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June 13, 2024

By now you’ve seen the video of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, taken by daughter Alexandra as they were being driven away from the Capitol on January 6, in which she laments not being adequately prepared and takes responsibility for that.  Ever since that day, of course, she has publicly blamed Trump.

Jonathan Turley speaks harshly of Pelosi and the so-called “Select” J6 Committee (it was “select,” all right --- all members were chosen by Pelosi, including the so-called “Republicans,” who were supposed to be chosen by the Republican leader) for their failure to make that video public.  “Had Pelosi and others accepted National Guard support and installed fencing,” he said on X, “it is doubtful that the riot on January 6 would have occurred or any disruption would have been far more limited in scope.”  And we all know he’s right.  This is a must-read...

And so is this piece from Nick Arama, quoting former Capitol Hill Police Chief Steven Sund, who had asked for the Guard numerous times and was repeatedly ignored...

As for Pelosi, she tried lamely to do some damage control on MSNBC, and her team denied what we all clearly heard. “As the footage in its entirety plainly shows,” they said in a statement, “Speaker Pelosi sprang into action in response to the attack on the Capitol --- mobilizing the defense of the Capitol, urging the Administration to deploy the National Guard [WHAT??] and coordinating the continuity of government.” That’s like saying, “After she let all the horses out, she sprang into action and locked the barn door.”

That’s just part of it; you’ll have to read the whole thing to believe it.

So, the gaslighting continues.  Our government might just as well tell us the border is secure and crime is down.  Oh, wait, they do tell us that.

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