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April 27, 2023

Last week, it was revealed that current Secretary of State Antony Blinken was ultimately behind that “classic earmarks” letter in October 2020 smearing the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation.  Blinken called Mike Morell, former acting director of the CIA, and Morell quickly got the ball rolling.  (Morell says Blinken didn’t “directly ask” for a letter.)  In a mere two days, Blinken had the letter, signed by 51 former intel officials who hadn’t even seen the hard drive.

So, how did Blinken think to call Morell?  As explained by John Solomon in a new piece for JUST THE NEWS, this wasn’t the first time Morell helped create a fake narrative to boost the Democrat presidential nominee.  In 2016, he wrote an op-ed on behalf of Hillary Clinton in THE NEW YORK TIMES in which he used his CIA background to lend credibility to his accusation that Trump was “an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”  He was one of the first members of the intel community to use that lie.

The tie to Russia was totally concocted, and Democrats ate it up with a spoon.

The Clinton campaign was ready with its coordinated response, saying that Trump was “unfit” to be President.  And, look!  They had a letter, too, kind of like the “classic earmarks” letter of 2020, and signed by 50 self-described national security and foreign policy experts.  (They keep going back to the same pages of the same playbook over and over.)  “Not fit”...”dangerous”...lacking in “the character, values, and experience to be President,” the letter said.  “He weakens U.S. moral authority as the leader of the free world.  He appears to lack basic knowledge and belief in the U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws, and U.S. institutions, including religious tolerance, freedom of the press, and an independent judiciary.”

I know --- it sounds as though they’re describing the current administration, not President Trump’s.  But that’s what they came out with when Hillary was running against Trump.  And the letter goes on from there; take a look.

When the “classic earmarks” letter came out in October 2020, right before the election, former FBI intel chief Kevin Brock wrote a column for THE HILL alleging that spies actually were trying to influence the election.  But he wasn’t talking about Russian spies --- he meant American spies, the spooks who had signed that phony letter.  “Why was a letter written at this time?” he asked.  “To help Joe Biden politically, and nothing more.”

And now Solomon writes, “To some intelligence experts, Morell’s actions stand as a poster child of the  danger that Brock warned about nearly three years ago:  a national security apparatus suddenly intervening in elections.”

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told Solomon, “I think you have to assume that this has permeated across basically the entire bureaucracy in Washington, DC, especially in the intelligence agencies.”

Solomon spoke with Brock again to get his perspective on what we’ve learned about the origins of the “classic earmarks” letter.  “When a disingenuous statement can have a material effect on not just policy, but on a national election, then it becomes a kind of fraud on the American people,” Brock said.

The 2020 vote is the third such election in which Morell, a 33-year veteran of the CIA, has stirred controversies with actions that utilized his ties to the intelligence community.  The first was in September of 2012, when Obama was running for re-election against Mitt Romney.  Morell edited intelligence talking points to delete reference to al-Qaeda’s role in the Benghazi attack before Susan Rice appeared on the Sunday news shows to lie.

Morell later denied that he had done this for the political benefit of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.

But if you look at all his actions in context, they seem highly political.  In 2016, about a week before Morell first speaks of Trump being recruited as an “unwitting” agent of Russia, then-CIA Director John Brennan gives a heads-up to President Obama about Russian intelligence showing that Hillary was planning to distract from her email scandal with a story about Trump and Russian hackers interfering with U.S. elections.  Just four days before that heads-up, Clinton campaign adviser Jake Sullivan --- who today is in the Biden White House as national security adviser --- puts out a statement saying the Russians have hacked the Democrat National Committee to help Trump.

Incidentally, today there is STILL no evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC.  It was just “conjecture” by the company CrowdStrike.  The theory remains that the material released was from an internal leak, not a hack.

Again, Morell has testified that Blinken didn’t directly ask him to write the “classic earmarks” letter but that his contact sparked that effort.  The Biden campaign did later thank Morell for his trouble, as Biden was able to use that letter to shut Trump down when he tried to bring it up during the final presidential debate.  Imagine their gratitude.

Solomon appeared on Tuesday’s HANNITY show to discuss Morell’s role in both letters.  Regarding the 2020 “classic earmarks” letter, the FBI had received the laptop in December 2019 and authenticated  it as Hunter’s, he said,  by the spring of 2020.  So we know the FBI was lying when they warned Big Tech of the coming “Russian disinformation campaign” involving Hunter Biden.

And Morell was, in Solomon’s words, “right in the middle” of the Obama, Hillary and Biden campaigns, furthering helpful lies each time.

Moving on to Antony Blinken, Republican Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are now calling on him to resign as Secretary of State for misleading the public on the Hunter laptop case.

In a major update to the Blinken story, we now know that Blinken has had a long, chummy association with Hunter Biden --- who knew? --- going back over a decade, including Hunter’s time on the Burisma board and his pursuit of various other lucrative influence-peddling activities.  This opinion piece in the WASHINGTON EXAMINER details all the ethical problems with this that the media pretended not to notice.

And Bonchie at REDSTATE shows the relationship is clear as can be.

As Stephen Miller said on Hannity’s show, “It’s just one bombshell revelation after another” with these phony-baloney stories and cozy deep-state entanglements.  Here’s just one example: Then-Deputy Secretary of State Blinken held a meeting with Hunter at the State Department (!!) in July 2015.  This was while Hunter was on the Burisma board and his father was Vice President.  Blinken, his wife, and Hunter emailed frequently during those years, with Blinken using his private email as opposed to official State Department email.  (Remind you of anyone?)  Hunter was forwarding their exchanges to his business partners.  No wonder Blinken would have wanted to discredit that laptop!

Miller called for criminal indictment for conspiracy to interfere and obstruct the American election.  “If we can put someone in jail for a meme,” he says, “we can certainly pursue criminal charges in this case.”

Finally, in a must-read column, legal analyst Margot Cleveland offers six reasons why the IRS whistleblower who’s come forward about the special treatment given to Hunter should terrify all involved --- at every level.

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