroxychloroquine, but physicians who have used it say serious cardiac effects are extremely unlikely when taking the drug for such a short period of time. The bottom line is that very ill COVID-19 patients get better in a day or two on hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin! Remdesivir is new, and new means very costly. It is administered intravenously which usually means being hospitalized and that’s costly. The cost of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin “oral” treatment is said to be about $20-$30 total and it can be done at home. So there are a couple of no-brainer decisions to be made. Do you want to improve overnight with affordable treatment? Or do you want to take your chances on a new high cost drug that, unless you’re severely ill, might help you get better 3-4 days sooner while under costly hospital care? Remember too that hydroxychloroquine has been in use for many decades. Remdesivir has not. We were told that to “prove” safety & efficacy, years long testing would be necessary for any drug. Knowing this, it is odd that FDA would so quickly approve it for COVID-19. Still it’s always good to have another tool in the toolbox.

  • Don Mooney

    05/03/2020 01:29 PM

    Love your show,the wife and I watch every Saturday night.

  • Stephen Russell

    05/03/2020 11:13 AM

    Dissolve Congress:
    Rekey doors
    Lock offices or remove documents for media etc.
    Reset voice mail systems.
    Allocate messages to Home district offices.
    Re Open for New US House.
    & add RINOs
    Then see how fast Dems & Pelosi come back to DC.
    Then tell voters Dems data on issues pending locked in offices.
    Please direct comments to House district offices per state.
    That should move things along