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January 11, 2023

The latest leftist crusade to make all our lives more miserable is a jihad against gas stoves, which are not only preferred by most cooks but which also keep working when you’re suffering through an electric blackout also caused by idiotic leftist politicians trying to make your life miserable.

This story exploded like a gas fire after a questionable “study” by an environmentalist group known to oppose gas appeared, claiming that gas is a dangerous pollutant that harms people’s health (which is why we have vent hoods. And windows) and causes climate change (of course.) Cory Booker even channeled an old joke about liberals, claiming that gas stoves disproportionately harm black, Latino and lower-income people. I know that as a white male, I am able to inhale gas with no ill effects at all.

The idea of meddling bureaucrats banning gas stoves got a reaction like touching a hot stove. Americans quickly made their fury known, including a restaurateur who told President Biden that it would destroy the restaurant industry (guess he didn’t know that destroying entire industries is kind of Biden’s thing.)

Someone even unearthed a photo of Jill Biden demonstrating a favorite recipe on her fancy gas cooktop.

The response got so heated that a commissioner from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission rushed out a statement denying that they were considering banning gas stoves.

But that’s not the issue, is it? We’ve seen this scenario enough times that we’re all on to the scam by now. We know that once the left finds a new target, they don’t rest until they destroy it. We’re already hearing plans for laws banning gas lines into new buildings, and Biden has been waging war on domestic gas production since he took office. Natural gas, which until recently was hailed as a clean, cheap form of energy that brought down fuel prices and helped make America energy independent, has been utterly demonized. The time to fight back and say “NO” is now because we can all see what’s coming from a mile away: they won’t take away our gas stoves, they’ll just make sure there’s no gas to burn in them, rendering them useless.

Unless you’re one of the liberal anointed, like Jill Biden. I’m sure they assume they will always have gas stoves to provide their perfect crepes and tofu stir fries while the rest of us eat bugs. No, thanks.



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