August 9, 2020


On this show I’ve not hidden my contempt for what masquerades as “journalism” in our country today. There are very few true reporters and journalists. There are legions of highly partisan, biased, and utterly dishonest hacks who serve up their very pointed political patter instead of the truth. But don’t take my word for it.

Bari Weiss is a former opinion editor at the New York Times who abruptly resigned a couple of weeks ago with these scathing words: “A new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.

Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions.”

Her entire exit letter was a stinging rebuke to the elitist snobs who run the NY Times, but it’s apparent they don’t care. They live in their own version of La-La Land.

Just this week, Ariana Pekary had all she could take at MSNBC saying “July 24th was my last day at MSNBC. I don’t know what I’m going to do next exactly but I simply couldn’t stay there anymore.” My colleagues are very smart people with good intentions. The problem is the job itself. It forces skilled journalists to make bad decisions on a daily basis.”

She then quoted an anonymous “successful and insightful TV veteran” who said: “We are a cancer and there is no cure… But if you could find a cure, it would change the world.” Remember, that’s from someone who worked inside the belly of the beast of MSNBC, where there is not even a pretense of objectivity, fairness, or balance.

And then there is the curious case of April Ryan, who actually has White House press credentials and pretends to be a reporter, but who just this week, crossed a line that historically precluded real reporters from being so blatantly biased. While flapping her jaws on CNN, she talked with joy about her dream of a Joe Biden inaugural day and said about President Trump: “If Joe Biden is now going to be the 46th President of the United States, it will be him being inaugurated and watching police and armed forces trying to pull Trump out of the White House. I cannot wait for that split-screen.”

The person who ought to be pulled forcefully out of the White House is April Ryan, who hateful and bitter resentment of President Trump and those around him was so intense and personal that she once stepped over a really big line—she questioned whether my daughter, the former press secretary to President Trump had actually baked a pecan pie for Thanksgiving. April Ryan clearly was ignorant of how uncouth it is to ever question a Southern lady as to whether she made her own pie. Where I come from and where my daughter was raised, that’s just not done by civilized people. Questioning the origin of a homemade pie is like questioning the legitimacy of a person’s birth. But even as Ms. Ryan made the outrageous statement, not a single soul on CNN challenged her blatantly biased broadside.

These are examples just in the past few days that reveal that information fed to you by the mainstream media is unreliable. And it worries me for more than the outcome of the election but worries me for the very existence of our country. But these revelations come with a warning, that journalism as we once knew it, has died, and has been replaced with a kind of zombie reporting that is more the work of demolition to truth than gathering information for a free people so they make up their own minds.


Big corporations aren’t the only ones who are caving to very loud leftist activists. A recent study found that Americans are “self-censoring” far more than they did in the past (I wonder if it’s even worse than this, but they were afraid to tell the truth to the survey-takers?) They call this the “Spiral of Silence.”

Interestingly, the fear of expressing your honest opinions affected Republicans, Democrats and Moderates fairly equally. What accounted for the rise was urbanites and the highly “educated” (quotation marks mine – I no longer consider a college degree to automatically denote being truly educated.)

The authors of the linked article claim that “the evidence suggests that those Americans who have little education and live in the hinterland actually feel most free to speak their minds. Perhaps they have simply never been taught that it is wise to keep their mouths shut.” I couldn’t disagree more: I think that people outside of urban areas are more likely to be taught to be polite and not force their views on others. I doubt that many of the Antifa radicals screaming racial epithets and Marxist bilge into the faces of black cops were raised in small towns in the South.

But they do get right that the fear of reprisals for speaking your mind is not due to government oppression (no matter what liberals say about Trump being a “dictator”), but fear of judgment by their social peers. After enough negative reinforcement, they say a view held by as many as a quarter of a social group may stop being expressed at all. I would argue that due to fear of the “cancel culture,” views held by up to 80 percent of Americans have stopped being expressed.

