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February 18, 2023

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“Huckabee” Preview

Happy Presidents' Day weekend! Celebrate by settling in tonight for a great new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! I’ll talk to economist Steven Moore of Freedom Works and the Heritage Foundation on how to get our economy rolling again (once we have a President who isn’t actively trying to kill it.) President Trump’s former attorney John Eastman will tell us about the California Bar Association’s attempts to destroy his career and reputation. My hilarious friend Chonda Pierce will make you laugh and talk about a surprising new project. And we’ll cap it off with some great music from country star RaeLynn.

It all starts tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, plus extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests and links to all their sites, at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

Two updates

Update 1: Anyone hoping for a new “Roswell crash” story can forget it. Last night, the US Northern Command announced that it was calling off the search for debris from two objects shot down over Alaska and Lake Huron, after being able to find nothing for days. And the RCMP announced that they were giving up the search for debris from the object shot down over Canada.

I predict that “searching for UFO debris” will spark a boom in Yukon tourism. I hope all the visitors don't make Bigfoot angry.

Update 2: More than two weeks after the devastating train derailment, toxic spill and fire in East Palestine, Ohio, FEMA is finally deploying a team there.

The Biden Administration previously refused to approve a FEMA disaster declaration, saying the train derailment does not meet the legal requirements. One official said, “What East Palestine needs is much more expansive than what FEMA can provide. FEMA is on the frontlines when there is a hurricane or tornado. This situation is different."

“Transportation Secretary” Pete Buttigieg has also taken heat for not visiting the town, even though some residents don't want him there, and it's doubtful he would get a warm welcome.

Understandable, considering he's doing most of his "emergency responding" via Twitter and saying, “While this horrible situation has gotten a particularly high amount of attention, there are roughly 1000 cases a year of a train derailing…”

He does have a point. In fact, another train with a toxic load derailed this week in Detroit.

But if this sort of catastrophe is so common, you’d think that would make it a top priority of the Transportation Secretary, if we had one. And maybe even deter the President from wanting to kill oil pipelines so that oil has to be transported by trucks and trains, but no.

This prompted Joe Cunningham at to ask the question that’s on the minds of many of us: “So, what exactly does Pete Buttigieg even do?”

Cunningham makes the excellent point that usually, when you criticize an official, you cite all the bad things they’ve done or the bad decisions they’ve made. In Buttigieg’s case, that’s impossible because he’s had numerous crises on his watch and apparently not done a darn thing about any of them. I guess if he’s planning to run for President, that’s one way of keeping his record perfectly clean: just let the press keep telling us how great he is while he says and does nothing. Hey, it worked for Peter Sellers in “Being There.”

Senator Fetterman

Just as I feared, reports are swirling that Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman’s condition is worse than his staff is painting it. The stroke victim checked himself into a hospital for the second time in a month, this time for severe clinical depression.

Despite assurances that he’ll soon be back to his old self (from the same kind of political opportunists who assured us he was perfectly fit to serve in the Senate), Dasha Burns of MSNBC reports that “A senior aide says it’s been difficult to distinguish the stroke from the depression – saying it’s hard to tell at times if Fetterman is ‘not hearing you, or is he sort of crippled by his depression and social anxiety.’” Burns was the only liberal media outlet reporter who dared to question Fetterman’s fitness for office before the election, and she was vilified for it.

It’s also now rumored that he may be in the hospital for at least “a few weeks.” That could pose a problem for Democrats, who have agenda items they hoped to ram through with their one-vote majority that they were willing to gamble Fetterman’s health and even his life on. Too bad. Let them stew while he stays in the hospital and tries to recuperate, which is what he should have been doing all along.

Under fire: Biden’s Assistant HHS Secretary “Rachel” Levine

One of President Biden’s many controversial appointments was trans (biological male) assistant HHS Secretary “Rachel” Levine, who’s now come under new scrutiny after some emails were revealed from Levine’s time as acting Secretary of Heath for Pennsylvania. The Daily Caller reports that these 2018 emails were between Levine and Dr. Rollyn Ornstein, a pediatrician at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, who was trying to get the hospital to hire a social worker who would advocate for child gender altering procedures.

A lot of the conversation seemed to focus on the idea the social worker's salary would pay for itself with all the surgeries that would ensue. Levine wrote, “Pre surgical consult for patients under 18 will most likely be limited to FTM (female-to-male) Top surgery that might be a rather limited group of patients.” (Note: “top surgery” means cutting off young girls’ healthy breasts.)

Ornstein replied, “I am trying to give them some numbers to help them realize the eventual ROI (return on investment) for this necessary position. Even if the patients under 18 who go for surgery might be limited, the patients we start with will eventually be over 18…so I still think it’s worthwhile.” That’s because once they’re 18, they would be expected to demand even more surgeries – and I would mention a lifetime of medical care related to this decision.

I can think of few things more repulsive than salivating over the revenue stream from the mutilation of confused children, but there it is, and we’re supposed to applaud it. No, thanks.

Worth Mentioning: In Pennsylvania, as in many states where “gender-affirming” procedures for minors are being pushed, it’s illegal for anyone under 18 to get a tattoo, with the exception being that you can get one when you’re as young as 16 but only if your parents give written consent and are present during the procedure.

