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February 22, 2023

We’re slowly gathering a little of what might have been happening behind the scenes at Project Veritas. According to J. D. Rucker, a member of the PV board of advisors named Matthew Tyrmand has been suspended from the New York Young Republican Club. They describe O’Keefe as “a close friend of the Club.” Here’s part of their statement:

“After conducting a series of interviews, the Board of Governors of the New York Young Republican Club has learned that Matthew Tyrmand, a member of our board of advisors, may have engineered O’Keefe’s ouster on tenuous claims of financial malfeasance...We believe in free speech and transparency of operations, and the credible reports we have received require full investigation to ensure that our Members’ interests are represented accordingly.”

So that investigation will proceed. Meanwhile, Project Veritas maintains that O’Keefe overspent, but if that were the reason for the shake-up, I doubt it would have been timed as it was, right after the shocking exposure of Pfizer’s alleged “directed evolution” of COVID variants. Conservative voice Michael Cernovich addressed this on Twitter: “The Project Veritas Board has back channeled talking points claiming James O’Keefe was misusing donor funds. What a clown show. Why not ask the donors if they care that James took too many Uber black cars? This is the last desperate attempt to shape the narrative.”

And this: “If James O’Keefe took too many Uber black rides, then the PV Board would say he used donor funds for personal use, treat the rides as a taxable benefit as part of his salary and compensation, and then James would owe income taxes. [The Board’s] statement is the end of Project Veritas.”

As reported in THE POLITICAL INSIDER, O’Keefe himself “strongly insinuated” in his video to the PV staff that it was the sting of the unhinged Pfizer executive that was the breaking point. O’Keefe called it “the biggest story in our organization’s history” and “the only thing that has changed” in his work with Project Veritas lately, adding, “And then, suddenly, an unusual emergency happened just a few days after that.”

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  • Rosalie B Peck

    02/24/2023 05:39 AM

    The "financial malfeasance" they cite seems to be on the scale of many non-profits. Nothing as grand as the Clinton Foundation or Hunter's Big Guy. Perhaps a close look at Pfizer's profits (and possible side deals) is what the IRS should consider.