January 2, 2018


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Today's Commentary:  Looking back at 2017 -- Some things never shut down -- What is next for Trump? -- Trump sends message to Iranian protestors -- Iran's President responds  -- The year ahead -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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As 2017 ended, there were a lot of articles assessing President Trump’s accomplishments, and even some of his most staunch critics grudgingly admitted that things were better off than they’d predicted.  Instead of a never-ending stock crash and a worldwide depression, the Dow gained 5,000 points in one year for the first time ever, and the economy is booming.  Unemployment is way down, including black and Hispanic unemployment rates; hiring and business expansion are up; and there are no internment camps for immigrants, only deportations of criminal illegal aliens, which is what laws passed years ago by bipartisan Congresses require.  Overseas, ISIS is still a threat as a shadowy terrorist group, but its dreams of an expansive caliphate have been crushed as they were driven from the territory they grabbed over the past eight years, and the people there celebrated no longer being tortured, beaten, raped and murdered.   And instead of kowtowing to dictators, as we have for years, standing up to them has emboldened reformers in Iran and Saudi Arabia and forced China to step up in trying to rein in North Korea. 


Mike Huckabee


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Some things never shut down

By Mike Huckabee

There are certain things that never shut down, even during the holidays: radio stations, utility services, police protection, and of course, President Trump’s Twitter feed.  It continued to set the hair of his critics on fire, even as the rest of us were roasting chestnuts.  To catch you up on the latest things he tweeted to poke the “OUTRAGE!” machine, here are his tweets on Friday about DACA and dumb business practices by the Post Office (imagine criticizing the US Post Office!  Well, I never!): 



What is next for Trump?

By Mike Huckabee

All told, considering Trump had to deal with an opposition party that refuses to accept the results of the election (“horrifying,” I believe Hillary Clinton called that), a media that’s rebranded itself as a 24/7 propaganda machine (an end-of-year survey found that 95% of their coverage of Trump has been negative), and an “investigation” run by his harshest critics into a so-far evidence-free feeble excuse for Hillary losing, he’s accomplished a surprising amount and things are going pretty darn swimmingly. 

So what’s next?  Trump is set to unveil a $1 trillion infrastructure rebuilding plan.  We’ll now discover whether Obama was right, that there are no “shovel-ready jobs,” or whether what holds up such projects is actually just federal paperwork, bureaucracy and the diversion of infrastructure funds to government workers.  With a lot fewer bureaucrats, maybe we can finally build and repair a few bridges, highways and airports.  Personally, I’d rather drive over a bridge that’s built out of steel than one that’s held up with red tape.


Trump sends message to Iranian protestors

By Mike Huckabee

The Obama Administration’s foreign policy seemingly was based on the idea that bad actors like Iran or North Korea would just keep on doing what they were gonna do, and there’s nothing anyone could do to stop them, so we’d better find ways to accommodate them.  Like letting pro-democracy protesters in Iran twist in the wind while we pursued getting the mullahs to take time out of chanting “Death to America” long enough to sign a nuclear deal that flooded them with cash and set them on the road to having nuclear weapons to threaten Israel and the world with.  This was called “smart diplomacy” by people for whom the term “smart” was highly aspirational.  

Well, all those self-proclaimed foreign policy geniuses never saw this twist coming: over the holidays, massive protests sprung up in Iran and are growing, with thousands of Iranian citizens risking their lives to fill the streets and demand an end to the repressive, radical Islamist government.  This story went largely unnoticed by the US news media, which seems to have few sources inside Iran other than official government mouthpieces, but now, it’s grown too big to ignore.  And unlike Obama, President Trump is voicing strong support for the protesters. 


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Iran's President responds

By Mike Huckabee

The response by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani shows that he’s been watching and learning from the US media: he immediately took Trump’s words out of context and twisted them to claim he said something he never actually said.  Rouhani (whom the US media reflexively describe as a “moderate,” even as dozens of pro-democracy protesters are being beaten and arrested, and the death toll has now reached at least a dozen) scolded, “This man who today in America wants to sympathize with our people has forgotten that a few months ago he called the nation of Iran terrorist.”

Nice try, but anyone other than you and the New York Times editorial board knows that Trump was referring to the government of Iranian, which is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism (hence it’s a bad idea to let them have nuclear reactors and a planeload of cash.)  Most Americans have nothing but sympathy for the Iranian people, forced to live under the thumb of the mullahs.  Instead of accusing Trump of being hypocritical by expressing sympathy with the Iranian people, how about proving that you actually sympathize with them by dissolving the current government and letting them vote in a new one in a genuinely free and honest election?  


The year ahead

By Mike Huckabee

2018 is already shaping up to be an “interesting” year, in the words of the famous Chinese curse (“May you live in interesting times.”)  Here are five major religious liberty and right-to-life controversies that are expected to come to a head this year (and yes, believe it not, some liberal politicians are still trying to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for contraceptives). This reminds me of Eddie Murphy's joke about the man who shot the Pope: they must really want to go to Hell, and they don't want to have to stand in any lines. 



Additional Commentaries

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