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January 27, 2023



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But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Matthew 5:44 KJV

1. A “Make Up Your Own Reality” Administration

President Biden has found yet another appointee who fits right in with his “Make Up Your Own Reality” Administration.

Boston doctor Fatima Cody Stanford, who is now a member of the Biden USDA's 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee that will help create federal dietary standards, insists that doctors don’t understand obesity, that it’s genetic, and it can’t be cured by diet and exercise (despite many centuries of evidence that dieting and exercise make you lose weight.) Instead, the Biden Committee will use “a health equity lens throughout its evidence review to ensure factors such as socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and culture are described and considered to the greatest extent possible."

Translation: to quote Chandler from “Friends,” “Our kids are gonna be fat, aren’t they?”

2. Democrats Denying Reality

Keeping with our theme of Democrats denying reality, Democrat mayors of big cities plagued with crime waves have figured out what’s really the cause of all those crimes. No, it’s not that they slashed police budgets and stopped arresting or jailing criminals.

In Seattle, city officials are suing Kia and Hyundai for building cars that are too easy to steal.

And Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot has the solution for street food vendors who are being robbed blind: just don’t carry any cash.

I think I could suggest some more effective ways of fighting crime than blaming the victims or suing the people who make the stuff that’s getting stolen, like maybe electing some Republicans for the first time in decades. That probably won’t happen, but at least the good news is that a recent poll shows Lightfoot is in fourth place with 11% support in the Democratic primary.

The fact that so many media outlets are bemoaning the likely loss of the city’s first black lesbian mayor after only one term tells you just how far off kilter their priorities are. How about electing mayors who check the “qualified for office” identity box for a change?

3. Homebuying in 2023

In this economy, buying a house has become very difficult for most young people. Still, some hope that with the drop in home sales and prices, this could be the year to buy. But if you are thinking of buying a house soon, this article may help prevent the shock of reality.

A survey by Nerdwallet found that 28 million Americans plan to buy a home this year, but many don’t have an accurate idea of the market. For instance, on average, they hope to spend $269,200. But the average home price in December was $388,100. Let’s hope most of them are looking in states other than New York or California, for many reasons.

The survey also found that buyers may be hoping to get a deal because they expect the housing market to crash this year. Home prices have been dropping, but experts expect only about a 4% drop in 2023. And 61% of homebuyers believe that the current 30-year fixed mortgage rate is unprecedented. But in the early ‘80s, to stop the Carter-era stagflation (and some say we’re getting an encore of that under Biden), it topped 16% and stayed above 10% throughout the decade. It fell through the ‘90s, but went back up to over 8% in 2000. So yes, it can get higher, something to consider before you sign an adjustable rate mortgage.

Many experts say that it’s nearly impossible to predict the best time to buy because the Fed might keep raising rates to end inflation, or there might be a recession and they’ll cut rates. So the best time to buy a house is just when you’re ready and can afford it.

4. “The PELOSI Act”

By Mike Huckabee

Need one more reason why Congress needs to pass “The PELOSI Act” to ban members from stock trading on insider information? Try this:

That bill’s name just seems more appropriate every time I hear it.


5. Too popular to be cancelled

Radical trans activists really hate comedian Dave Chappelle for refusing to knuckle under to their dictates and for actually telling jokes about them, which they claim is the equivalent of violence or even murder. But one reason he’s too popular to be canceled is that he’s not only funny, he refuses to stop telling the truth. And in his latest comments, he made it obvious which side of this debate – the “alphabet people” as he calls them, or his fans – are truly peaceful and tolerant and which ones are violent, angry, repressive and unhinged.



6. Disney censors the classics

By Mike Huckabee

Is the classic song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” the latest victim of cancel culture? The Oscar-winning song is considered by many to stand alongside “When You Wish Upon A Star” as the best songs ever from Disney’s classic era. Unfortunately, it came from “Song of the South,” the movie based on Uncle Remus stories that latter-day critics have branded as racist, even if many of the claims they make about it are factually incorrect (for instance, the black farm workers shown in it are post-Civil War paid farmhands, not slaves.)

Despite many defenders who believe the film is an animation landmark with a story of colorblind friendship among diverse children and a great performance by black actor James Baskett, Disney has blocked it from DVD release and streaming services. (NOTE: Our pop culture guru Pat Reeder says you can find it on DVD if you search the Internet. He says this is a great example of why you should never rely on streaming: “If you can’t hold it in your hand, you don’t own it.”)

As the erasing of history proceeds, Disney World has remodeled its Splash Mountain ride to remove B’rer Rabbit and other cartoon characters from the film. And now, even the delightful song “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” is reportedly being scrubbed from the music loop visitors hear when they enter Disney World, after already being removed from several other venues. I’m curious what is supposed to be racist about “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”?

Critics say that in trying to appease woke complainers, the company is not only censoring a classic movie and now a beloved song, but also erasing the legacy of James Baskett, who received an honorary Academy Award in 1948, becoming the first black male actor to win an Oscar. My oh my, what a terrible day.

I propose that we all tell Disney that our preferred pronouns are “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” and force them to say it.


7. Pelosi video released

San Francisco police finally released the video and the 911 call from the hammer attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul. You can find both at this link.

It’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on in either case, but if anyone was expecting to see evidence of some of the weird theories that have been going around the Internet, they’ll be disappointed.

8. Tech layoffs

By Mike Huckabee

While President Biden is bragging about his great economy and mocking anyone who predicted a recession (he avoided one by changing the definition of “recession”), the tech sector that did so much to get him into office is undergoing massive employee layoffs. Well, they can't say I didn't warn them. 

Victoria Taft at also has bad news on the job front from a number of other industries, including health care, real estate, education and the media. And the job cuts and inflation couldn’t come at a worse time, considering Americans just suffered the second-worst drop ever in real disposable income, second only to the Great Depression year of 1932.

You know it’s really bad when Google even laid off its 31 in-house massage therapists. That is not a joke.


9. Another homerun

By Mike Huckabee

The new Republican House isn’t just keeping its promises to voters, it’s also coming up with the best acronyms for bill titles that I’ve ever seen. First, the “PELOSI Act” to ban insider stock trading, and now this…



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