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January 11, 2023



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Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Isaiah 26:3

1. The GIANT SWITCH was flipped

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve written before about my theory that hidden somewhere in DC – possibly deep below the Capitol, where guys in Viking helmets can never find it – there is a giant switch. I picture it looking like the big switch that Dr. Frankenstein throws to start his lab equipment flashing and sparking. I also imagine it protected by a bell jar-like cover made of bulletproof glass.

Whenever power changes hands from one party to another, someone high up in the bureaucracy or the Illuminati or whatever takes the trek down, down, down to the secret sub-basement, lifts the glass cover, throws the switch…and suddenly all standards, rules and rhetoric of the political and media classes completely reverse. Practices that were good and heroic suddenly become sinister. Laws that were laughable and could be safely ignored immediately become vital to the survival of the nation and the slightest deviation from them is worthy of the death penalty. Or vice versa. It all depends on which party is now in and which one is out.

It becomes more obvious in times like this when we have divided government, and the media have to explain why two totally different standards both prevail, but they do have an answer for it. It's just not a good one. Like when the ladies of “The View” try to explain why Trump should go to prison for mishandling classified documents that he had the power to declassify while Biden shouldn’t be punished at all for mishandling classified documents that he didn’t have the power to declassify. It’s because Trump is “a liar and a thief,” but they don’t think Biden is, so they give him the benefit of the doubt:

Yes, “orange man bad” is actually their defense for having a double standard under the law. By the way, some of us have been watching Joe Biden for nearly half a century, and if they think he’s a paragon of truth and honesty, then they should’ve used the insanity defense.

Another indication that the switch was flipped the second Kevin McCarthy secured the Speakership: the sudden parade of Democrat politicians and media mouthpieces decrying how dangerous it would be for the House to investigate federal agencies that are targeting and spying on Americans and violating their free speech rights (and please don’t even attempt to claim they aren’t.)

Why, they’re part of the executive branch, so the House shouldn’t be interfering with them trying to do their jobs (say the people who endlessly investigated Trump, set legal traps for his staffers, tried to impeach him twice, and previously showed zero regard for the separation of powers.) These investigations might discourage young people from going into public service! (If they think acting like Biden’s DOJ or FBI is “public service,” then I hope they do go into another line of work.)

Or as Rep. Eric Swalwell put it, letting House Republicans investigate the FBI is “like letting Al Capone investigate Eliot Ness.” But is it as bad as letting a guy who was in bed with a Chinese spy serve on the House Intelligence Committee? Sorry, forgot the standards switch had been flipped!

I know I’m getting old because I can remember when liberals told us not to trust the government, chanted, “Power to the people!” and wanted the CIA investigated and abolished. Now their mantra is “How I learned to stop thinking and love the totalitarian deep state.”

Fortunately, this sudden shift to the new standards is so obvious, the violations they’re trying to cover up so blatant, and the actions of the people they’re defending so egregious that you’d have to be either a moron or an MSNBC host to swallow it.  I apologize for my redundancy.


2. A New Crusade for the Left

The latest leftist crusade to make all our lives more miserable is a jihad against gas stoves, which are not only preferred by most cooks but which also keep working when you’re suffering through an electric blackout also caused by idiotic leftist politicians trying to make your life miserable.

This story exploded like a gas fire after a questionable “study” by an environmentalist group known to oppose gas appeared, claiming that gas is a dangerous pollutant that harms people’s health (which is why we have vent hoods. And windows) and causes climate change (of course.) Cory Booker even channeled an old joke about liberals, claiming that gas stoves disproportionately harm black, Latino and lower-income people. I know that as a white male, I am able to inhale gas with no ill effects at all.

The idea of meddling bureaucrats banning gas stoves got a reaction like touching a hot stove. Americans quickly made their fury known, including a restaurateur who told President Biden that it would destroy the restaurant industry (guess he didn’t know that destroying entire industries is kind of Biden’s thing.)

Someone even unearthed a photo of Jill Biden demonstrating a favorite recipe on her fancy gas cooktop.

The response got so heated that a commissioner from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission rushed out a statement denying that they were considering banning gas stoves.

