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January 12, 2022

On Tuesday, the offensive individual who currently occupies the White House gave such a nasty, dishonest and divisive speech about so-called "voting rights" that our commentary turned out to be part of a huge and richly-deserved backlash.

On Wednesday, Sen. Mitch McConnell said that while he has "known, liked and respected" Biden for many years, he "did not recognize "the man at the podium yesterday." Here are Sen. McConnell's remarks from the Senate floor --- highly recommended reading.

We're mystified as to what it was in past years that caused Sen. McConnell to respect him, as Biden has been telling lies for a very long time, but whatever it was, it appears to be over now.

"The President did not get a mandate to transform America or reshape society," McConnell said. "But he did arguably get a mandate to do just one central thing that he campaigned on. Here's what that was: bridge a divided country, lower the temperature, dial down the perpetual air of crisis in politics...It is the one job citizens actually hired him to do."

McConnell is right --- Biden was presented during the 2020 campaign as the amiable, low-key personality who would calm things down and bring us together. That "unifying" persona was marketed to America like a box of bland, comforting cereal, and unfortunately a lot of Americans bought it. It's undoubtedly the main reason Biden got the support that he did. But in just one year, especially with his vile race-baiting rhetoric, he has "fundamentally transformed" that fake persona he was using and given us a look at who he really is. It's not pretty.

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Comments 1-10 of 32

  • Caren Ragan

    01/17/2022 08:47 PM

    And yet McConnell probably voted for Biden knowing full well his plan to destroy America like the rest of us knew. So perhaps the biggest danger now is McConnell and the traitor Rinos.

  • Bobby McLaughlin

    01/17/2022 02:38 PM

    I've found it interesting that none of the national talking heads have pointed out that the "demons" Biden used in his comparison were all democrats! I think I would have tried to find some members of another party to be the villains.

  • william p appelt

    01/16/2022 09:20 PM

    President Biden can only be identified as a dangerous politician in the most unwelcomed position of government. Not having followed his career though, he had those 48? years to develop some sort of agenda for this time. Now that he is old, may be he can get away with his plan, scary huh? Either way, sane or not, it is obvious to most of our citizens that it is rotton to the core. Former President Trump has just renewed his speeches to continue to claim the fraud and time will tell. We are so tired of all this and it is not worth all this trouble. Is this a good time for God to reach down, grab him by the scruff of the neck and say "Enough already"!

  • Martha Cherise Miller

    01/16/2022 09:10 PM

    I would not trust McConnell on a stack of Bibles. He is a turncoat and time for him to go along with Pelosi, Cortez, and the rest of the anti-American Socialists. They have been in office for far too long. I resent our tax money being paid to them for the rest of their lives and the security for them that we pay for. If they want security, let them hire their own and pay for it themselves. Of course, the money we pay them when they are out of office would more than pay for their security. They need to be brought down on a level with the rest of us. After all, God created us ALL equal, so they are no better than we. They will have to answer big time for the evil they have done while on earth.

  • Ray Simmons

    01/16/2022 08:34 PM

    "We're mystified as to what it was in past years that caused Sen. McConnell to respect him"
    It is because McConnell was anti-Trump just like Biden. That is what he respected about Biden. I certainly never respected him for that.

  • Larry Rosenbaum

    01/16/2022 07:54 PM

    I have followed you for a very long time, because you are one of the very few Bible based belief Christian leaders that I know that believes God's Word states our responsibility to be politically active to have " Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".

    I have wondered why I have not read about the thought of Charlie Daniels Band having prophesied the recent visit in GA. ? I sure you know the song I am referring to !

  • Carole A McMeel

    01/16/2022 06:55 PM

    Like you, Mike, I was raised in a conservative Southern city, Shreveport. I had a wonderful childhood in the 40s & 50s. The Democrat party was respected. My mother was a presidential elector from Louisiana. But the party has left us, not we leaving them.
    Yes, Joe lies! He has done it for years. The Dems grabbed anyone who could beat Trump and look where we are now. I am sick of what I see!
    I dit in my Baptist Church on Sundays praying this is over soon.

  • Joan Spengler

    01/16/2022 06:25 PM

    The thing that his the most maddening about this situation is that the people surrounding him continue to perpetrate the myth that he has all his faculties. Was impaired while he ran and media covered for him. We are paying the price now!

  • Janet G Staton

    01/16/2022 06:21 PM

    The resident is now, and always has been, a reprehensible individual. In 1979, way before "me too" movements, in my professional position I was escorting members of my association to visit their senator in his office in Washington, DC. He was most agreeable with his constituents while he squeezed my shoulders from behind me. I can guarantee I did nothing to encourage touching. In 1979, no one dared to speak out about such behavior and I successfully forgot about it until the creep was running for the most valuable office in history. BTW, I now live in "his state".

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    01/16/2022 04:46 PM

    Joe Biden is a typical Democrat. They will tell any thing to seduce you to get elected,
    and then they do their own agenda which is spend our tax dollars on leftward leaning
    socialist programs. We have seen this before and we need to Impeach him.
    Warm Regards,