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July 20, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Matthew 28:18
  • The Pentagon Speaks From Phony DNC Playbook
  • Heads Explode
  • Reader Comments Of The Day
  • Black Rifle Coffee CEO Responds
  • Hunter Biden's Art Is In The News
  • Pressure To Move Left
  • America The Beautiful
  • An Argument Worth Pursuing


Mike Huckabee

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And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Matthew 28:18

The Pentagon Speaks From Phony DNC Playbook

By Mike Huckabee

A reader has called our attention to one part of an opinion piece published by THE EPOCH TIMES, “The Left’s Loyalty Test, and the Coming Enforcement of It,” by James Bowman. Specifically this is an oh-so- carefully-phrased testimony by Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that happened to perfectly reflect the DNC talking points about the Capitol breach on January 6.

The testimony appears about halfway through the piece. Here’s the entire op-ed, from July 1. Yes, I know that was three weeks ago, but it remains as pertinent as it was that day. (Note: It’s a “premium” report, which means it’s through a subscription that is well worth signing up for.)

Bowman's piece starts with an account of how language has been changed over the past few decades to give convenient (for the left) new meanings to terms such as “lie” as well as new boundaries for “decent opinion” largely set by THE NEW YORK TIMES. The author gained a preliminary understanding of this discipline during the Clinton administration, but as he writes here, it wasn’t until he heard Gen. Milley testify at the budget hearing in June that “all the pieces of the puzzle came together” and he understood the far-reaching implications of cancel culture.

Recall that Gen. Milley was asked why he studied the works of Marx, Lenin and Mao and why he now supports the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) to our armed forces. His response was mystifying.

“I want to understand white rage,” he testified. “I’m white and I want to understand it. So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America? What caused that? I want to find that out? I want to maintain an open mind here, and I do want to analyze it. It’s important that we understand that, because our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and guardians, they come from the American people. So it’s important that the leaders now and in the future do understand it.”

If you’d like to read the entire transcript, here it is.

Gen. Milley was clearly trying to imply that the Capitol breach was caused by “white rage” and also by a desire to overturn the Constitution.

I want to know: Why is Gen. Milley, the figure who represents all branches of our military, parroting the exact –- the EXACT –- message of the Democratic National Committee, a message that happens to be fraudulent? Surely he isn’t that clueless.

Let’s start first with the idea that entering the Capitol was an attempt to subvert the U.S. Constitution. That’s baloney –- it was just the opposite. The people rallying that day were strong constitutionalists, deeply concerned that their beloved Constitution might have been subverted. They understandably did not trust the vote count in key counties. (As we have learned since and are still learning, they had good reason for that.) They suspected targeted cheating at worst, unconstitutional tinkering at best. But they were told that their arguments were “moot,” that no one, not even the Supreme Court, would hear their complaints, and that they couldn’t do anything about it so they’d just better just shut up.

And now they see that the new administration can’t wait to subvert the Constitution in other ways, such as federalizing elections to prevent states from guarding against fraud.

I've said from the start that what marchers did at the Capitol Building, even if it was urged on by outside forces as it appears to have been, was terribly ill-advised and made matters worse --- much worse. But that’s not to say that their motives weren’t commendable. They wanted to protect the Constitution, not overturn it.

So, where did Gen. Milley get the idea that Trump supporters wanted to subvert the Constitution? Is he really that clueless? Or is he doing the bidding of the left?

And is it possible for him to be even MORE clueless? Perhaps, on the issue of “white rage,” he is. This phony narrative, likewise, is straight out of the DNC playbook. Just because Trump supporters at the Capitol were mostly white does not mean, by any stretch, that race had anything to do with this. And Bowman agrees, when he says:

“Race, I daresay, never entered their heads in this connection, but it has been attributed to them as their motivation on the basis of the previous Democratic talking point, itself based on a bare-faced lie about what Donald Trump had said about the ‘very fine people’ in Charlottesville in 2017, that the former President was a ‘white supremacist.’” In other words, Gen. Milley is perpetuating a hoax.

Bowman points out that the left, “which is now in the saddle and rides both government and media,” is working to establish in our minds that opposition or even disagreement with them will be regarded by the state as a security threat. And we have it straight from the mouth of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

To quote Bowman, this is “as good as an admission that he [Gen. Milley] is also prepared to allow his troops, suitably purged of subversive elements, of course, to be used as enforcers of the one-party, totalitarian rule that the Democrats would like to see as our future.” Is Bowman going too far? I don’t think so.

Monday evening on FOX NEWS PRIMETIME, Brian Kilmeade had a good segment on the military’s strange preoccupation with the political views of its own soldiers. Reportedly, the Pentagon has been working with an “extremism analyst company” to dig through the online history of troops to find evidence of what they term “white supremacist” views. One phrase they search for is “the truth about Black Lives Matter.” As FOX NEWS reports, their search implies that questioning the motives of the BLM movement “is a disinformation narrative perpetuated by white supremacist groups to weaponize anti-BLM sentiment.” That is flat-out wrong; BLM deserves the same scrutiny as any other group.