But that’s not the issue, is it? We’ve seen this scenario enough times that we’re all on to the scam by now. We know that once the left finds a new target, they don’t rest until they destroy it. We’re already hearing plans for laws banning gas lines into new buildings, and Biden has been waging war on domestic gas production since he took office. Natural gas, which until recently was hailed as a clean, cheap form of energy that brought down fuel prices and helped make America energy independent, has been utterly demonized. The time to fight back and say “NO” is now because we can all see what’s coming from a mile away: they won’t take away our gas stoves, they’ll just make sure there’s no gas to burn in them, rendering them useless.

Unless you’re one of the liberal anointed, like Jill Biden. I’m sure they assume they will always have gas stoves to provide their perfect crepes and tofu stir fries while the rest of us eat bugs. No, thanks.



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3. Today’s Edition of “Things We’re Not Supposed To Notice”

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden confuses the Secret Service with the Salvation Army.

4. The Big Wheel keeps on turning

By Mike Huckabee

Time to once again spin the Big Wheel of Random Racism and see what new thing is suddenly racist! There it goes!...And it comes to…a….stop…..on…..

“Field!” Yes, make a note, the word “field” is now racist because it might remind someone of slaves who worked in fields and trigger them. I sure hope someone is working on a new word for "cotton."

This is according to the University of Southern California’s School of Social Work to which some poor saps are actually paying tuition in the expectation that they will learn something valuable from them. Sounds as if useless, braindead virtue signaling is the only area in which they are outstanding in their field.

5. Good News

By Mike Huckabee

Responding to overwhelming public demand, Kirk Cameron is taking his library story hour based on his children’s book about Biblical values, “As You Grow,” on tour to a growing number of libraries. Many of them originally tried to ban him while welcoming creepy, subversive events like “drag queen story hours” for small children.

I love the fact that his upcoming itinerary includes Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and Detroit. I have to believe there must be a lot of parents in those cities who are desperate for something like this. Unless they’ve all moved to Texas or Florida.



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Comments 1-8 of 8

  • George W. Trever

    01/16/2023 09:19 AM

    Does the Whitehouse chef use a gas stove? Noted that Mrs. Biden does. Is this really another DEM Opps or will it subvert gas stove manufactures like the auto industry?

  • Sandra Blake

    01/14/2023 08:56 PM

    just loved the piece about Kirk Cameron's quest to promote the values in his new book "As you grow.". it's about time healthy values are promoted among young people to counter the " woke culture and anti-Christian values that are being promoted.

  • Jan James

    01/12/2023 04:01 PM

    As I wait for one of the alphabet agencies to commandeer my gas stove, I'm wondering just which of Biden's disasters it is that they don't want me to look at this time. Just another diversionary tactic from the left. By the way, I unfortunately do not have a gas stove. So there.

  • stephen russell

    01/12/2023 11:36 AM

    Biden Docs More

    2nd set found in DE Home Garage aside U Penn Biden Center

  • Robin Rebhan

    01/12/2023 06:50 AM

    Joe Biden's referring to Vice President Kamala Harris as President Harris. I wonder if this is not really a blunder as to who is really in charge behind the scenes.

  • Joe Healy

    01/11/2023 09:43 PM

    If white males can inhale gas without any bad effect, does that mean gas is racist?

  • David Smith

    01/11/2023 08:00 PM

    I believe the quest to eliminate natural gas cook stoves then all natural gas to homes has much more to do with control than anything the proponents are actually saying. Once they have the country essentially on the grid without other sources of energy, the political thugs have stranglehold over the entire nation. They can shut down the power and we the people cannot drive, cannot heat or cool our homes, cannot cook, cannot communicate or use computing services, and basically cannot survive for long. To get an idea of how quickly things would fall apart, look at the grid failure in Texas during the recent cold snap or look at the results of the bad energy decisions in western Europe. Anything that augments security for the people is an enemy of the government. Look at this proposal, the border, handling of Wuhan flu and sadly the response, water in the southwest, basic law enforcement, federal budget, Federal Reserve policy, and the list is endless.

  • Anne Turner

    01/11/2023 05:58 PM

    A few more words that might trigger:

    Church balcony