And I agree with them on this point:

“That is why high levels of self-censorship should be treated as an ominous warning sign. They signal the development of a culture of orthodoxy that is animated by a false sense of certainty about what is true and what is false—and a proud intolerance of those who might dare to voice an opinion that conflicts with the mainstream.”

My only objection is that “mainstream” has now been defined as “far-left.” I don’t recall an election where we all agreed that leftist opinions were the only correct ones worthy of being expressed. The Founders gave us free speech so that all views could be heard, trusting posterity to have the common sense to reject bad ideas and embrace good ideas. This is why the left has tried to redefine speech they disagree with as “violence” that must be banned. Because they can’t call it what it really is: “Arguments we don’t have a good answer for.”


My friend (and you can’t imagine how proud I am to be able to say that) Dr. Alveda King had some choice words for the way former President Obama exploited Rep. John Lewis’ funeral to promote false historical narratives and score political points.

And as long we’re correcting Obama’s historical falsehoods, it’s worth pointing out that there’s only one politician currently active in the top level of politics who repeatedly praised George Wallace and other segregationists, and that’s Joe Biden.

Of course, you could say that was another time and he was just trying to get along with colleagues, although that’s not what it always seemed to be. But that would require looking at history in context, and since today’s Democrats hate that, I wouldn’t want to impose any context on them.

There has been a lot of criticism of the crass politicization of Rep. Lewis’ funeral, but there’s also another controversy discussed on social media that has gone largely unreported by the mainstream media. That is how Democratic politicians are telling other Americans that they can’t go to churches, or have indoor gatherings of more than 10 people, or even attend their own relatives’ or spiritual leaders’ funerals…but when one of their own colleagues died, there was a big, indoor church funeral and they exempted themselves from all the rules they imposed on others.

Here are a few of the commentaries on who deserves a big funeral (Rep. Lewis, George Floyd, etc.) and who doesn’t (your dad.)

Also as noted there, Georgia, where the Lewis funeral took place, is on DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s list of states which anyone returning from must undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine. She declared the funeral to be a government function, and those are “essential,” so those funeral guests were exempt. I hope the virus recognized that they’re VIPs and showed proper deference in not infecting them.

It will be interesting to see if Democratic officials declare Herman Cain’s funeral “essential,” or if it will be considered not “essential,” like those of all your relatives who died in nursing homes in blue states. And who may needlessly continue to do so in some blue states.


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  • Suzanne Noxon

    08/11/2020 01:04 AM

    I am so thankful to be able to read your news and opinions at the end of the day, along with a scripture and your humor. You are truly a blessing in amongst these dark days!

  • Joann Reifel

    08/10/2020 06:23 PM

    At the moment your statement is quite true: "the fear of reprisals for speaking your mind is not due to government oppression (no matter what liberals say about Trump being a “dictator”), but fear of judgment by their social peers. After enough negative reinforcement, they say a view held by as many as a quarter of a social group may stop being expressed at all. I would argue that due to fear of the “cancel culture,” views held by up to 80 percent of Americans have stopped being expressed."

    Unfortunately, if those who want to make serious changes in the constitution ,that will strangle our rights to speak without fear of condemnation, make it into the White House, then we will be down that road too.

    Reading through many of the OT prophets from Jeremiah to Habakkuk (at the moment), it is amazing how consistently the harsh, selfish, despotic, unjust and unfaithful to God actions of both civil and "religious" leaders (and ultimately the majority of the population) led to severe punishment of a nation and its people- and not just Israel! When our leadership fails to honor God and His laws, He WILL deal with them!

    I wish politics wasn't so much 'us and them' as it is now, especially for those who call themselves followers of Christ. It's very sad to see "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" take progressively massive hits in the last decade.

