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July 17, 2022


Sunday Standard

Here are the top stories from this week that I think you will want to read:

  • A new EV report is worth reading
  • The Ray Epps NEW YORK TIMES story; a follow-up
  • The costs of inflation
  • Biden issues Executive Order on Abortion


Mike Huckabee


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A new EV report is worth reading

This was originally published on July 14th.

With gas prices at record highs, a new Consumer Reports survey found that 36% of Americans say they are planning to buy or lease an EV, or considering it. I suspect this is the real reason why gas prices are at record highs.

But they might want to try renting one first, to make sure they know what they’re getting into. We’re seeing a growing number of stories lately about people who’ve put the electric vehicles that President Biden is trying to force us to drive to practical testing, with shockingly bad results. I told you about the trailer towing test, where the estimated range immediately started dropping until the driver had to turn around and come back before the electric pickup died.

Here’s someone else who tried that, with similar dire results.

We’ve also seen several stories of nightmare long distance trips in rented EVs that turned into days of panicked searches for charging stations. But there are too many stories to keep up with them all, so here’s just a quick round-up of a few of the more recent:

In the new JD Powers Initial Quality Study, the EV brand Polestar ranked last among 36 brands, with Tesla tied at #30.

It's reported that GM’s new HummerEV produces more CO2 per mile driven than some gas-powered sedans.

Not long after the president of Toyota said that EVs are over-hyped, Toyota issued a recall of its new electric bZ4X SUVs because the wheels are coming off. No, that’s not a metaphorical comment on the EV movement. The wheels are literally falling off.

And if your intent in buying an EV is to help the environment, Issues & Insights has some “everything you know is wrong” info you should see. For instance, when you factor in the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process and the need to dispose of spent batteries, electric cars can be worse for the environment than classic cars or even a new gas-powered car.

And none of this even addresses the mastodon in the room: how are we going to charge tens of millions of electric vehicles when power companies even in Texas are warning people to turn off their lights, raise their thermostats and don't use their appliances during daylight hours to avoid widespread blackouts and brownouts due to "green energy" sources being unable to meet current power demands? 


The Ray Epps NEW YORK TIMES story; a follow-up

This article was originally published on July 15th.

In yesterday’s J6 committee hearing update, I told you about THE NEW YORK TIMES’ odd story on Ray Epps, which painted him as a victim of right-wing conspiracy theorists. Epps says he plans to sue those who’ve accused him of working undercover for the FBI to encourage Trump supporters to “go inside the Capitol.”
Tucker Carlson has repeatedly reported on the Ray Epps suspicions, and he fought back against the NYT story Thursday evening. Apparently, Tucker said, in all the time the NYT reporter spent with Epps (a whole day), he was never asked what he meant to accomplish by telling the crowd to go into the building. “It’s all very strange,” Tucker said. “THE NEW YORK TIMES has mounted a propaganda campaign on behalf of a self-described Trump voter insurrectionist.” What’s going on here?

“It’s almost like they’re trying to cover something up,” he said.

Tucker found it interesting that the NYT specifically includes this: “Mr. Epps also said he regretted sending a text to his nephew, well after the violence had erupted, in which he discussed how he helped to orchestrate the movements of people who were leaving Mr. Trump’s speech near the White House by pointing them in the direction of the Capitol.”  He theorizes that since we’ve heard nothing at all till now about this particular text, the main purpose of the NYT piece might have been to “drop that little bomblet at the end in the least damaging way.”

Also, the piece fails to mention whether Epps had any contacts with any federal agencies in the period leading up to the rally. Why wouldn’t the NYT ask him about that?

But the article does tell us that Epps might be in mortal danger from Mexican drug cartels. Talk about a non sequitur; how are Mexican drug cartels involved in the story of January 6?

