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October 6, 2022

Liberty Counsel has filed an amicus brief in a legal challenge to Oklahoma’s ban on abortion, on behalf of black and Hispanic groups. In a time when leftists push their policies by constantly accusing anyone who opposes them of being a racist and calling America a racist society, this eye-opening brief exposes the shockingly racist history of the pro-abortion movement in America.

As I have often reminded people over the years, the early champions of abortion, like Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, were proponents of the vile eugenics movement, which believed the human race could be improved by using abortion and sterilization to weed out “inferior” people, which they defined as the mentally and physically handicapped and certain non-white races. The brief quotes Sanger as arguing that eugenics was “the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems” and that sterilization was the “remedy” to the problem of “an increasing rate of morons.”

Speaking of morons, today’s Planned Parenthood movement plans to try to get around state limits on abortion with its first mobile abortion clinic. The 37-foot abortion RV will drive around Illinois, providing abortion services to women crossing the border from neighboring states. They say they’re considering using churches as stopping-off points. Considering their history – and the fact that black women make up just 13% of the female population but account for 33.6% of all abortions – I think it’s safe to assume which neighborhoods and churches they will target with their rolling death wagon.


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  • Mary McCauley

    10/06/2022 10:13 PM

    I live in Oklahoma and as an active Republican, I am happy to see our Governor Stitt, Lt. Gov. Pinnell, and OK legislature pass a bill against abortion. No abortion in Oklahoma for any reason.

  • Donna Mc Lean

    10/06/2022 02:17 PM

    The law should read illegal for an abortion to be performed in the state. Then it wouldn't matter if the has a mobile unit. They are in the state