April 1, 2020

It’s frustrating to listen to the “official” scientists when it comes to treating COVID-19 with promising drugs. Researchers want data –- YES, WE KNOW –- and they typically answer any question on the need for new treatments with the same spiel about controlled, double-blind, long-term studies.

Those studies take time. (Aside: in the meantime, we simply must go ahead and treat with medications that are safe and show promise.) And much of the data we need will have to come from far-flung places around the world. A few controlled studies are already going on, but we must wait for the results. Of course, in an ideal world, we would be getting solid data from China, everything they have, which would be especially useful because Wuhan Province is Ground Zero for this infection. But this is not an ideal world, and that is NOT happening and will never happen.

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Over the past couple of days, I’ve written about the lack of truthful information from Chinese leaders. It’s worse than that: they’ve created a bogus narrative about their effective handling of the spread of the disease that many in the American media love to perpetuate because it makes President Trump look bad by comparison. They hate him so much that I’m not sure it matters to them that the story out of China is a big lie.

One big eye-opener is a recent report from the Australian version of 60 MINUTES. Australia, being much closer geographically to China and the Asian Pacific, takes a warier approach than the American media do to anything China does or says, and this report is no exception. When the Chinese government claimed that only about 2500 people died, Australians weren’t buying it, in part because of the huge increase in the number of cremations. That’s right; it seems that if you want to “earn” money in China right now, you should definitely go into the urn business. There was also a corresponding decrease in the number of cell phones

According to “emerging diseases” expert Laurie Garrett, who has witnessed outbreaks of Ebola and SARS, the virus “festered” in the live animal market in Wuhan for at least a month and a half before the world was told. At least at the time of this interview, she believed the virus “jumped” from some animal species, such as a bat, to human as has happened with other viruses (Note: as we’ve discussed, at least one study has suggested the market was not the original source of infection, and a Level 4 biolab is suspiciously close by; so is the Wuhan Institute of Virology.)

Garrett takes us through the timeline that started in mid-November, when cases of “a strange new flu” began to surface. In early December, they determined that it wasn’t SARS or anything like it, and that it had been spread from that market. Anyone who suggested otherwise was “suppressed,” she says. An official announcement didn’t come until New Year’s Eve; they said they had closed the market and stopped the spread, and also that there was no human-to-human transmission. She says this was a deliberate lie, that by then they were seeing cases they knew had no connection with the market.

Garrett goes on to talk about the physician who tried to warn the world and has since died of the virus. He was among a group of eight doctors who were called in and forced to sign statements declaring themselves liars. Isn’t totalitarianism great?

The report also features an interview with Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, ranking Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee. He has been outspoken in accusing China of a criminal act, “the worst cover-up in human history.” From reports out of Beijing, we know that a lab had sequenced the new coronavirus by December 27 but was ordered to hand over or destroy its samples.

McCaul says that if the Chinese had done the right thing and notified the World Health Organization, an estimated 95 percent of the worldwide contagion could have been stopped. I would add that it’s ironic, in light of this, how much the World Health Organization is going along with China’s narrative now. Tucker Carlson had a good segment on WHO Tuesday night; he also references the Australian 60 MINUTES report.

The report goes on with the shocking timeline, contrasting China’s official statements with what they really knew about the virus. The culmination was the Chinese president’s decision to allow 5 million people, with no health screening, to leave Wuhan for points unknown around the world. Since then, another doctor, the head of emergency at Wuhan Central Hospital, who tried to expose the deception has “disappeared.”

I’m linking to this piece with one caveat: the interviewee (a New Yorker) interjects politics and engages in some extremely undeserved Trump-bashing towards the end. Unbelievably, she blames both President Xi AND President Trump, “the two most powerful men on earth,” for the pandemic. She wrongly accuses Trump of “downplaying the significance” of COVID-19, never mentioning his early efforts to contain it by stopping travel from China. She notes instead his tweets praising China, not understanding the “big picture” and the diplomatic and practical reasons why he might do so. Anyway, if that part sickens you as it did me, you can skip over to the rest of the interview with McCaul, whose defense of the President –- believe it or not –- actually made it in.

Whistleblowers silenced by China could have stopped global coronavirus spread | 60 Minutes Australia

According to Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party in the UK, Radio Free Asia says the number of deaths in China from COVID-19 is more like 40,000. “But the one thing I do know,” he told Martha MacCallum on Monday evening, “absolutely for certain, is we cannot believe a word that Communist China says.”

He said that from the beginning, they hid the truth. “The doctor that exposed what was really happening was written off as a mad conspiracy theorist...and now we see China using its influence, using its money; we particularly see Huawei, the telecoms company, donating face masks, hand gel, donations in some cases, and even the state offering to sell ventilators to countries like Italy that are having serious problems. The country that caused this problem is now trying to present itself to much of the Western world as being its savior, and is trying to make a massive, massive power grab.”