Darren Beattie of REVOLVER NEWS, who has done outstanding reporting on January 6, pointed out that “in the entire piece, there is no blanket, explicit denial on the part of Epps to have been associated with any intelligence group, DHS, JTTF [Joint Terrorism Task Force], military intelligence, so forth. [He] just reiterates his very legal denial of being involved with law enforcement.” Also, “the piece describes Epps as a Trump supporter...on a last-minute thing with his son to attend Trump’s speech on election fraud. The only thing is, Epps didn’t attend the speech. Epps travels all the way from Arizona to DC, this big Trump supporter, and he doesn’t even attend the speech?”

No, he “fixates on this bizarre mission to get everyone to go into the Capitol?” And he happens to be “hanging out right by the initial breach point...before the Proud Boys even get there?”

The piece also doesn’t discuss how Epps got this idea. “Here’s the one person calling for everyone to go in,” and the NYT doesn't ask him that. Did he come up with it himself after he got there? Did someone tell him to do it?

Epps’ behavior was “so egregious,” Beattie said, that he was in the top 20 on the FBI Most Wanted list and even featured in a NYT documentary on January 6. “And now, he’s unarrested, unindicted, and he’s the only January 6 rioter about whom Adam Kinzinger has nice things to say and THE NEW YORK TIMES is writing puff pieces about.”

We still need to know about the roles played by law enforcement, intelligence and the military on that day and the days leading up to it. “When they won’t answer a question and call you names for asking it, maybe there’s something there,” Tucker concluded.

Of course, as we reported yesterday, Adam Schiff is doing his best to keep the next Congress --- almost certainly destined to be GOP-led --- from looking into questions like that.

Article after article is parroting what the NYT reported about Epps. They use the phrase “unfounded conspiracy theory” to describe suspicions about him. “Baseless” is another popular adjective, which is used here just as reflexively as it is in articles on election fraud (another issue for which suspicions are not, in reality, baseless). Here’s one example:

Here’s another:

If you have a strong stomach and the time and inclination to read these, you’ll see that Tucker is right about the big questions regarding Epps’ behavior not being asked. I’m in no way defending the harassment and death threats Epps says he’s received, but, really, why WASN’T he arrested and charged for doing the same thing (and more) that got others locked up without bail? Why WAS he dropped from the FBI Most Wanted list? BUSINESS INSIDER simply says that “the FBI has not publicly commented on allegations that Epps was working with them or why he was not charged.”
Epps was caught on camera blatantly encouraging what the left condemns as “insurrectionist” behavior. The fact that he wasn’t arrested and jailed and treated with the same lack of due process as others were who did much less --- Brandon Straka, who also never entered the Capitol and was much more peaceful, comes to mind --- makes no sense. So my guess is that some piece of information is missing. Whether or not Epps was working with the feds, something about this story smells off.
The NYT ran an earlier piece on Epps, in May, reporting that during discovery for some of those protesters who, unlike Epps, were actually facing charges, some recordings of interviews were found to support the claim that he tried to calm another protester before that person confronted cops at the barricades and effectively triggered the breach.  He's said to have whispered to the man, Ryan Samsel, something like, "Dude, relax; the cops are doing their job," not encouraging him to riot as has been alleged.
This detail, even if true, still doesn't tell us why Epps was so insistent the night before that protesters go inside the building and why law enforcement took such an uncharacteristic hands-off approach with him.


The costs of inflation

This article was originally published on July 7th.

One of the reasons I think voters are so angry is that they’re not only paying so much more for everything, but they’re being told that the rate of inflation over the past year is 8.6%. That’s bad enough, the highest in 40 years, but it’s also not what most people are experiencing, and they feel lied to.

Is gas 8.6% higher than it was a year ago? How about your food bill? Do you like chicken wings? They’re up 38% since last year. Everyone has caught on to the scam that is the government formula for figuring inflation and how it deliberately understates what’s really coming out of our pockets.

Here are a couple of examples of the real costs of inflation that the Democrats hope you somehow won’t notice:

Even Costco is having to raise its food court prices, with its chicken bake now $3.99, up a full dollar since June (for the math-challenged, that’s more than 8.6%.)