Former Air Force Lt. Commander Matthew Lohmeier, who says he lost his post after questioning the rise of “diversity issues” in the military, was Kilmeade’s guest. He said very little surprises him any more when it comes to the Pentagon’s focus on “rooting out white extremism and white supremacy.” He questioned the value of using search terms to determine the views of those serving in uniform.

Lohmeier has a new book, IRRESISTIBLE REVOLUTION, and in researching it, he determined that BLM, going back to 2015, is “an exceptionally politicized project,” with goals such as dismantling the nuclear family and opposing Judeo-Christian values. What does any of this have to do with race?

He says the company the Pentagon hired to examine soldiers’ social media posts is British and “affiliated with former President Obama.” Politicized statements from soldiers on the left appear not to be undergoing scrutiny. But, of course, those soldiers aren’t...racists!

Lohmeier’s book looks like an excellent examination of neo-Marxism within our armed forces, by someone who’s had a taste of that. Gen. Milley should read it.


Heads Explode

By Mike Huckabee

Megyn Kelly is on a roll of making leftists’ heads explode this week. First, she dared speak the unspeakable by saying that everyone honest knows that the January 6th Capitol violence wasn’t a serious attempt to topple the government. And then, the creator of the “1619 Project” decided to engage Kelly in a war of words on Twitter. The results look like the intellectual equivalent of what happens when someone brings a knife to a gunfight.

Reader Comments Of The Day

"Gov. Huckabee, You are spot on and so funny! Thank you for giving us real information with a touch of humor."

"I REALY LOVE the last (whole) paragraph! You really nailed it! I am one of the rural people (born and raised), proud of it and wouldn't have it any other way. God bless you!"

"Kudos to Senator L. Graham! I liked his statement!! Thank you for the Bible Verse and all the work you do to keep us informed of what is actually happening! News I can trust."

"Your program on TV was great. Loved all of you guests!! So funny but so sincere. Why the Bumbling Biden thinks we are getting misinformation - could it be from his friend in crime - Fauci? Just too much! God bless you and thank you for keeping us sane! God Bless Sarah and success in her campaign. Her boys were so cute with the signs!! :)"

"Thank you so much for your response to - How are the left-wing media controlling the news? I enjoy your newsletter very much.  Again, thank you!"

Black Rifle Coffee CEO Responds

By Mike Huckabee

The CEO of Black Rifle Coffee responded to the social media firestorm set off by an New York Times article in which he seemed to be slamming his own conservative customers. You can read his own words and decide if he's just doing emergency damage control or if the Times twisted his words or took them out of context. Either way, the lesson should be, "If you're a conservative, never give an interview to the New York Times." At least, not unless you record the entire thing yourself, to get it all on the record.

Hunter-Biden's Art Is In The News

By Mike Huckabee

Will wonders never cease? The Washington Post ran a genuinely funny op-ed spread of parody “Hunter Biden paintings,” the point being to mock what an obvious influence-peddling scam his “art” career is.

Of course, that got them some criticism of their own from readers wanting to know where their concern about Hunter’s corruption was when they were burying the story of his laptop revelations during the campaign. I guess it’s “safe” to make fun of his efforts to profit from his dad’s power, now that his dad is safely IN power.

In a related story, a Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic says that Hunter’s art is so bad that it wouldn’t even fetch $1,000 on its own merits, while it’s being offered for sale for up to $500,000.

On this one, I have to defend Hunter. I’ve seen some of what passes for valuable modern art these days. If it really were that bad, it would definitely be selling for up to $500,000.

Pressure To Move Left 

By Mike Huckabee

It’s an age-old problem in Washington that whenever conservative Justices actually join the Supreme Court, pressure immediately gets put on them to move to the left. It comes from the media, their colleagues, and the people they lunch and golf and attend cocktail parties with. Some (looking at you, John Roberts) seem to sprint to the left, others inch leftward, and only a rare few, like Justice Thomas, stick to their principles despite all the slings and arrows hurled at them. And of course, when they do move left, this is described by the media as the Justices “evolving” and “growing.”

Those of us who think of moving leftward as the wrong direction for America consider that “devolving.” And despite all the wails from the media about the “far-right drift” of the Supreme Court, there were plenty of disappointments among the few victories for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the most recent term. Here’s a recap of that term, along with an account of what happened when former Vice President Pence pointed to the appointment of conservative judges as a great victory at the Family Leader leadership summit in Iowa. The audience wasn’t buying it.

Not since Ford introduced the Edsel has so much hype been followed by so much disappointment.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Saguaro National Park, visit its website here.

