February 28, 2019

The latest dust-up between a Trump and the media’s favorite inexhaustible fountain of nonsense, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, involves not the President but his daughter Ivanka and the American work ethic.

In responding to AOC’s “Green New Deal,” with its “what does this have to do with the environment?” provisions for guaranteed government jobs and a free minimum income to those who can’t or aren’t willing to work, Ivanka Trump replied:

“I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around this country over the last four years. People want to work for what they get. So, I think that this idea of a guaranteed minimum is not something most people want.  They want the ability to be able to secure a job. They want the ability to live in a country where’s there’s the potential for upward mobility.” 

As a major force behind the Administration’s policies to grow the economy and create jobs, she added, “I’ve spent much of the last two years focused on inclusive economic growth via workforce development and skills training as well as pro-working family policies.”

That’s the type of statement (Americans don’t want a handout, they want opportunities to work hard and succeed) that used to be taken for granted as true.  But whether because of the growing radicalism of the left or the undisguised hatred of the Trump family, that statement brought a wave of ridicule and attacks on Ivanka, ranging from AOC to “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, who mocked Ivanka as someone who was handed a job by her daddy (some might call that incredibly sexist and misogynist, while others might suggest that Noah actually inherited a pretty cushy job from Jon Stewart that he hadn’t exactly earned at that point, either.)

Personally, I admire Ivanka a great deal.  She could easily have lived the easy life of a pampered princess, but instead, she works very hard, she’s both a terrific mom and a very successful business woman, and is now doing far more to affect real, positive change for women and working Americans than any of the jealous mean girls yapping at her.  I don’t hold it against her that she was born into wealth any more than I would use the fact that my family was dirt poor as an excuse to demand a handout. I was the first in my family to graduate high school, let alone college.  But growing up poor made me hungry, and drove me to want to work hard and get ahead. I didn’t want a “guaranteed minimum income,” I wanted to find what I was best at and use to earn the maximum that I could make, just like most Americans do. 

Ivanka didn’t have to work so hard, but she chose to, not just for herself but for others, and she deserves credit for that. Despite the phony class envy fables told by the left, America doesn’t have a rigid class structure.  We have a remarkably dynamic economy, with people moving in and out of various income levels all the time. 

Studies have shown that wealth tends to last three generations: the first earns it; the second remembers the hard times and is trained to maintain and expand the family fortune, and the third is brought up rich and spoiled, doesn’t appreciate it and blows it.  Ivanka is an admirable exception to that rule.  She deserves better than the scorn of envious critics when she speaks up for the dignity of work and the value of the free market, capitalist system, which in recent years has done an amazing job of lifting people out of poverty all around the world – except, of course, in places where people fell for the phony promises of socialists.   



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  • Cheryl Veon

    03/15/2019 08:04 PM Need I say more?

  • Mary Louise Smith

    03/04/2019 01:40 AM

    Mr. Huckabee you are a gentleman, kind, compassionate and your comments are always respectful. I enjoy your appearances on the Fox Network. Wish there were more politicians like you. Thank you

  • Les Haveman

    03/02/2019 03:23 PM

    “Didn’t have to work so hard”- that apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Thanks to God for the Trump family and yours.

  • Patricia Adams

    03/02/2019 12:21 AM

    Hello Governor,
    Thank you for your commentary. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Surfer

    03/01/2019 06:20 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Have a great weekend!

  • rodney Burke

    03/01/2019 04:26 PM

    yep, those who yap the loudest have NOT worked and succeeded like Ivanka has and will continue. They do NOT reflect the values of Middle America because they have never been there. OAC is further away from home than she's ever been. What does she know about upward mobility? Zero. She's had one job in her life and she knows NOTHING about work. family, taxes, owning a house etc. She is a fish out of water in the house and needs to go back home and get some life experience before she opens her mouth. An "educated" fool. And she's a future? Not ours Mike, not even close.

  • Donna Bernheisel

    03/01/2019 01:49 PM

    I stand behind the Trump family. We have 3 small business and work 14 plus hours every day . We do take Sunday to worship the "Lord". I am dumb founded how the left has so much hatred for President Trump and his family. It is definitely lonely at the top. I will vote for President Trump in 2020!!!!

  • Robert Deplorable Baublitz

    03/01/2019 01:39 PM

    Too much attention on aoc. Like a stray dog, you keep feeding it and it’ll keep hanging around. Let’s start ignoring it. Maybe it’ll go away!

  • Lark Behrens

    03/01/2019 01:17 PM

    Good morning Governor! I certainly enjoy your commentary everyday! I don't understand why the left always mocks and judges everyone else, especially if they are related to our President or are a Conservative. I really don't get why we have become such a jaded country. I for one feel that Ivanka is a very hardworking mother and that her efforts to help women in the USA are admirable! I don't understand why anyone would comment like this. I believe AOC is a very dingy person and how she ever graduated with a degree is beyond me. She certainly doesn't act like she even knows what basic economics are, so wonder if she slept through all her classes and was passed for just showing up! I don't believe she has any common sense whatsoever and this Green New Deal is evidence of that as well. The fact that so many of the Democrats are also supporting it shows how far to the left they have moved and now they don't seem to care that we all know it! I don't get it at all and hope the country wakes up before we do become just like Venezuela, Cuba, etc. I for one do not want to be a Communist country/state! Thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work!

  • Joseph

    02/28/2019 05:47 PM

    Ivanka is an intelligent woman with actual work experience where AOC is a dramatically stupid rich girl who like Warren claims to be someone they aren't. Ivanka can and does hold intelligent conversations with facts to back up her claims as where AOC just spews jibberish with no understanding of anything she says. Unless you are as dumb or dumber than she is there is no way you can listen to her speak for 10 seconds and still think she possesses an ounce of grey matter.