The good news: they’re holding the line on their famous hot dog and soda for $1.50 deal, but I can’t imagine they’re making money on it. Certainly, most restaurants are suffering from skyrocketing prices. Surveys show that many Americans are being forced to cut back on restaurant visits, and this isn’t going to help:

Fox News reports that restaurants are struggling with higher costs of everything from utilities to food prices to labor to credit card fees. Over the past year, wholesale food prices have increased 15%, while restaurants have raised menu prices only about 7% on average. To make up the difference, some have started adding extra fees to the bill. If you look closely at your check, you might spot a 3% “inflation fee” or a 4% “kitchen appreciation fee.” This keeps the menu prices down, but do they really think customers aren’t going to notice it?

Obviously not, since a recent survey found that 72% of restaurant owners fear they’ll have to go out of business if inflation doesn’t come down soon. Our Washington “leaders” might accuse them of “wishing a recession into existence,” but I think that, as with the government’s calculation of the inflation rate, business owners are just more in touch with reality than they are.

And speaking of being “untethered from reality,” that’s precisely how gas station owners are describing President Biden after he blamed them (and Putin, of course!) for high gas prices.

Wait, stop the presses! President Biden has found someone new to blame for high prices! It’s no longer just Big Oil or Putin. Now, it’s the fault of Republicans for not going along with his latest policies to bring down the high prices caused by his previous policies.


America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Gateway National Park, visit its website here.

Biden issues Executive Order on Abortion

This article was published on July 11th.

As expected on Friday, President Biden issued his executive order to try to make it easier for women – sorry, “birthing people” – to get abortions. Here’s an explanation of what’s in it:

It appears that Democrats’ greatest fear is that the people of the individual states will actually have some say over abortion laws and not have it dictated to them by Washington. Biden’s statement included what we’ve come to expect from him, such as claims that Republicans have an “extreme agenda” on abortion. Or so says a man who claims to be a Catholic and who once opposed abortion himself, but who now thinks his party’s agenda is not extreme, even though 49 out of 50 of its Senators voted to allow the killing of babies in the womb right up to the moment of birth, a practice so barbaric, it’s mostly allowed only in nations such as North Korea.

The statement also included the expected fuzzy euphemisms for abortion, some blatant politicizing of the issue (elect more Democrats so they can ignore the Constitution and impose abortion by federal law), some likely fake news when Biden repeated a viral claim about a 10-year-old rape victim being denied an abortion that is looking more and more like propaganda from a pro-abortion activist…

And of course, numerous gaffes, including a moment when Biden read his stage directions off the Teleprompter out loud…

…followed by the White House and its sycophants insisting that we didn’t actually see and hear what we just saw and heard.


I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Sunday Standard.

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  • Jerry

    07/18/2022 08:06 AM

    The climate change green new deal is a hoax I wonder what the percentage of people believe that. I have pointed it out multiple times. Wind and solar energy will sustain our energy needs alone as I have mentioned before individuals and corporations could use those sources to supplement their energy needs this country needs fossil and nuclear run energy. climate change is a tool to destroy capitalism and transform America to socialism type society and we have been on our way to that over the last 40 years. People this is my grand children this administration is serious we better start thinking about freedoms for your children I don’t want to leave knowing what my military put on the line to preserve our freedoms had been for nothing

  • Jerry

    07/18/2022 07:42 AM

    Why would the Middle East leadership listen to this administration when the administration is is loaded with Obama minions leading every department in the federal government Obama is anti American and pro Iran pro Russia pro terrorists and criminal acts biden has been programmed to embrace all of its ideology and biden’s only thought left is how does he enhance himself if Biden is ever convicted of all his crimes I think they should put his playhouse Oval Office in his cell after all I am not a mean person but I want this administration’s minions with him

  • Joseph Orsini

    07/17/2022 08:59 PM

    WHY are the Dems saying Biden's presidency is to blame for all our problems is to allow Dem Congressional candidates to avoid their own responsibility for these policies, thus hoping the "red wave", which is SUPPOSED to be coming, will not include them.
    Why doesn't our CONSERVATIVE media talk about this?

