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December 24, 2021


"For Doug who just had a liver transplant"

"I had robotic surgery the end of Sept.for a prolapsed bladder. Due to a lack of proper communication, my son & daughter are not speaking. She feels her brother was "bossy" telling her I needed a ride to the hospital & he felt she was just being nasty. She feels her brother (he lives in my house) doesn't do anything & I am caught in the much that I will not be spending Christmas with either one of them. BTW - the surgery was not as successful as I had hoped & now I am dealing with severe osteoporosis. Thank you."

"My niece is expecting her fourth child. She had some rH issues with her third, but medical providers told her to go ahead with another. She found out she is now pre-diabetic. She has experienced serious bleeding issues over the past few weeks, including losing what they think was a twin. She is now 15 weeks and has just tested positive for covid. They more than anything want her to make it to 20 weeks, because then there are interventions should the rH issues become more serious. Please pray for her and the child's health - but also that she and her husband would be drawn closer to God through these circumstances, this journey. Thank you and God bless you!"

"My husband was run over by a log truck carrying the mail. The only part left of the car is where he sat. It tore the roof off the car. Pray his neck and head heals. He’s in major pain from that wreck. It knocked him out and he still is unclear of whAt happened."

"Prayer for healing from the effects of J&J vaccine nine months ago."

"Pray for my daughters friend Katie. Young women of 35. She’s battling lymphadema, a complication from Cerebral Palsy since birth. And also for a lower leg ulcer to heal. Thank you."

"My sons and I need prayer for healing..ty"

"Pray that my daughter and her husband open their eyes to what is real and that they wake up and heal their relationships with family."

"My 51 yr old son is in jail for molesting a young girl. As it's not his first offence, he has a federal charge against him. God gave me the gift of TRUST, to believe that He is in charge of John and all that he'll be going through. He needs to repent and see his sin for what it is. Hopefully, time will come that he'll be able to repent to the two girls, and help them heal from his lusting, inherited from his father. Thanks! He said at age 7, that he was called to preach. Hopefully, this will all be a part of his testimony someday!"

"Dan C. who is going through challenging health issues."

"Daughter has abandoned all family members"

"Please pray for my brother, Michael who has stage 5 prostate cancer. The cancer has spread to his bones. Please pray for his salvation. Thank you. Margie T."

"Please pray for my 18 year daughter Katie to be healed from her multiple chronic medical conditions. Thank you and may God bless you!"

"For a churchmember, Jeff who has Esophogial cancer and is very weak, that he may strengthen and recover."

"Please pray for heal8ng and restoration of the Peter Boddie family and for our prodigals to come back to the Lord (Jeremiah 31:16-17)."

"Requesting prayer for my son Luke who needs God back in his life. He is an alcoholic, with 2 beautiful daughters and another baby on the way."

"Please pray for our medical workers, doctors, nurses, support staff, police, fire and first responders! They have been so overwhelmed by the loss of life during this pandemic. They are responding tirelessly to the needs of their communities at great risk to their and their families personal safety! They’re tired and worn out but not defeated! Let them know we are thankful to the Lord for their service and are lifting them up in prayer! A plate of goodies probably wouldn’t hurt either!"

"Michael Kline has Alzheimer’s"

"My dog (fur baby) Cora Belle has terminal bladder cancer. Please pray that I have the strength to let her go with dignity when her time is up."

"I'm requesting prayers for my estranged son, Joel. That he will be saved and stop preventing us from seeing our granddaughters. We would like for him to one day want to be part of our family again."

"About two or three weeks after I had my second covid shot my gastroparesis flared up. I was manageable with medication up until I got the second shot. I developed severe insomnia which I had never had in my life. I got to the point where I couldn’t eat anything. I began having pain across upper abdomen to the point where I would cry. My G.I. doctor referred me to a surgeon at you UAMS In Little Rock . He performed what is called a G poem where they slice one side of the pylorus so that the food will move more easily from your stomach to your small intestines It did not work. I went back to UAMS and they had to put a peg tube into my stomach that didn’t work. whatever I ate just sat in my stomach and went nowhere. Two days later they put a short extension tube into my small intestines and sent me home. I go back to the hospital on January 18 to have J tube put in. Please pray for me and the doctors who are going to perform the surgery. By his will and his stripes I am healed."

"Pray for a dear friend, Janice Kobey, that has been diagnosed with colon cancer. God's Will Be Done. Amen"

"My oldest daughter Debbie has stage 4 ovarian cancer, cannot keep food down, so she's starving to death and very weak. She's elected not to have chemo, but is using alternative therapies. My step-daughter Pam has stage 4 colon cancer, and is in terrible pain. Her legs hurt so badly she's practically bed-ridden. Her husband is afraid to leave her, so his construction income suffers. Her chemo costs thousands, and their situation is very precarious. Thank you for your concern and prayers!"


"My special needs son Danny. He’s battling covid in the hospital."

"My Nephew is fighting cancer ... his fight is long & hard ... he is 32 years old with a wife and 2 small children ... he has had 2 brain surgery's, kemo and other treatments ... he is a faithful man and fights very hard ... please pray for."

"Pray for Bud Atkins. He has been having mental problems."

"Thank you to everyone that is praying for Pastor Kenny W ... he has been in the hospital since November 25 dealing with Covid and Pneumonia ... he is improving and may get out of the hospital soon. Prayers work! God is Good!"

"Please pray for my husband Nelson. He had a stroke on November 28 that left his left side paralyzed. He went into rehab therapy but contracted Covid and an UTI. Please pray for strength and healing as he is back in rehab but very tired and weak. Thank you"

"Please help my friend, Susan who’s facing her third bout of cancer. She’s such a sweet dear person and always has a positive attitude. I can’t pray enough for her so please join me."


"Dottie B. who passed away this week."

"In memoriam for Grandpa, Dad, Joe, Aunt Peggy and Jeannie. Xoxo."

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  • Sharon K Williams

    12/26/2021 08:10 AM

    Please pray for my cousin Jerry, diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). Thank u!

  • Ronald Smith

    12/24/2021 05:08 PM

    I pray for unity in families and forgiveness....

  • Frances Schemnitzer

    12/24/2021 12:56 PM

    Praying for grandchildren and son-in-law's salvation. To know the real Jesus and not the Mormon jesus