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July 13, 2023

Back in June, a Houston pastor wrote a letter to help parents explain to their kids the Christian view of all the “Pride Month” propaganda that’s being shoved in their faces from every direction. And in this month celebrating “tolerance and diversity,” that letter was censored from Google searches and removed from Internet platforms. Maybe they’ll let it run during Religious Freedom Month. Oh wait, there isn’t one of those.

Google branded the letter “hate speech,” even though the pastor specifically explained that Christians “don’t hate people who want bad things. We would be exactly the same if it weren’t for Jesus. We love people who don’t know Jesus, we pray for them, we want to help them, we want to tell them about Jesus. And when they believe, we accept them and love them and help them to learn to walk with Jesus, just like we’re doing.”

As the pastor points out, if Google deems it “hate speech” to believe that homosexuality is a sin and to tell sinners that sin is deadly but Jesus can save them from it, then Google is saying that basic Biblical precepts of Christianity should be forbidden from the Internet. Fortunately, there are still outlets that respect both Christianity and free speech, like my website and PJ Media, where you will find more on this story plus the complete, uncensored, must-read text of the pastor’s letter at this link.

I am sharing this story because Google has been doing something similar to my writing for over two years now. My writing is routinely labeled as “dangerous, derogatory, unreliable, and harmful,” by Google, which is why I started sending my newsletter out through Substack.

Big Tech, such as Facebook and Google, are making it harder for Republican opinions to reach voters. So as a free subscriber to my newsletter, I would like you to consider subscribing to the paid version.

A Substack subscription-based newsletter allows my team and I to focus on what matters: the writing and the research we do to back up the writing, instead of worrying about what Google is saying about me, how they are handling advertising on our website or whether or not my work shows up when you search for it.

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With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

P.S. Before the end of June we are seeking to add 300 more paid subscribers to keep the newsletter up and running. Please be a part of that effort, because I don't want Google to win.

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Comments 1-3 of 3

  • Susie Tranbarger

    06/24/2023 07:02 PM

    Why don't we as followers of Jesus start a "Religious Freedom Month" or better yet a "Jesus Month". Where would one start to do this?

  • Karin Carmichael

    06/21/2023 12:46 PM

    We are to love the person but hate the sin — even the sin in our own hearts and lives. We are ALL sinners — now as Christian’s, saved by God’s grace through the sacrificial death of His one and only son — asking Jesus to forgive us and invite Him to live in our heats.

  • Sandy

    06/20/2023 03:55 PM

    This is not hate mail. People need to know the truth, it will set them free.