  • Anne Turner

    07/17/2022 07:43 PM

    I live in the area of a small college town. In general it is quite prosperous and quite liberal. I can almost guarantee that if you sat down with my bridge group of eight and ask how they felt about the abortion decision, at least 6 would immediately say something about forcing a ten year rape victim to cross state lines to abort. When told that that had been refuted they would all say they hadn’t heard anything like that. If ask about aborting at the point if full time birth at least half would say, oh that doesn’t happen except in extreme cases of birth defects. If ask if it’s okay to abort at five months, they would say, that’s not a baby, just a blob of tissue. Anyone heard of sonograms people? Or, they would say, .i don’t want to talk about it. The best one is “my body, my decision”. I guess that would make assisted suicide legal. Vaccines don’t count.

    Second point for today. I was told the other day that .Trump is a criminal. I was wondering if you could list the criminal things he has done? We know Joe is probably a criminal, at least his son is surely one but the most would say nothing has been proven. Funny thing when a conservative is caused of being a criminal, it is accepted as truth without proof, but if a liberal is accused and there is proof all over the place, it’s not been proven. Conservative politicians lie period, but if liberal politicians are accused, “they all lie”.


  • Peggy Bojduj

    07/17/2022 07:36 PM

    As a menopausal woman I am amazed at the other menopausal women who are screaming about abortion rights. Why?? Its not something that’s impacting us in this stage of life. It’s not a proud legacy from my peers that needs to be passed on to the younger generation. I know a few women who got an abortion and have had to come to grips and repent before God for taking the life of their pre born babies. A lot of regret and healing has been done. Others seem to have seared hearts. But I am so sad for the women my age who now are bitter or alone and not having a grown child to help them as we age especially if they are unmarried or widowed or divorced. They missed out on the joy of grandchildren and pride in their adult child because they chose to snuff out perhaps the only child they would ever conceive. Dreadful lifetime consequences to live with.

  • Shauna dickerson

    07/17/2022 07:35 PM

    Gov Huckabee, is it even legal for the president to issue an EO aimed at an edict from the Supreme Court. EO's are so close to be something only an emporer should be allowed to do. How can a president just because he wants to issue a binding EO on the Supreme Court ruling?

  • Jerry

    07/17/2022 07:06 PM

    Why does biden travel across the planet to seek failure while he can fail at bowel movements in the WH latrine; this nitwit wandered around the middle east like a zombie fully knowing no one was going to listen to him they let biden in so those countries could embarrass America and the people that voted for him and the other nitwit harris. The world audience is laughing at biden and America some feel sorry for us for in a few years other countries are not going to get handouts and welfare from the US because it will not have money itself. China will be the next donor the other countries can look to for welfare have fun with that.

  • Roger Waters

    07/17/2022 05:03 PM

    When the Republicans get in charge of the House, they should investigate all the members of the Jan 6 committee.

  • Wayne Carlile Terry

    07/17/2022 05:00 PM

    Mike: Regarding the topic of abortion, life began with creation, and there has been no new beginnings since the creation. Life is a continuum by species from its genesis until today. Students of my era had to memorize the Declaration of our Independence from England which clearly states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” From this sentence emanates our corporate, national acknowledgement that we have a right to life granted by our common creator. Now, by the actions of our highest court, fifty states will put this right to a popular vote. As unlikely as it may be, we could conceivably have fifty definitions of when life begins, and to my knowledge, none maintain that it began at creation. Morality has never been statistical. Like the laws of science, moral law cannot be subjugated to human whims without consequences.

  • Jewelene Travis

    07/17/2022 04:25 PM

    Well we will have to keep buying gas. We could not afford the cheapest thin on an EV.