This is because legislators recognize that people that young are not capable of understanding the ramifications of making permanent alterations to their bodies and it’s the duty of their parents to protect them from their own bad decisions. Unless, of course, those decisions are to cut off their breasts and genitals and sterilize themselves. Then it’s fine to do that without even telling their parents.

CNN Host Don Lemon controversy continues

After attacking Nikki Haley for being 51 and telling his aghast female co-anchors that women beyond their 40s are “past their prime” (“Google it!,” he told them), CNN morning show co-host Don Lemon was (surprise!) not on the air Friday. His first half-baked apology didn’t seem to do the trick, so he appears to be on an apology tour, part of which includes insisting that some of his best friends are women (a tactic he would ridicule if a Republican had done this) and that he loves his mother, although I can’t imagine his mom is too pleased with him right now.

That story has more on what happened behind the scenes at CNN and the odds on whether Lemon will ever return. He was already busted from prime time to the morning show, where his ratings were so low, I’m surprised anyone even noticed when he insulted half the population of Earth. If we’re lucky, maybe ABC will ax Jimmy Kimmel, too, and then he and Lemon can revive “The Man Show” on YouTube.

Related: Sister Toldjah at comments on the unspoken, even bigger scandal at CNN, and that’s the network’s glaring political bias in attacking Nikki Haley for her age while consistently promoting female Democrats who are older than her, like Kamala Harris.

A waste of time

This week, the media ballyhooed a story about a Fulton County, Georgia, grand jury recommending perjury charges against four unnamed witnesses in their investigation of Donald Trump for allegedly trying to interfere with the 2020 election results in Georgia. But Chris Queen of PJ Media makes the case that this really signals the investigation was a huge waste of time and taxpayer money.

As Queen points out, District Attorney Fani Willis claimed to be going after Trump on a range of serious charges, from racketeering to criminal solicitation to commit election fraud. Wills spent eight months and untold amounts of taxpayer money interviewing 75 witnesses. But now, they’re talking about just prosecuting four witnesses for perjury, and those can’t include Trump because they never called him as a witness.

We’ve seen this sort of thing before with Trump: hysterical accusations followed by endless, expensive investigations that destroy the reputations and finances of people around him, who are eventually charged with what amounts to process crimes like “lying to investigators” (which could just mean not remembering something accurately) or “obstruction” (objecting to being falsely accused.) These “crimes” wouldn’t even have existed if there hadn’t been a groundless investigation to begin with. This is where we get the concept that no crime is even necessary because “the process is the punishment.”

This sort of thing will unfortunately continue until we pass some reforms and see some serious consequences for prosecutors who weaponize the justice system to go on political vendettas.

You definitely need to know about this

Here’s a story that’s getting little attention from the mainstream media, but you should definitely know about it.

It started last week with a worship service at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, that turned into a spontaneous revival meeting, and it just…didn’t end. As of Friday, it had entered its 10th straight day with thousands of people from all over the country and around the world waiting in a half-mile line to get in, and those inside experiencing the Holy Spirit saying they just don’t want to go. Now, similar revivals are breaking out on other campuses.

As the story asks, “Is this the beginning of a national spiritual awakening?” Let’s all pray so, and how appropriate that it should be arising from our college campuses. Some of them have spent years trying to banish God from their premises. What a great message to them from God that their attempts to evict Him are futile.

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  • Barbara Lombardi

    02/19/2023 01:19 PM

    Love your emails! Keep sending them. They are very informative!!

  • ken moore

    02/18/2023 07:00 PM

    send freshly collected creek water from paastine oh to the whitehouse and staff along WITH NOTFORK SOUTHERN bord meetings

  • Jerry

    02/18/2023 06:00 PM

    Jimmy Carter former Democratic President made Ronald Reagan one of the best President similar to Obama making President Trump one of the best Presidents of all time. Jimmy is going to live his life out without medical intravention although not having a great record as President he lost the title to Joe Biden Jimmy can stand being second worst so Jimmy will live what's left of his Life with dignity and seeing the deliberate destruction of our country jimmy is saying enough is enough of this lunatic biden I am hopeful to see the defeat of this cowardly and possibly treason laden biden put in cuffs and hauled away along with all of his associates that would be a great day to sip bourbon for a day.

  • Karen Meigs

    02/18/2023 04:45 PM

    Thank you for the updates! So enjoy reading the truth of what is really happening in our world today. Kuddos also for you daughter being elected governor of Arkansas where are daughter and son in law now live and my husband and I plan to move near our grandchildren in the future.

  • Jerry

    02/18/2023 04:03 PM

    All I hope for that every community can get an awaking that God does love us and spend a bit more time with Him each day and the country will start its turnabout away from Satan this Government and engaging in the the 10 Commandments I really push the 10 Commandments that is what will pull a society back to a civil society where the human treats each other with a bit of kindness that would be a great start than graduate to loving each other when that happens Government like today will disappear than it will be China's turn to cry today it mocks us and laughs at us while kicking sand in the face of a failing America if we don't turn this country around the mocking laughing in our face will only be the beginning.

  • William Clausen

    02/18/2023 03:20 PM

    All the stories above are crazy when you think how stupid some of these people can be . Buttigieg is an idiot. He can't run one govt department how in the world could he run for President.
    When you see who is running the country(I guess we don't know do we) it's almost comical but I can't laugh because it scares me to death.