March 5, 2019

And now, for a little comic relief.

We all remember that when Hillary was running for President, she used to lapse into a fake Southern “hick” accent when talking in front of Southerners, to gain rapport with people whom she obviously considered to be hicks. She used to do it even back in the Clintons’ Arkansas days, such as during the 60 MINUTES interview about Gennifer Flowers in 1992. There are many clips of her from that period that show her talking like that, some much more extreme.

The accent always sounded every bit as put-on as it was, at least to people from Arkansas. (Take it from one who knows.)

But she’s still at it. Here she is in Selma, Alabama, before a black audience. At first, I thought she was just kidding around a little, trying to be funny at the start of her speech by jivin’ like a black Southern preacher. (In fact, you can hear a little laughter in the crowd –- maybe they didn’t know whether they were supposed to laugh or not.) But no, she goes on, and appears from this clip to be flavoring much of her speech with it. Hilarious.

Thanks, Hillary. These days, we can really use a laugh.



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  • rodney burke

    03/05/2019 06:19 PM

    tragically, she isn't very funny most of the time. What she represents is sickening. she tries to be "one of us" and she is clueless of what WE are. And she almost was prez? Oh my word! She shows it further by wanting to run again at 70? DT she ain't. She has neither the stamina or political clout to be a viable candidate.

  • Milton Woodham

    03/05/2019 05:58 PM

    Of course the accent is fake, why would it not be! Everything about this woman is insincere and fake!

  • Sandra Young

    03/05/2019 04:28 PM

    Dear, our Dear Mrs Clinton . .
    PLEASE . .
    we beg of ya . .
    GO AWAY - Down or up yonder . .
    them grandbabies need ya AND

  • Joseph Trokey

    03/05/2019 01:39 PM

    I had heard that when Bill got to be President, Arkansas canceled Halloween and Thanksgiving. See the witch left and took the turkey with her.

  • Barbara Flowers

    03/05/2019 11:36 AM

    Jaw dropping! Hillary is either delusional, mentally unstable, or just has no shame. At what point in ones life do you say to yourself, " Ive given it a good run, but now it's over"? Actually, if I had to pick one of the above, I couldnt because I think it's all three!

  • Billy J White

    03/05/2019 11:26 AM

    I like how she talked about bring the dead back to vote. That’s a democratic move isn’t it? When the bones get up. ?? crazy train leaving platform 9 1/4.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    03/05/2019 11:03 AM

    With fake Indians, fake Mexicans, a fake poor girl from the Bronx, and now Hillary as a fake southerner, the democrat party has truly become "The Phoney Express'!

  • Machele Martin

    03/05/2019 10:20 AM

    Thank you for all your articles Gov. Huckabee. Please stay the voice of reason for Americans. I am very worried at how far left the Democrats are drifting. God Bless.

  • Donna Churchill

    03/05/2019 09:46 AM

    And quoting Scripture, too! You can judge a man (or woman) by his fruit and I judge her by her support of murdering babies!! I don't believe her accent or her Christianity!

  • Patricia Jakubisin

    03/05/2019 09:42 AM

    Funny watching Hilary quoting scripture, acting all Godly. Sorry Jesus, but your daughter went to the dark side long ago.

  • Diane Dunken-Schofield

    03/05/2019 09:10 AM

    Why is it acceptable for her to do that and anyone else would have a racial tyraid against them? She is a female Democrat the media's favorite commodity.