Reminds me of the arsonist who plays “hero” and rushes in to save the family.

Farage says it’s time the Chinese government “owned up” and took some responsibility. Fat chance. I’d say it’s time our own media got a reality check and realized this is a totalitarian state, one that keeps people in line with prison camps and executions and will use the pandemic they caused to hurt us in any way possible, short-term and long-term, so they can eventually replace us as the leading world power. THAT is what President Trump has to deal with. Is there anything to convince our partisan media that the Chinese state is America’s enemy, and the one person they spend all their energy hating and abusing, President Trump, is really America’s dearest friend?

Farage, for one, understands Trump having to pay lip service to the Chinese president right now. “The truth of it is, we’ve become much too dependent on China for much of our supply chains in manufacturing...this needs a radical rethink. It is globalization that has caused this crisis.”

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  • Colin Keating

    04/18/2020 04:00 PM

    Now, if only we had someone like President Trump here in Canada, instead of the face painting, selfie taking part time drama teacher “little potato” trudeau. This failed pissant allowed thousands of unscreened visitors to enter Canada from China, Pakistan and elsewhere. He also issued hundreds of “special” visas to Wuhan residents after the pandemic began. Well, he previously did say he admired the Chinese system which allows quick action tp deal with serious issues. Ironic or what. I am convinced this Quisling who counts George Soros as a friend is deliberately destroying Canada.

  • John inkel

    04/15/2020 04:48 AM

    Love you Mike!

  • Paul

    04/07/2020 06:50 AM

    We need to bring back American made stop depending on communist countries for our well being. The writing is on the wall !

  • Eric Letts

    04/05/2020 12:57 AM

    I think it is way past time to reopen all our factories and start making everything right here in the U.S.A. ! We have higher standards, and would make a better product.

  • Judith L Prather

    04/03/2020 03:25 PM

    My thought has always been that China did this on purpose to weaken the world, especially the USA. They have always wanted world domination and this is one way to do it. Personally I believe they wanted the virus to wipe out as many people as possible. We, in this country, need to bring our Lord and Savior back into our homes etc. His love and strength can defeat China and this virus. God Bless America and you Gov. Huckabee. You are a voice of reason.

  • HCorey

    04/02/2020 06:47 PM

    I expect our enemies to lie to us, and Chinese government is an enemy of US. What I fear more is the lying vitriol tag comes out of leadership of Democrats and some Republicans during this pandemic.

  • Carol Stonelake

    04/02/2020 05:10 PM

    Mike, I wonder if possibly when this viral outbreak in Wuhan, which was proving to be so deadly to its people, could be used for a major pandemic to destroy many country’s economies especially the US. I wouldn’t put it past them!

  • Katherine Engleman

    04/02/2020 12:02 PM

    I've never trusted the Chinese government. It sickens me that they would allow hundreds of thousands of innocent people to die just to bolster their grasp on world power. But then, these are subhumans who do the unthinkable to their OWN citizens, so what could the world possibly expect from them? The next item that sickens me is certain American media/journalists (and those who believe their opinions and views - which certainly isn't FACT or TRUTH) who support their cause all in the name of bashing our wonderful President, a good human being, who loves our nation with all his heart. I never thought I'd see such hatred in our country (I'm 61) but I know those who are older than me must be angry as "hell" about the lack of respect, pride, betterment and unification in our country ... from some rats in Washington right down to the snowflakes! Keep up the good work, Mr. M, God bless you and our President, indeed our entire country - may the tides begin to change for the better on every level, in Christ's name, I pray!!

  • Bill Codner

    04/02/2020 11:39 AM

    Nobody in their right mind believe anything coming out of CNN, the Communist News Network. Nor does any right minded American believe a word out of the mouth of a Chicom.

  • Beverly Hooper

    04/02/2020 11:09 AM

    All of this is very alarming and something I would never hear from the Main Stream Media. Thank you for revealing it to us. I watch your program on TBN every week, and can always trust you to tell us the truth

  • Jeff Ivester

    04/02/2020 10:16 AM

    I receive a newsletter from a retired former CIA officer named Jason Hanson. Jason shared an opinion with his readers that he received from someone in South Africa that I think is worthy of thought. Like Jason, I'm not saying I agree or disagree with this fellows views, but worth sharing I think. Here they are:

    Jason Hanson [email protected] via
    Mar 30, 2020, 8:18 AM (3 days ago)
    to Jeffivester

