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June 24, 2022



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Proverbs 16:9

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Pelosi DUI Update

It’s been nearly a month since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s wealthy husband Paul was arrested in California for DUI after allegedly causing a car accident. It’s taken this long for the media to finally get some information about the incident, and it appears worse than originally reported, with both cars reportedly totaled.

It’s also raising more questions than it’s answering, like why did they wait two hours to give him a blood alcohol test, and how drunk was he when it actually happened? He’s charged with driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury, and driving with .08 percent blood alcohol level, which is a misdemeanor offense. Anyone want to bet that he’ll face serious punishment? I predict he will spend less time in jail than nonviolent January 6th defendants have while waiting to find out what they’re being charged with.

Nick Arama at has more, along with questions about whether we’re going to see yet another example of wealthy, well-connected, white liberal privilege.

Drag Queen Arrest

Remember, if you have any objections to small children being forced to interact with drag queens, it means you’re an intolerant bigot, a dinosaur, and possibly a domestic terrorist. Oh, and then there’s this…

While in police custody, Williams admitted to searching, possessing and sharing child pornography since 2014, and authorities reportedly found 135 files of child pornography on his devices.

FYI, this isn’t just some anonymous creep from outside the movement. From the article: Williams is “a prominent activist in the LGBTQ community and has worked with LGBTQ youth. Last year, he was a featured speaker at GLO Harrisburg, a center that offers a ‘safe space’ for LGBTQ+ youth of color.” The phrase “safe space” apparently is meaningless in this context.

To be clear: no, this does not mean that everyone in this community has similar sick proclivities. But we wouldn’t even have to worry about that question if we had maintained the age-old tradition of not exposing small children to sexually-oriented adult performers of ANY kind.

Our Cue Card President

I try not to be too judgmental about politicians and their Teleprompters, since all of us who have to appear on camera rely on them to some extent. But the revelation of what’s on President Biden’s note cards is a bit unsettling. I freely admit that I rely on cue cards to read guests’ introductions on my show. But if I needed them to tell me to enter the room, say “hello” and sit down, I think I’d be a little worried about myself.

“Profiles In Courage 2022”

The TSA got roundly mocked for posting a tweet showing all the oversized liquid containers they’d confiscated at the Syracuse Airport over three days. If it was supposed to show the vital job they do in protecting America, it backfired. Unless anyone wants to argue that they’re saving us from diabetes by confiscating large size sodas, or from tacky home décor by confiscating snow globes.

There are some pretty funny comments at the link, but two of them make very good points:

"The fact that they are all assembled there instead of detonated in a bomb disposal unit tells you they know these are safe and the policy is theatre only." And this…

"It's amazing that our tax dollars are paying the TSA employees' salaries, and when they want to brag about a job well done, the best they can come up with is, 'We inconvenienced lots of people who just wanted to pack enough toothpaste for the whole family.'"

Mark this down

Mark this down in your woke notebooks, or “wokebooks”: Rolling your eyes when you hear something you think is stupid is now the latest alleged example of a racist, triggering micro-aggression rooted in white supremacy. Funny, I would think that rolling your eyes when you hear that nonsense would be something that people of all races would have in common.

Excellent Article

Wallace Garneau has an excellent article at the America Out Loud blog, listing 10 reasons why the Democrats ultimately won’t charge Donald Trump with conspiracy to overthrow the government.

The strongest reasons are they’d have to prove he didn’t really believe the election was rigged, and that in a real court, he would at last be allowed to defend himself. He would be able to cross-examine their witnesses (which would be like blasting a house of cards with a leaf blower), and finally present any evidence from the election that previous courts refused to look at. The Dems want a lot of attention on their version of January 6th, but they really don’t want the public focusing on the rebuttal.

But the major reason I recommend this article is for what Mr. Garneau goes on to say beyond January 6th. Noting that all that the Democrats have to run on is fear of Trump and accusing Republicans of racism, he explains why the racism card isn’t working anymore, as more and more blacks and Hispanics are waking up to the fact that their values are closer to the GOP’s, and the real insidious racism can be found in the attitudes of the modern Democratic Party.

He makes some convincing arguments, both historic (citing Republican Frederick Douglass, whose beliefs sound like those of today’s GOP) and current. Republicans are now the party seeking a colorblind society and equal opportunity for all to succeed, while Democrats are pushing segregation, condescending handouts, and policies that keep blacks stuck in bad schools and crime-ridden neighborhoods and dependent on government.

And I love his quote from Thomas Sowell: Democrats treat black people “not as equals, but as pets. Democrats love their pets, but they do not let us run free, lest we pee on the carpet.”

In a similar vein, check out the comments from this brilliant young black conservative, a Nigerian immigrant to Great Britain. She says the best way to promote inclusivity and shared national identity would be for UK schools to stop focusing on racism and decolonization and instead offer a “knowledge-rich curriculum” that emphasizes that British history isn’t “white history,” it’s the history that belongs to every modern British citizen of any race.


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  • George Reynolds

    06/25/2022 11:07 AM

    WOW! I'm so glad the TSA saved us from all those harmful liquids, like Old Spice, Brut, Head and Shoulders, toothpaste, Vaseline (rhymes with "gasoline"), and snow globes! Also those harmful bottles of water, sports drinks, and soda pop.

  • amos kalicharan

    06/25/2022 08:18 AM

    I am wondering if the falling off his bike was one of the items on the President's cue card

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/25/2022 06:09 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Pamela Kaminski

    06/24/2022 11:50 PM

    I would love to see President Trump become president in 2024, with Gov. DeSantis as Vice President. Then, Mr. DeSantis can run for President (and win!) for the next two times! Wouldn't that be a hoot! The Left would totally lose their minds! Thank you for keeping us informed on all the nuttiness that goes on in politics! Many blessings, Mr. Huckabee.

  • Merry-Sue Adair-Gill

    06/24/2022 10:32 PM

    Thank you once again for a bit of sanity in today's craziness in the news.

  • joe reynolds

    06/24/2022 10:22 PM

    Mike , Where can I get a copy of the Constitution where it says killing babies is a RIGHT. You know the one sleepy joe uses. ( also the media uses). Yes mine seems to have that clause left out. Thank you in advance, JOE

  • Karyl Entner

    06/24/2022 10:03 PM

    First, thank you for moving the link on top to choose reading from the website.
    Re: Cue cards--I think Biden is on somre sort of medication that makes him appear dopey. Well, he is dopy, but even more so on medicatrion. He has never offered a physical examination report. Like everything else, we are kept in the dark. Deep Dark.. You know the Bible says, Men love darkness more than light because their deeds are evil.

  • Paul Kern

    06/24/2022 09:52 PM

    I guess one needs to be a robot to please the BIPOC teachers accusing "whitey" of racism.
    With the Right voting to destroy the Second Amendments and others they have now become the new States Rights Democrats! Like I knew when I grew up in Texas. Truly sissies as their actions show. It is time for a new party. Both sides have lost all credibility with many of us. Call it the "Commons"