October 26, 2017

David Harsanyi is posing the uncomfortable questions that the Hillary cheerleader media are trying desperately to avoid. Such as:

If it was “treason,” as some Democrats claimed, for Donald Trump Jr. to have a 20-minute, go-nowhere meeting with a Russian lawyer because she hinted at having damaging information on Hillary (she didn’t), then why is it not “treason” to pay a firm millions to purchase dubious dirt on Trump from Kremlin-linked sources, disseminate it to the media to tamper with the election, and lie about your involvement for a year?

And how can the Democrats be pushing the “Honest Ads Act,” a bill stuffed with fines and regulations on websites that convey “fake news,” when they were secretly behind what may be the worst “fake news” scandal in US history? It was a piece of fake news that wasn’t just aimed at tampering with a democratic election, but may have been used as justification for the government to spy on American citizens.

It just goes to prove the wisdom of the old political rule of thumb: Be very skeptical whenever a politician uses the word “Honest.”


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  • Karen Tenerowicz

    10/28/2017 06:15 AM

    I am Sickened by the corruption, lies, and behavior of a former First Lady, Former President, FBI, and others caught up in this scandal.
    The time, money, energy spent by these immoral people~ to fabricate lies in order to discredit a political opponent~ is hard for me to fathom.
    In Ms. Clinton’s case- I feel monetary punishment paired with jail time is appropriate, even more so because Ms. Clinton has forced the public to watch her wear pastel colored Nehru pantsuits for years.

  • Mary Fortuner

    10/27/2017 07:26 PM

    No Treason will be recognized here because no Democrat can commit a sin in their eyes. The end justifies the means in their political "religion" and Hillary was their Savior.