May 1, 2017

Today is May Day, which means we’ll see lots of marches, protests and parades, all with a distinctly leftwing bent; plenty of angry, paranoid rhetoric about President Trump; and precious few specific examples of the alleged grievances the protesters are protesting. In other words, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where reporters whined that free speech was under assault while badmouthing the President without the slightest fear of reprisals, was only the opening act.

Of course, colleges are already used to far-left protesters who can’t articulate what they’re protesting, they just know they’re supposed to hate Trump because all their friends on social media do. We got a great example of that recently when an interviewer asked participants at a campus anti-Trump protest what they thought of his policies on immigration and other issues. The trick: they weren’t told the policies were Trump’s. The students not only didn’t recognize the policies as Trump’s, most agreed with them wholeheartedly when Trump’s name wasn’t attached.

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Now, here’s more proof that these protests are based more on partisan passions than facts. Campus Reform sent a reporter to George Mason University to ask liberal students their opinions of various "Trump policies." The response was overwhelmingly negative, with at least one student pulling out the tried and true “reminiscent of Nazi Germany” card. The trick this time: those weren’t really Trump’s policies. They were Obama’s. Click the link to see the video.

This sort of confirms that for all the angry, overheated speeches at these protests, when you press them for details on exactly what they’re so furious about, it’s mostly that they lost the election.


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