Biden mocked

February 16, 2020

Considering that Joe Biden’s hopes for staying alive in the Presidential race rest on turning out black voters for him in South Carolina, I can’t help thinking that his strategy for appealing to them wasn’t very well thought out. He’s running an ad that’s mostly positive until it suddenly takes a negative turn and tries to paint President Trump as a racist and America as a nation where black people are struggling to survive. He also repeats the same quote from the Rev. James Cleveland (“I ain’t no ways tired”) that Hillary Clinton famously used in 2007 and that caused her to be roundly mocked and accused of racist pandering (as Joe now is, by Deroy Murdock.)

And who thought it was a good idea to include that photo of the so-called “cages” at the border? I know Democrats love to blame Trump for those (actually, they are detention facilities, not “cages”), but did nobody on Joe’s staff think anyone would point out the fact that they were actually built under the Obama/Biden Administration?

If Biden wants to appeal to black voters, I’d think the last thing he’d want to do is ask them to think about how things are going for them now (wages rising, black and black youth unemployment and black poverty rates all at record lows) and vote to go back to the way things were when Obama was President. Here’s a thought: try appealing to black voters by telling them how he’s going to improve things for Americans of all races, instead of trying to frighten them by saying the other guy is a racist and wants to “put y’all back in chains” (one of his previous unfortunately quotes.) Except that would require policies that would actually improve on what’s already working. This is why we get demagoguery, pandering and race-baiting: because that’s easy and actually improving people’s lives is hard.

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  • Amelia Little

    02/16/2020 03:08 PM

    I'm surprised they haven't brought up how being vice president to a BLACK PRESIDENT shows how non-racist HE is, and that should cross out any dufus things he might ever say. They might get desperate enough to try that.

    He isn't the only candidate who seems to be telling American citizens how bad off they are under President Trump. Just vote for them, and by golly, your lot in life with substantially improve!!! Do they think no one will recognize that they weren't so well off under the first black President who supposedly was going to be all out for the black people, and that, once Donald Trump began his administration, things have already improved? Plus, not a one says exactly what they might do to improve their lives. Just vague, vacuous statements.