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February 17, 2023

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  • Bobbi Foster

    02/27/2023 03:46 PM

    I've been asking this same question for years. So glad someone with a little clout has expressed it. What clout does a 79 year old woman from the south have? ZERO!! Thanks for your posts. Carry on smartly!!

  • Gayle Wedgwood

    02/26/2023 09:54 PM

    Disney cartoon comments sounded like hate speech to me. Why are they trying to spread unrest when they should be trying to bring everyone together?

  • Dora Burdick

    02/26/2023 09:21 PM

    Excellent work love all the research you and your staff put into all the things going on. So we the people really see what goes on behind closed doors. Thank you very much.

  • Deborah Cory

    02/26/2023 04:08 PM

    Thank you for exposing these Disney "cartoons"-I agree- they are Lies, wrong & Disney won't be getting my money.I agree w/ your comments that if Disney is so concerned about giving money to black people who are Not slaves- let them lead w/ their billions.

  • Joanne Walczak

    02/26/2023 03:54 PM

    I will not visit Disney World for the reason it has changed too much. Suppose to be a fun place to go but not for their political agenda!

  • Chris Pittman

    02/22/2023 09:21 AM

    I would love to know how WD would feel about the direction his company is taking! As the old saying goes, he is probably rolling in his grave!

  • Lewis W. gregory

    02/20/2023 12:59 PM

    Disney has gone totally against everything America stands for. He used to be the example for children to look up to now he is totally opposite. Now he he wants to destroy everything that is morally correct. We need to be back to one Nation under GOD.

  • Nathan Stansell

    02/20/2023 12:36 PM

    Sarah articulated how the silent sane segment of our society feel. I have not heard anything so spot on in a long time. Guess the apple doesn't fall far eh?

  • M. Randi Spaulding

    02/19/2023 08:10 PM

    Threw out all our Disney stickers. Refuse to EVER promote their liberal policies by purchasing or watching anything they produce

  • Delories C . Chambers

    02/19/2023 05:07 PM

    Thank you for publishing Sarah's speach. It was a wonderful presentation.