An Argument Worth Pursuing

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s the kind of case for which I hope those allegedly conservative Justices will be able to find their principles: Incoming college freshman Olivia Sandor was denied admission to BYU Hawaii and lost the $200,000 scholarship she’d earned because she asked to be exempted from the state COVID vaccination mandate. The reason: she has serious medical issues (she was paralyzed from the waist down for over a month due to Guillain-Barre Syndrome after getting a vaccine in 2019), and her doctors advised her not to get the jab and even wrote her a letter to exempt her, but to no avail.

Sandor says she’s now without a school or scholarship and has nowhere to turn. Personally, I’d turn toward the office of the best attorney I could find. I know one court already ruled that colleges could require it, but would this case be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act? Might be an argument worth pursuing.

For more political news, visit my website here.

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  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 01:35 AM

    What RIGHT does ANYONE ANYWHERE have to demand you vaccinate? No one did through swine flu, bird ,Kansas, Spanish flu, H1N1…..what in blazes is really going on? Revelations? Forcing the mark under your skin or you won’t be allowed to buy etc? Is this preemptive of that? A TEST of power&control? Let’s put it out in the open, get it OUT of the DARK! There is WAY TO MUCH lawlessness going on in our country w/support from the administration in our WH. Patriots, NOW is the time for all good men&women to come to the aid of their country!!! ????????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 01:28 AM

    Evolving & growing??. The left unapologetically unashamed CHANGES definitions, warps it, bends it, twists it to FIT THEIR ??need. IF you claim you ARE A right Republican Conservative Christian then, STAND FAST! That’s like saying, you’re a Christian, a follower of Christ’s Word&Way YET, you stand for abortion, you’re ok w/tiny white lies, deception deceit&dishonesty for a cause.
    You can’t serve 2 Masters. Chose you this day who you will serve, Money or God.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 01:21 AM

    ??????Hunters art? Anyone with A lick of common sense knows the billionaires with power&control needs&desires, the folks who are in dictatorship roles, drooling for more power&control are USING the 6th grade art ability to gain access quietly TO ol’joe. So, instead of meeting in restaurants, they quietly pass PLENTY of CASH&FAVOR FOR something in return. You got to be blind not to see through Biden’s??.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 01:14 AM

    Conservatives speaking with MSM, NY times, CNN, etc. WHY would an intelligent right wing, Republican Conservative Christian speak with the devil, a liar&a thief!? The left, like ??come to kill, Steal&Destroy, so, why waste your to
    Time& energy on trash that will eventually burn in hell? Free speech isn’t FOR the peasants,Republican Conservative Christians obviously. Democrats??& build up lies, deception deceit dishonesty demented perverse socialist propaganda 24/7. They are truly a waste of time.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 01:07 AM

    Engage in war ON TWITTER.??What a sad&pathetic spineless, ignoramus. What? People don’t have the back bone to FACE another person & engage IN FACE to FACE conversation, debating your idea, your opinion, your thoughts like grown up, mature, intelligent adults? She shouldn’t WASTE HER TIME RESPONDING.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 01:02 AM

    DNC??playbook. The Marxist socialist communist writings of past& present dictators. The Devil is alive& well, for now. He knows his time is short& we, in real time are witnessing ??at work through his minions. IF you KNOW Christ, you are a follower of His word& way, this is NO SURPRISE. God IS still in Control, He still sits on the Throne and He still answers Prayer!????????. America, pray without ceasing for our One Nation Under God, our leaders& our legal citizens! Keep the Faith! 2Chronicles7:14

  • Robert E. Carter

    07/24/2021 06:25 PM

    The organization with a terrific record of reinstating justice for cases like Olivia Sandor is facing is Alliance Defending Freedom. Maybe you can connect them.

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/23/2021 03:00 PM

    Thank you

  • Beth Crane

    07/23/2021 09:22 AM

    Everyone knows if Hunter sells any paintings he will use the money to buy more drugs.

  • Galynne Matichuk

    07/22/2021 09:00 PM

    Thank you, Gov. Huckabee, for taking what is often bitter and distasteful news and delivering it with humor and faith. I walk away with hope, which is not the case when reading other sites that also deliver the news.
    Speaking of reading, I wanted to share something that our family has done that I believe is easy and yet extremely effective in raising children with morals, values and the ability to think for themselves. We read 142 books aloud together, including the Bible. Some were fun, others were thought-provoking, and all of them inspired hours of discussion and debate. We started when my kids were in elementary school, and are still reading together, even though my oldest in his second year of university. I believe that parents need to take back the education of their children, and reading together is an enjoyable way to spend hours together, building into the hearts, minds and souls of our children. (I even wrote a short Kindle booklet to discuss our adventure - "How To Bond With Your Child Through Books: One Family's Plan to read 100 Books Together.")