    A fellow I know in South Africa just sent me this email…
    I’m not saying I totally agree (or disagree) with everything he says, but it’s good food for thought to get your mind thinking.
    Here is his full email as he sent it to me…
    "The South African government calls a 21-day curfew, enforced by the police and military a “lockdown."
    In fact, we are witnessing martial law and the nationalization of the economy.
    People are panicking and spent much of yesterday's paycheck stocking up with alcohol and supplies.
    The fear is palpable and there is an undercurrent of resentment by those who do not have what others have.
    So, with time on my very clean hands, I have been reflecting on the global situation and have realized that what we are witnessing is a colossal failure of imagination.
    Security professionals have long known about weapons of mass disruption--minimum casualties but maximum impact on the socio-economic fabric.
    Unfortunately, their focus has been on cybercrime and the need to enhance the resilience of computer systems.
    No one really considered the consequences of, or resilience of, a workforce struck by panic, quarantine and death.
    So, although I am not an economist or a social scientist, I have practiced the craft of intelligence for several years. My job is to connect the dots.
    Here goes:
    1. During the Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s, the Japanese used its bio weapons of shingella and the plague against the Chinese.
    This was not the first time that China had experienced the effects of bio weapons.
    The British had used opium to great effect during the 1860s. Not a bio weapon specifically, but certainly a weapon of mass disruption which created more than 20 million addicts at the time.
    2. After WW2, China started its industrialisation programme.
    They also started a bio defence programme.
    In 1985, they signed an international bio weapons treaty, confirming that they were now a fully-fledged manufacturer of bio weapons.
    The Chinese insisted that such production was for defence purposes, although their programme was spread across more than 50 centres throughout the country.
    3. In the 1990s, Chinese weapons sales took a dive because the Gulf War had demonstrated the superiority of US weaponry and technology. The Chinese looked at other weapons to fill the gap.
    4. Soon, the Chinese started exporting their bio weapons technology to Iran and other pariah States in the Middle East.
    5. In 2003, a coronavirus outbreak named SARS occurred in a province in Southern China.
    A vaccine was found and the spread of the disease was controlled. The incident looks remarkably like a test case.
    6. In 2005, following the Second Gulf War, genuine Intelligence reports indicated that China had transferred bio weapons technology to Iran and continued to do so until at least 2010.
    7. In 2013, a coronavirus outbreak named MERS occurred in Iran, although the first case was recorded in neighbouring Saudi Arabia.
    The disease was lethal and the true number of deaths was not released.
    Interestingly, no figures about the rate of infection were broadcast to the world population.
    Another controlled test case?
    8. In 2019, a coronavirus outbreak named COVID occurred in another province in China.
    The locations of both coronavirus outbreaks in China (2003 and 2019) were in places that had bio weapons labs called Institutes of Virology.
    Apparently, the head of the Institute in Wuhan had spent a decade at the University of North Carolina studying the coronavirus.
    9. The spread of COVID-19 in China was contained with a loss of life similar to the number of US deaths on 9/11.
    Initially, reported infection rates were high, although no Victim X was ever identified.
    Meanwhile, the rest of the world has followed the similar protocol of lock down (Wuhan has a population of 11 million) but extended it countrywide.
    The economies of some of these countries are fragile and upheld largely by cheap Chinese imports.
    Think of this as using Rohyphnol on a victim before raping them.
    10. Consider that there are three types of warfare: conventional, asymmetrical and CBRN.
    The Chinese could not take on the US using the first two and lacked the Chemical, Radiological and Nuclear (CRN) capabilities of the third option.
    But it had the Biological capabilities.
    Therefore, a reasonable conclusion is that China is waging a war against other economies using a weapon of mass disruption.
    By understanding this, we can do more than wash our hands of the problem.
    Next steps...
    1. Send Chinese American intelligence agents back to China to find the smoking gun- proving intent.
    2. Hostile takeover of all US firms with more than 20% Chinese equity.
    3. Replace Chinese manufacturers with a beneficiation programme in Africa.
    The continent has the land, the resources and a cost-effective community based workforce. Many local managers are English or French speaking.
    4. Create a robust supply chain within Africa with shipments by sea and air to all points of the globe, except China.
    5. Isolate China diplomatically and cancel all trade agreements. Force the country into isolation.
    6. Repurpose a flu vaccine to restore public confidence, even if a placebo.
    In other words, the US should retaliate economically and social media to be used to encourage people to stop panicking.
    No one wants a population of beggars reaching out with really clean hands.
    Keep safe, Sanitize and Weaponise."
    Okay, that was the end of the email this fellow sent me.
    Like I said, interesting food for thought.
    Please make sure you are continuing to prepare for your family and that you’re stocking and re-stocking the supplies you need to keep safe.
    (Here’s a link to our store for a few items you might want or need.)
    Stay safe,
    Jason Hanson
    Former CIA Officer
    Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing
    Editor, Black Bag Confidential

  • Judy Radley

    04/02/2020 10:14 AM

    Thank you for sharing the numbers of recovery greater than the number of deaths. That is good news, but also I remember too that the number of infected will show as more now because there is a reliable test to show who has the virus and who doesn't, per testing. Of course the media is spinning this to make it looks worse than better, i.e. not many reports of those who have RECOVERED vs. died. That IS an important fact, but we know the media ignores the true facts, especially if they are good news.