  • Joyce Birch

    08/10/2020 04:29 PM

    Another great newsletter. Our only outlet to the truth is your emails, Fox News, & Newsmax. Loved your Sat. show!
    Keep the newsletters coming!
    Oh, I did catch the portion of Chris Wallace's Sun. show with Pelosi & Munchian (sp?). I could of vomited watching the Pelosi hand waving (I think her & Biden are in the same camp with no cognizant capability) & did turn the show off. I hope your readers don't take this as an attack or an insult. My husband has dementia. It's just to see these powerful people in office & not capable of doing their job as we the taxpayers pay for them.

  • Harold Mohler

    08/10/2020 04:02 PM

    How did we evolve into this obscene and idiotic position that only political correct speech or printed words are acceptable

  • F. Donald Parsons

    08/10/2020 03:33 PM

    The hypocrisy of those who set crowd-number quotas knows no bounds!!!!!

  • Brenda Sykes

    08/10/2020 02:28 PM

    Journalism 101 - In news reporting the reader will never know the opinion of writer.
    This situation needs America’s full attention. Please, how can we do that??

  • Pamela F Knight

    08/10/2020 02:08 PM

    Everyone seems to condemn bullies but the left appears to use the bully tactic often to silence anyone that would speak against what they believe.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/10/2020 12:14 PM

    Yup...scary times, very scary. This election is truly the Y in the road for our country.

  • Alan Conner

    08/10/2020 12:02 PM

    Thank you Mike for continuing to be a voice for conservatism and encouraging others.
    Wanted to send you this link of video we took of the Praise and Worship event at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland Saturday night that about 5,000 attended.

    The same man holding revival in CA, came to Portland this weekend and had a revival. Fake media lied again, said there was 200 to 300 attending.

    This part of the video is going to where the baptisms were happening in the Willamette river.
    Enjoy and smile, God gets the Glory.

    God Bless

  • John Duroe

    08/10/2020 10:39 AM


  • Jim record

    08/10/2020 10:34 AM

    I have always told my grandchildren be careful when you go to college you may come out dumber than you went in.

  • Linda Wolfe

    08/10/2020 09:48 AM

    "Not to speak, is to speak" "To see evil and not call it evil - IS EVIL " HELLO - WE ARE ON THE VERGE
    OF LOSING all of our GOD given freedoms ! People better speak up and act up ! I don't mean riots. We need to Pray & Obey the Word of GOD lest we loose everything !! Where was the church when 1 fool got prayer taken out of school ? Give them an inch & they take a mile. Look where that had brought us too. Even JESUS HAD A Temper tantrum ! Humility is NOT crawling in the dirt ! The Bible teaches us to hate that which is evil. Can't tell me that what's going on is not
    evil .

  • Phyllis Beasley

    08/10/2020 09:14 AM

    Governor Huckabee: I draw much truth and information from your daily column, but wish to ask a question in regard to journalism. I have attacked biased journalism most of my lifetime. My question: Instead of merely attacking journalism (and journalists, per se), shouldn’t we also be attacking their mega-corporate owner-employers more? Like Warner’s and Disney?

  • Stephen Russell

    08/10/2020 08:46 AM

    One source to counter Big Tech:
    Data More who sign up more they can lobby for $$$ from Big Tech.
    A-Z nationwide.
    Join , FREE.
    Staffers, vendors, kin, friends,.
    1 way to combat Big Tech

  • John J. Carse

    08/10/2020 08:00 AM

    Herman Cain should have been in the Rotunda,
    The more I heard that man speak the more impressed I became, all of us Americans lost a great friend, the kind we can’t afford to lose.

  • Janet May

    08/10/2020 07:58 AM

    It's funny you bring up about Mr Lewis funeral being attended by so many. I was discussing with my friend(,who is a democrat & who is terrified of getting Covid& who only watches CNN ) Why I don't trust all the information being given out by Faucci & about the virus. How we are being "handled". I asked her why Floyd could have a huge funeral & why Mr Lewis could have a big funeral but no one in our town could? Also why church services where still being told to cancel? Needless to say, she couldn't answer me.

