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February 18, 2021

What do HUCKABEE researchers do when the internet is inaccessible due to extreme weather in Texas and extended power outages that make it impossible to search the news? Why, go through the mailbag, of course. Since the impeachment “trial,” we’ve received hundreds of comments well worth highlighting. Here are a few that just came in that we wouldn’t want you to miss…

From Ken:

My first reaction to the betrayal of Republicans in Congress was to join another 3rd Party.

But, as you said, it splits the only power we have.

Teddy Roosevelt thought he could do that and ended up splitting the GOP, and Woodrow Wilson won instead.

Ron Paul is another example. He is actually a Libertarian but ran as a Republican to get the votes.

The GOP is surely a disappointment, but we have no other option [than] to fight the Socialist/Communist Democrats.

From the Gov:

Thanks, Ken. Of course, that also means fixing the party from within. I think that after seeing the shameful defection by some “establishment” Republican leaders and being thoroughly disgusted by their actions, we’re on our way to doing that.

From Edward:

I don’t think think a third party will solve the problem, either, but I don't agree with your claim that less people showed up to vote in the runoff than in the general election. When you have the same crooked people counting the votes that rigged the first one I don't know how you expect the second one to turn out any different. That is the frustrating part.

From the Gov:

You are right about the corruption within the system. At the same time, we are going to have to turn out in force to make up for whatever amount of fraud there might be. Until we gain the political power to inject some badly needed election safeguards –- and doing this is not “voter suppression” –- we have to win in landslides to overcome this hurdle. That didn’t happen in Georgia.

Though we have ample reason to distrust the vote count, one reason we KNOW fewer Republicans turned out on Election Day is that some of them had announced their intention ahead of time to stay home. We got letters from Republicans in Georgia and all around the country saying they refused to participate in future elections. Some said they were so fed-up with the system that they would never vote again. Talk about frustrating –- these comments were extremely frustrating to read, because that attitude is just the opposite of the one they need to have!

From Susan:

I love reading your newsletters each day. Great format, and I appreciate the Bible verse 1st, and leaving us with America the Beautiful. Question about 3rd party: has anyone thought about the Democrats leaving their party and joining the new Republican party? They will be bringing their same liberal ideals with them and will not represent conservative Americans. Didn't this same thing happen a number of years ago, resulting in "neo cons"?

From the Gov:

Since the increasingly radical Democrat Party has left behind millions of moderates who traditionally voted Democrat, they need someplace to go, and the Republican Party as led by Donald Trump (as opposed to, say, Mitch McConnell) makes sense. Even old-style “liberals” in the classical sense are dismayed by the Democrats’ recent obsession with “cancel culture” and the policing of speech.

I think that, given the state of the country under Democrat “leadership,” we can encourage them to see how conservative principles and a return to the Constitution can bring us much closer to delivering true justice for all, as opposed to the unworkable and decidedly unfair concept of “social justice.” I’m also optimistic that even on a polarizing issue such as abortion, the Democrats’ callous radicalism might propel more moderates into the pro-life camp. We’re in a position to change hearts. Let’s hope that’s how it works out.

From Steven:

According to last night's evening news, the Washington DC mayor is trying to bring criminal charges against former President Trump for inciting the January 6th riot. But if the Senate "trial" has already acquitted him of that charge, wouldn’t a criminal trial on that charge subject him to double jeopardy in violation of constitutional protections against that?

From the Gov:

Well, they tried to argue that the First Amendment didn’t apply to Trump, so you know they’d say he didn’t have double jeopardy protection, either!

Seriously, that’s a question that would end up in the Supreme Court. It might not be double jeopardy, as Trump certainly has not been tried in a real court of law –- far from it. And people who are found not guilty in state court are sometimes then re-indicted at the federal level, though many believe THAT is an abuse of double jeopardy protection. Trump-hate continues unabated, and his legal harassment will continue. But I think one reason the DC mayor is talking big right now is to take attention off her own role in the Capitol Hill riot.

As I said in Monday’s newsletter, one reason the Democrats decided to wrap up the impeachment “trial” instead of calling witnesses is that Trump’s defense would have called Speaker Pelosi and Mayor Muriel Bowser, among others, to find out why more police protection, including the National Guard, was not utilized around the Capitol Building on January 6, after President Trump had already given the go-ahead to use them, a couple of days before.

The mayor has a lot to answer for.

From Gloria (excerpt):


I couldn’t agree with you more about the third party narrative. The RINOs should be the ones to leave and move left where they can more honestly support their beliefs instead of pretending to be conservatives.

I listened to Mark Levin’s show last night where he interviewed Charlie Kirk and Dave Rubin. It gave me hope that a more cohesive GOP might be on the horizon. It also gave me hope that people might actually be starting to see the evil platform being promoted by the DNC...

From the Gov:

Some are starting to see it clearly. It’s easier for leftists to fly under the radar when they’re not actively imposing their beliefs on the rest of the country. But that’s what they’re doing now. The media can try to minimize our perception of the damage, but, in the words of the first Republican President, you just can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Of course, there’s the #WalkAway Movement, started by Brandon Straka to encourage disillusioned Democrats to walk away from the Democrat Party. Straka has faced obstacles, notably censorship by social media and even attempted assault; we talked about this when he was a guest on my show. Anyone with two eyes and half a brain can see the folks with real bravery are the ones who aren’t afraid to stand up to “cancel culture” and speak their minds. We can thank courageous people such as Straka, Charlie Kirk and Dave Rubin who are already playing an important role.


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  • Glenn Gipe

    02/22/2021 01:07 PM

    I am wondering if there is friction between president Trump an VP Pence

  • Marilyn Jones

    02/19/2021 05:51 PM

    I'm a member of First Baptist Church Dallas and have heard you and Sarah speak there. My power was off more than it was on for more than 48 hours earlier this week. At one point, the interior temperature was less than 40°! Pipes froze. Fortunately none burst. My pool froze with no power to keep the pump running to circulate water. That alone will likely cost $1,000s in repairs. Neighbors had structural damage from flooding caused by pipes bursting.

    I'm wondering why no one is talking about Biden's First Day Executive Order to suspend for 90 days Trump's EO 13920 (May 1, 2020) securing our power grid by prohibiting foreign access. [Sec. 7.(c)] I don't understand all of the legalese language (and can't imagine Joe does either), but am I missing something, or have we been cyber attacked?

    Why is nobody talking about this??

  • Gary KENNEDY

    02/18/2021 01:36 PM

    The election was fumbled as bad as the Dallas Cowboys at a playoff game. This is fact, but nobody wants to talk about it because they would rather keep their heads in the sand where they feel more comfortable. They would rather sweep it under the rug like Hunter Biden's laptop.
    Dividing the Republicans into a 3rd party has been proven time and time over to be a disaster. DON'T DO IT! Fix the problem.
    Stricter voting rules is a must. If you have a flat tire do you keep driving? Or do you stop to change the tire? Until the problems with voting are addressed there will always be a "RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA" as well as a stolen election. A dark cloud will always hang over our elections.