April 13, 2018


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Today's Commentary: So, James Comey is a "private" citizen? -- Roasting Mark Zuckerberg -- Facebook is a utility  -- Speaker Ryan retires -- California backlash -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Fired FBI Director James Comey suddenly has plenty to say, in a newly-released memoir and an upcoming ABC Sunday night prime-time infomercial--- I mean “news show”--- about the book. He spent five hours talking with George Stephanopolous, and now, lucky us! Thanks to the inevitable leaking, we’re already getting to learn how agonizing and challenging it was for someone with the sky-high ethical standards of Comey –- he adeptly rationalized all his own lying and leaking –- to work for someone so lacking in integrity that Comey compares him to a “mob boss.”

Never mind that if Trump really did behave like a mob boss, Comey would be awfully stupid to go on TV and travel around the country publicly dissing him to sell books. That would be way too risky, and, gosh, he’d end up having to spend the millions he’s making from his book on private security for the rest of his natural life. Or maybe he wouldn’t have even written the book after waking up with a horse’s head in his bed. If Trump were really like a mob boss, the smart thing for Comey to do would be to go into the Witness Protection Program and disappear from public life, which, come to think of it, would be nice for the rest of us as well.


Mike Huckabee

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Roasting Mark Zuckerberg

By Mike Huckabee

If you don't follow my Twitter feed (and if not, how have you survived this long? I warn you, though, if you don’t have a sense of humor, steer clear), check this link for my tweet on the Senate grilling of Mark Zuckerberg, along with other reactions to the story. Always nice to have your metaphors appreciated!

Zuckerberg must be relieved that he wasn’t under oath in testifying before the Senate, because he let something slip out that could conceivably bankrupt his company. He’s already backpedaling. I’ll let you read the details at the link, but suffice to say that if Facebook wants to keep enjoying the legal protections of a neutral platform that just hosts other people’s opinions and doesn’t insert itself into the content, then it had better start acting like a neutral platform that just hosts other people’s opinions and doesn’t insert itself into the content.



Facebook is a utility

By Mike Huckabee

A message from Mike Huckabee: Has Facebook become the nation's new "utility" and thus subject to the kind of regulation we have for other other utilities? Jerry Woods is a retired pastor in Tennessee who has been a friend of mine for 43 years. He wrote this and I thought his view was insightful and wanted you to read it and tell me what YOU think "has Facebook become a public utility?"


By Jerry Woods


We started out as on oral tradition, stone, papyrus, paper, books, printing press, a Rosen string tying two tin cans together. Then we got the wind up ring phones.

Then we got the dial phones.

Then we got the digital phones, wireless phones, cell phones!

All the hardware phones were designed for communication and were most enjoyable when they transmitted many voices into every home as a utility.

Facebook is software that has evolved from hardware to replace the phones for communication. Where the phones went into every home to

every home, Facebook Software goes on every PC, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, laptop, that allows the software to be installed upon it.

Facebook should be treated as a utility because it is a utility.

Free Speech is a God Given Right given to every person.

No one has the right to deny us Free Speech, but they are not guaranteed an audience.

Anyone providing a utility to transmit communication does not have the right to forbid my Free Speech.

That's my world view!


Speaker Ryan retires

By Mike Huckabee

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced this week that he will not run for reelection this November and is retiring from Congress. The news rocked Washington, which is the only place where people are shocked at the idea of someone stepping aside after only two decades in what was originally supposed to be a temporary public service position.

Of course, this is being touted by the media as a sign of the Apocalypse for Republicans; Ryan realizing that a giant blue wave is coming because everyone hates Trump, and Democrats are set to take back the House and hand the gavel back to that genius of public policy, Nancy Pelosi. It couldn’t possibly be that he thinks that having achieved the tax reform he’s been trying to pass for 20 years, he can finally move on; or that he recognizes that Republicans are furious over the $1.3 trillion spending bill he helped craft and he senses an uprising from the right. Or maybe that he’s just sick of dealing with all this political sniping and second-guessing. Nah!

Here’s an instructive sidelight: while the media press the narrative that Ryan is fleeing because Trump is such a horrid barbarian…and while other Republicans who are retiring have no qualms about attacking their own party’s President as a boor who doesn’t know how to behave in polite society…Trump tweeted this on Ryan’s retirement:

“Speaker Paul Ryan is a truly good man, and while he will not be seeking re-election, he will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question. We are with you Paul!”

Yeah, what a crude, unmannered thug that guy is…


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California backlash

By Mike Huckabee

Just as spring brings forth the hopeful signs of buds on plants returning to life after a long winter, so, too, are the tiniest signs of common sense finally starting to reappear in California. The leftist leaders who squandered the gold they inherited in the Golden State have confidently predicted that their insane policies will spread west like the plague in a “blue wave” and become the future of America. They didn’t consider that their own people might get sick of living with the effects of their expensive, freedom-crushing failures and start to rebel, as coalitions of Republicans and moderate Democrats are finally starting to do with the lawsuits to overturn the “sanctuary state” policy and in other ways.

Read this op-ed by California resident Peggy Grande. It might give you renewed hope for both California’s future and America’s. But one note: she asks in regard to California’s jungle primary system that keeps Republicans from even making it onto the ballot, “Is the left so afraid of democracy that they must tip the scales in their own favor to prevent a different viewpoint or ideology?” If you have to ask, then you really don’t understand the modern left.



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