    I was also thinking the other day, the number of people who got infected first, may have been more prostitutes, homeless people, illegal immigrants, etc., but of course we will not hear about that, esp. not from China, nor from Liberal lead state govts. like NYC. We have also more recovered numbers in Genesee County than deaths too, but only local newspapers report that, and esp. not MSM, which is from NYC.

    Not everyone will get sick from this, but we only hear about those who have. But if a person just woke up from being in a coma for years, would think maybe EVERYONE will get the virus, if you believe the news, but that IS NOT true. It may be a bigger risk right not, but still doesn't mean everyone will get it....some are already immune to it, so yes, the so-called apex is supposedly still to come, but how long will that report be out there? Beyond November General Election? Or depending on who is elected, it might end right at election result reporting, if it favors the doom and gloom crowd. I know I should not be so suspicious, but the way the political TDS has been traveling since President Trump was elected, it seems more likely than not. BUT, I still believe President Trump will be re-elected, unless some 'monkey business' of voter fraud happens, then the results will linger on into 2021....

  • Raymond D Babcock

    04/02/2020 05:16 AM

    Nixon is by far the worst president America has ever had. For it was during the Nixon administration the dollar was taken of the gold standard. Nixon opened they American markets to a communist country China.

  • Maureen Cameron

    04/02/2020 02:27 AM

    I read that China didn’t say anything about the virus is because they wanted to collapse America’s economy and take over.

    I also read that the dr that exposed the truth about the virus was executed by dying from the virus.

    Is all this true.

  • marina verdun

    04/02/2020 12:48 AM

    amazing......guess we will not know the true stats re deaths and exposures....devastating in louisiana per email i got from a friend the seriousness and tole it takes on care givers and doctors and the number of beds they have to open daily and the ventilators they have to get....

  • Marianne Moessner Chen

    04/02/2020 12:33 AM

    Thank you for the article. I’m all for declaring statements cursing cv19 worldwide in Jesus’ Name, praying for our nation and all others.

  • Marti Young

    04/02/2020 12:14 AM

    I find it very distressing that our pharmaceuticals are being produced in China. We have recently had a recall of blood pressure medications produced in China. I hope we wake up and bring back to the USA the production of at least our more essential goods. We cannot trust China; they want to destroy our economy. Further, we cannot trust Russia; they seek to destroy our position in world politics. I fully support President Trump. Democrats do not support this country; they only support their party and winning the next election. I pray for our president and our country.

  • Rebecca Smith

    04/01/2020 08:26 PM

    God bless you Mr. Huckabee. Thank you for your information and your support of our President. I am praying for President Trump and continue to believe he is a God’s gift to save our country.

  • Candace King

    04/01/2020 08:16 PM

    I tried emailing you Me Huckabee. I’m wondering if you still have a PAC that is helping Republicans running for office this fall? Senators and Republicans, state races?

  • Tom Cooper

    04/01/2020 07:50 PM

    Fox News needs to expose (and keep on exposing) the Chinese failures (lies and quality control failures [80% failure rate of 150,000 masks sent to Czechoslovakia, and Denmark rejecting Chinese 'help']), as well as major Chinese totalitarian human rights violations -- all associated with this virus. Then Trump needs to make this a major issue, and strongly encourage the return of businesses to the U.S.

    Maybe the problem is so severe that American-owned businesses located in foreign countries should have to abide by U.S. employment law (in addition to the laws of the foreign country), and be subject to OSHA, DOJ, etc. etc. !!!

  • Tish Hart

    04/01/2020 07:40 PM

    Thank you for airing the truth

  • Roy A. McDonald

    04/01/2020 07:03 PM

    I really don't have much to say other than I agree with that Trump has been way out ahead of this problem from the very beginning. Also thank you very much for your daily briefing and you like Trump would have made a great president.


  • Ellen Klapperich

    04/01/2020 07:01 PM

    It has been my belief that Chinese government unleashed this on their people because of the Hong Kong protests. The timing is suspect to me. And bonus for them that other nations took at hit from it.

  • Dawn Neuschwander

    04/01/2020 07:00 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Your article was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely agree with everything you have said about China! Who can trust a Communist! We have them here in our media and look how that runs!!! Lies, lies and more lies from that pathetic media!!!!!!!!! American is behind President Trump! But after Easter he needs to let the economy roll! We will survive this virus there is a God and He controls who lives and dies not a virus!!

  • Dennis Killeen

    04/01/2020 06:41 PM

    Why hasn't the EU countries been vocal about the Chinese lack of honesty in this virus outbreak? Italy is dependent on Chinese workers, but you would think some leaders would have the moral courage to speak out. Of course I am not sure Obama would be as out front on this as President Trump.