  • Linda Olds

    08/10/2020 07:27 AM

    I am upset by the quote from the TV veteran who said, about journalists, that "we are a cancer and there is no cure...but if you could find a cure it would change the world."
    Why is there no cure? It seems that more and more journalists are unable to stand the lies. If they were as courageous as they like to claim, they could find a cure.
    All of the "smart colleagues with good intentions" continue to make bad decisions instead of breaking free.

  • Linda Olds

    08/10/2020 07:13 AM

    One of the worst things about our reaction to the China virus is dividing jobs and gatherings into 'essential' and 'non-essential'.
    Just because something is deemed essential doesn't make people doing it less contagious. And who decides what is essential, and how is the decision made?
    It's a tool used to control people's lives and thoughts.
    So many ads these days talk about "in these troubled (or difficult) times..." and go on to imply or say that those who follow their new covid-related rules are good, kind people.
    Those who don't follow their rules are often portrayed as bad, even as murderers. Meanwhile, actual murderers, rioters, and arsonists are labeled as 'peaceful demonstrators'.
    I am watching less TV. It's too annoying and upsetting.

  • Frank Remski

    08/10/2020 07:09 AM

    You did not comment on last night in Chicago as it did not happen yet. I am starting to get the concept that those events and their triggers are orchestrated, not instantaneous random happenings. It is time to go after the organizers and I will not be surprised with names that will show up on that list.

    And the unacceptable many black on black shootings that also occur in Chicago all the time never trigger anything.

  • Ken Ceurter

    08/10/2020 07:04 AM

    John Lewis deserves recognition as a long standing representative and civil rights supporter but if I recall correctly, he also refused to attend key Trump events like the inauguration. Funny that I haven't seen this mentioned once the funeral was over and all truths are given. Trump not attending was more important and obviously the eulogy by Obama. Terrible journalism!

  • Stephen Ward

    08/10/2020 06:56 AM

    A good source of the goals of the far-left Marxist is found in the Congressional record of January 10, 1963, look at appendage pp. 34-35. This speaks for itself.

  • Alvin Tallant

    08/10/2020 04:07 AM

    Very good article. Thank you Mike.

  • G.K. Epperson

    08/10/2020 01:29 AM

    Another excellent article Gov. Huckabee! I remember the "pecan pie" and April Ryan and I just got to say I think Sarah handled that so well! She was an outstanding Press Secretary!
    Like her daddy...she is good with words : ). I have never read any articles that you have written that were not excellent. Not many people who comment on politics and other things are as "right on" as you are.
    With some exceptions most of the media is biased to the left. It is hard to even believe anything they write even if they do touch on the truth.
    One other wonders how these people are going to handle it when they stand before God one day and give account of themselves. I just hope some of them wake up and see how they have been blinded to the truth.
    Thanks for the Bible verses...I love them...brightens my day. My dad was minister (now in heaven) so know most of them but it is good to be reminded! I have been praying Psa 91 since this virus started.

  • Sherry Huling

    08/09/2020 11:59 PM

    Liberal journalism consists of unapologetic lies, allegations, innuendos, propaganda, and non-sourced support. It has thoroughly and detrimentally stifled a formerly renowned profession.

    Mournalists=formerly known as journalists.
    Mournalism= formerly known as journalism.

    Liberal Mainstream FRAUDCAST Media=formerly known as Liberal Mainstream Broadcast Media.
    Fraudcasters=formerly known as network Broadcasters.
    Fraudcaster=mouthpuppet host of a liberal fraudcast program.

  • Randy Porubski

    08/09/2020 10:33 PM

    Please keep up your great work. I read your comments everyday and many times they have uplifted my spirit. I am so concerned that everyone can not see the obvious and am frightened by the prospect of a Biden win. You always lift my spirts by highlighting the truth and give me hope that true Americans will prevail in November. I firmly believe that President Trump is looking out for us hard working Americans and reading your daily comments reinforces my belief. Please keep up the great work Governor!