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December 7, 2023

Former U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson, who was present at the January 6 riot but for some reason shrouded in mystery was never called to testify before Nancy Pelosi’s J6 Kangaroo Kommittee, has announced on “X” (the platform formerly known as Twitter) that he’s releasing police scanner audio recordings from that day suggesting a “set-up” and cover-up of what really happened.  He has always maintained that all the officers “should have been more prepared that day.”

Johnson’s announcement comes on the heels of House Speaker Mike Johnson’s release of all the security cam video from the Capitol building.  Out of concern for his own safety, Tarik Johnson has already entrusted the recordings to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and has indicated that he’s given a journalist working with THE BLAZE “permission to receive the info and do whatever he believes is best with that info in the unlikely event I disappear.”

He said on X that he had wanted to check with his attorney before releasing the audio to make sure of all the legal ramifications of doing so.  “[My lawyer] stated he didn’t see any and if something arose we would deal with it together,” Johnson said.  “So it’s a go!!!!!!!!!!”

He asked for patience, as he is not a tech person and was having to figure out how to load 12 hours of audio on his page in addition to working his regular job and dealing with “family stuff.”  He thinks he’ll have it all uploaded by Wednesday, though.  (One question:  how did Lt. Johnson happen to come into possession of this much recorded material?  The story doesn’t tell us.)

The first release of audio has already taken place, on Sunday, and it does call into question the actions taken (or not) by then-Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman, who was sitting in a command center that gave her access to radio traffic and a 360-degree view of the outside of the Capitol, plus additional views inside.  Chief Steven Sund, he said, was on the phone trying to obtain assistance from the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies.  Johnson was specifically asking Pittman for help, and not getting it, as the audio makes clear.  Johnson has spoken publicly about this before, but finally now we can hear the audio that backs him up.

Matt Margolis reports for PJ MEDIA that “the J6 police scanner audio indicates that Pittman appeared unavailable or uncooperative in aiding Sund's efforts to deploy the National Guard. The recording supports the criticism of Capitol Police for its failure to take decisive action to safeguard the Capitol and members of Congress, especially in light of prior warnings of potential violence. The audio corroborates Sund's claims after the riot when he revealed that multiple requests for the National Guard before and during the riot were denied.”

As reported by REDSTATE, Johnson also “called out Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger for opposing the release of the J6 footage and using non-disclosure forms to keep officers silent.”

Though we would say there’s blame to go around (Nancy Pelosi, for one), Tarek Johnson blames Pittman for the disaster that unfolded:  “We now know Pittman was the one that caused what occurred on J6 but [Manger] is fighting Speaker [Mike] Johnson from releasing all the video footage, ensuring all the NDAs [non-disclosure agreements] USCP [U.S. Capitol Police] employees were forced to sign remain in place and declining to allow anyone to see the LWOP deal negotiated with Pittman so she could get her retirement and take a job gifted to her in California making over a quarter million dollars annually.  And, I almost forgot, ensuring USCP whistleblowers don’t get proper protections when they want to report corruption or malfeasance within the Department.”

Johnson is referring to the job Pittman got as UC Berkeley’s chief of police.  Prior to this, she had become the interim chief of the Capitol Police when Steven Sund resigned two days after the J6 debacle.  In her case, this appears to be yet another example of someone in DC failing upwards.  Or had she simply been doing a superb job of following orders?

Reading this glowing press release, one would certainly never know of the controversy surrounding Pittman’s response (or lack thereof) on January 6.  She said on the day she was sworn in, “The events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 --- I certainly don’t want to talk about that today...but it’s part of my journey and something I will build on.”  Let’s just say that she had plenty of reason not to want to talk about what appeared to be a spectacular failure on her part.

On the other hand, according to a Berkeley Police Department write-up on her selection, she has “demonstrated commitment to the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice, and she has developed expertise in modern policing principles.”  Well, that’s the important thing.


RELATED J6 NEWS:  Almost three years after the protest and riot of January 6, 2021, the “Justice” Department is still busy targeting J6 protesters.  Actor Siaka Massaquoi had his home raided in 2021, and now, almost three years after the protest, he has been arrested and charged with four misdemeanors.  Numerous celebrities and commentators have spoken out in support of him, including Elon Musk, who said that “this has gone too far.”

Video from the Capitol building that day shows Massaquoi just inside the threshold of a door for about a minute, apparently trying to help the police direct foot traffic out the door.

Massaquoi is a conservative and a Trump supporter, and one has to wonder if the FBI was making a peripheral point by arresting him the day he attended the DAILY WIRE’s new movie LADYBALLERS, which dares to make fun of biological men competing in women’s sports.  Whether that’s a coincidence or not, his arrest also comes a couple of months after he joined with a group to sue the FBI, Director Christopher Wray, the DOJ, and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

This class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of people “who were peacefully protesting in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, but who did not commit any felonies or engage in any violence, but have been subjected to unconstitutional, illegal surveillance by Defendant Wray and his agents in the aftermath.”  They allege that Wray and Garland have turned the FBI into their personal “Gestapo” to “target, arrest, and wrongfully prosecute” those who protested on January 6.

And now Massaquoi finds himself to be Exhibit A.  Must-read details here...

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