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February 4, 2021

I’m getting comments from people who feel discouraged and demoralized by how much power anti-American leftists have managed to seize, and how it’s being used to silence and bully anyone who dares stand up to them or even voice an opposing view. People want me to stop telling them so much bad news and offer more optimism.

Well, we’re trying, but you have to understand that part of what we do here is pass along the latest news we think you need to know, reportedly accurately and honestly, and frankly, a lot of it right now is pretty bad. There’s nothing that can be done about that, and there’s no sense in burying our heads like ostriches and pretending it doesn’t exist.

However, I hope you notice that I never advocate for conservatives to give up or go into hiding. To the contrary, I’ve urged you to stay calm and stay confident. I keep trying to remind you that while the big bullies of DC, social media and Wall Street think they have all the power, they only have as much as we allow them to. They need us more than we need them.

Today’s social media “giant” like Twitter can become tomorrow’s MySpace overnight (once described by Seth Meyers as the Internet’s abandoned playground) if we turn our backs on it. Google can’t track you, sell your data or try to brainwash you with slanted news coverage if you do your searching on DuckDuckGo. Some high-flying Wall Street hedge fund billionaires just got their wings clipped by a bunch of small investors on Reddit who decided they needed a spanking. Bed Bath & Beyond dropped MyPillow and their stock dropped 36% in one day. Even "Star Wars" movies can tank if they're filled with preachy leftist messages.

There’s a reason why we have the saying, “Get woke, go broke.”

Yes, it’s hard now, with the left flexing its power everywhere, from shutting down Parler to Biden’s hard-left executive orders to firing employees just for supporting Trump. But we’re only in Act One of this drama, where the villain is doing his worst. One thing you can always depend on with leftists: they have zero ability to think and plan long-term, and they always immediately overreach.

The inevitable backlash is already starting to boil. And not just among 75 million Trump voters, but also a lot of moderates and Democrats who thought they were getting “Unity Joe Biden” and not AOC in a blue suit and face mask. Remember, Republicans did really well in the last election on the state and local levels. Don’t get discouraged, get motivated and keep that momentum going.

As of this year, Republicans will have complete control (Governor and both houses of legislatures) in 24 states, while Democrats have only 15. Republicans have full control of the legislatures in 31 states; Democrats only 18. In terms of population, Republicans control legislatures that represent nearly 186 million Americans; Democrats less than 134 million.

So no, we are not “all socialists now.” Democrats in DC and a handful of big cities are shoving the pendulum so far to the left that it’s bound to swing back and knock them for a loop. Biden is now giving Americans a loud wake-up call as to why they replaced him and Obama with Trump and how foolish it was to let the media convince them to trade peace, security and prosperity for “no more mean tweets.” From polls to social media to diner conversations, you can already sense the outrage growing of “this is not we signed up for.”

The best advice I can give you is to keep reading the bad news I have to send you, but don’t get depressed, get energized to change it. Let the “woke” corporations know that you will withhold your business and they will go broke. Utilize the courts to block unconstitutional executive orders and bills, and to sue the daylights out of companies and universities that fire or silence employees for exercising their rights. Find alternatives to Internet companies that hate you, and if they destroy those alternatives, find new ones (wherever there’s a profit to be made, new alternatives will arise.)

You can also let your Republicans Representatives and Senators know that you expect them to tighten voting laws and to do everything in their power to block this Democrat bill to destroy free speech and rig elections forever; and if you’re from a purple state, let your Democrat officials know that they will soon be unemployed if they vote for it.

With the Democrats exposing what they are and blowing their support already, start working and volunteering now to be ready to take back your cities, states and the US House and Senate in 2022 (and don’t fall into the trap of forming a third party, splitting the vote and reelecting Democrats with less than 50%. That’s how we got Bill Clinton, twice.) And of course, never stop praying for America to survive, revive and thrive.

Finally, do what we try to do here every day: explain, with calmness, facts and humor, why conservative policies work and leftist policies don’t. And don’t get discouraged in thinking that nobody will listen anymore. Young people are famous for rebelling against the older generation, and the current generation of leftists in Washington is giving them a stunningly bad example to rebel against. Here’s a story that might just give you some hope for the future.


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Comments 1-25 of 32

  • Eileen Stanton

    02/09/2021 08:08 PM

    I’ve cried endless tears as I witness the trashing of our Constitution in lieu of communist ideology and yes as communist dictator Vladimir Lenin said “The Goal of Socialism is Communism.” I am powerless to change the hearts and minds of democrats and a few republicans as they seem to be possessed by pure evil. I continue to pray for our nations spiritual revival.

  • Heidi Sells

    02/09/2021 03:55 PM

    Thank you for this article. I have been so depressed.

  • cmr

    02/09/2021 12:35 AM

    That's what surprises me - that young people now seem to all in for leftist policies and blindly following insane dem leaders. Kids are actively Pro-Establishment - even when they should know by now how dishonest and evil the DC Swamp is. Maybe that's it - they listen to the morons on MSNBC or CNN and they really don't know the truth. No respect for that at all.

  • Kathlene Miller

    02/08/2021 12:10 PM

    God is in Control and we who have faith in Him, need only remember it takes the faith of a grain of a mustard seed ( or smaller) and prayer. He hears each and every one and His Will will be done...we need not fear. While nothing ever stays the same, the sad and bad times we go through will never last. Nor will the best and happiest times. We keep hope, faith, love and joy in Him always!

  • Patricia Looloian

    02/08/2021 06:51 AM

    Great message! Americans need to exercise the power they have rather than give up. As you said, we control them!

  • Vikki Richardson

    02/08/2021 06:42 AM

    Thanks for the encouragement. Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand fellow Republicans. It’s time to stand strong. God has a plan and He is in control.

  • Mary Sue tate

    02/07/2021 10:17 PM

    Good going, Mike! Your words always give me hope and point out exactly why we should have hope and faith in a better future! Thanks!

  • Brinda Brown

    02/07/2021 03:37 PM

    I love your articles! Keep them coming. I try very hard to not be depressed.

  • Cynthia Fitzmorris

    02/07/2021 01:45 PM

    EXCELLENT article! As always, the voice of reason! Thank you!

  • Ernie Cole

    02/07/2021 01:16 PM

    Thanks for the encouragement.
    Keep it coming!

  • Alpha Black

    02/07/2021 12:04 PM

    Thank you for all that you do for us.

  • Alberto Migoyo

    02/07/2021 09:04 AM


  • Elizabeth McClay

    02/06/2021 11:43 PM

    I advise people to call companies who condemned our President so violently, that we will no longer "shop" in their businesses... If enough folks do this, WE can make an impact ... Thank You.

  • William May

    02/06/2021 07:40 PM

    I am hanging in there!!

  • louise Cartwright

    02/06/2021 06:46 PM

    Very interesting and i love your Daughter, and wondering if you would consider running for President again i think you would make a great President

  • Connie Berry

    02/06/2021 06:00 PM

    Thank you for your encouraging words! Keep them coming!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    02/06/2021 04:26 PM

    what I wish to know is if there are some Democrats up for re-election in 2022? I you can let us know so that we can help out with the campaigns or donate would be great!

  • Harry tritt

    02/06/2021 04:21 PM

    Move to gab. They have their own servers and don't prostitute people's personal data

  • William A. Smith

    02/06/2021 04:06 PM

    I have always valued your perspective, passion and integrity, Mike. I would have voted for you to be our president if you’d been nominated. My only counsel to you is to speak boldly about our triune God and the desperate need for true revival in America and for each of us to give our witness to anyone who’ll listen about Who Jesus has been, in and through us; what Jesus has done, is doing and will do with and for those who glorify Him.

    Keep going, Governor! Never give up. Love to you, in Christ.

  • Peggy B Heath

    02/06/2021 03:13 PM

    Question: Where do we find out which congressional representative added unrelated portions (pork) to bills? If the constituents knew the origin and resulting benefactors of these, they may be more informed voters.

  • Marianne Flowers

    02/06/2021 03:04 PM

    Keep fighting the good fight!
    Thank you Governor Huckabee, and good luck to Sarah!

  • Rita Kelso

    02/06/2021 01:38 PM

    Thank you. Shalom blessings to you and yours.
    shout out to Sarah. GO GIRL! Love you.

  • Jane Brause

    02/06/2021 01:12 PM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee for helping conservatives to have hope.

  • Nancy Gravitt

    02/06/2021 12:57 PM

    While it is very discouraging that we are being persecuted, censored and chastised the way we as Christians and conservatives are being done. But we can’t just sit down and give up. Yes we all want some good news, But my definition of “good news” and someone else’s may be totally different. My definition of good news is for the democrats to be prosecuted for their crimes and jailed for their part in stealing the election and committing the fraud that has put us as a patriotic Republic where we are. If Trump had never run for President and been elected we as a people would never have known just how deep, dark and stinky the SWAMP is. I may be wrong, but I believe God put Trump here was and is. I also believe that when God is through teaching those of “little faith” and unbelievers a lesson in faith, truth and honesty He will redeem us. It may not be here on Earth as we would love to see, but it may be in the second coming. I just pray that all my family is ready. Living under the restrictions and confinements we are living under right now is no way to live. We have stayed inside and at home more in the last almost a year than we ever have in life. I am now 71 and my husband was 73 this week. We know as we age we stay on more, but we are not to the point we are ready to do that yet. We still have a lot of miles to travel yet. All I can say when people discouraged is to stand tall and stay strong in your faith. Pray, pray and pray some more. P.U.S.H...Pray Until Something Happens.

  • Christopher England

    02/06/2021 12:24 PM

    thank you, I needed that, as a small business owner, (10 employees), I can already see that these new policies will lead to more tax on me (even if only payroll tax), increase my costs, and ultimately cause me to downsize.