October 11, 2017

Laura Ingraham has written a fascinating new book, “Billionaire at the Barricades,” about the election of President Trump, but also about how populist uprisings against out-of-touch elites of politics, finance and the media have shaped elections since Reagan. But of course, this stretches back to way before Reagan.

The fact is, there is nothing new in politics, no matter how many times shocked pundits flap their hankies and wail that something they dislike about Trump is “unprecedented!” Back in 1828, political outsider Gen. Andrew Jackson won a presidential race that made today’s sleazy campaigns seem mild. His opponents accused his wife of bigamy, called his mother a “common prostitute” and his father a “mulatto,” and claimed that he cannibalized Native Americans. One rival candidate even declared Jackson “altogether unfit for the office” (deja vu!) Not all that surprising, considering how much the elites of the time really didn’t want him in office. He was blunt, combative and out of place in polite, wealthy circles. He ran on a promise to represent the common man and vowed to end corruption between politicians and bankers and to scale back the rising power of the federal government. And he believed that if officials didn’t abide by the will of the people, they should resign. Any of this sound familiar?

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The major thing that’s changed since the 1800s is that Jackson was considered the father of the Democratic Party. Now, that same party is distancing itself from Jackson over his ugly attitudes about Indians and slavery, and relentlessly opposing a President who sounds just like him on the issues their party was supposedly founded on. The “party of the common man” now cozies up to the wealthy elites of DC, Hollywood, Wall Street and Silicon Valley while expressing horror at the idea of that vulgarian Trump upsetting their golden apple cart to restore power to the “deplorables.”

Time and again, the elites have attacked Trump as being wrong, crude, out of touch, etc., for voicing opinions that are not only popular with many Americans, but that were once considered common wisdom: everything from securing the border to enforcing immigration laws to standing respectfully when the National Anthem is played. All these and more have come under assault by “progressives” in recent years, but the fact that the media now accept the leftist viewpoint as unquestionably correct doesn’t mean that most Americans agree. Remember the immediate reaction to Trump’s criticism of the NFL Anthem protests? Most media elites assailed Trump, and players openly defied him. But he wasn’t creating a controversy so much as just saying what millions of Americans were already thinking. Now, the NFL is scrambling to backtrack as its ratings plummet.

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Despite what the elites may say, that reaction wasn’t manufactured by Trump. He just gave voice to a sentiment that was already there. Politicians who are blocking attempts to reform Obamacare, immigration, the tax code and other issues that voters are fed up with should bear in mind that that same principle applies across the board. Trump isn’t some crude thug attacking your sacred institutions so much as the voice of what’s already being widely said outside your elite bubbles.

In closing, I’ll note that for all the attacks, scandals and accusations leveled at Andrew Jackson, he succeeded in dismantling the national bank, became the only President ever to pay off the national debt and won reelection in a landslide. That’s how well the elitists’ attacks worked back then. Do you really think they’re working any better now?


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  • Janet Burton

    10/13/2017 10:10 AM

    Love your commentaries. Looking forward to getting Laura Ingraham's book. It is so nice to realize we are not alone in our thinking as the media and the elitist would like to think we are.

  • Jo Maddux

    10/12/2017 02:45 PM

    Love the masterfully way you express your opinion. And that "southern downhome style" you use, raised in the south is music to my ears. One of the first books I purchased was the title "God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy" caught my eye from the get go! Only thing missing was the "biscuit " part...??. Love your Christian and American values. God bless your heart!

  • Patricia Gaubatz

    10/12/2017 11:39 AM

    Always appreciate your wisdom, and you are right on for all the above mentioned. I have something different that I would like to run by you. If I am right, history tells of the democrats as being the party of slavery, kkk, keeping the blacks from voting, etc. They delight now in trying to make people think that they are the party that really care for the minorities. The only thing that I see is a party that holds the minorities down by broken promises, handing out a few trinkets now and then, not really helping them to better their life or situation. Now, they want to "help" the Hispanic people by encouraging them over the border, giving them special privileges, and lots of other things that even the American people don't get, or even not making justice fair when they actually break the law. What it seems to me is they have just legalized slavery, and the minority people just don 't recognize it for what it is. It's time somebody exposed their real motives for what they are doing. Low wages, benefits paid for by the American taxpayer, and protection from the evil government that tries to enforce the laws!!

  • William Booher

    10/12/2017 11:28 AM

    It is true. History repeats itself. Some people do study history just to cause chaos. Others study history to better a nation or themselves. Some people just don't study history at all which includes the US constitution. Now those are the people that really appear to be . . . foolish ( I had another word, but can't really type it out. It's just not in me ).

  • Samuel Smith

    10/11/2017 09:14 PM

    Thanks Huck. I enjoy the way you right and the way you put the truth in things, keep it up. We are told that the dark does not like the light for it show the sins of it's ways. The elites work in the dark just like their master (Satan), "Satan does far more harm as an angel of light than as a roaring lion." (Vance Havner) We must remember what Paul said in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities.... Until we put God back in our country and understand who our real enemy is we will keep having theses problems (PLAGUES)

  • Teresa Leigh Satterfield

    10/11/2017 03:54 PM

    I am confused about reports that Corker could change his mind about the tax bill and may take some of the republican senators that Trump may need to get it passed with him.......
    When did it change that these elected representatives(?) decide what is best for we Americans rather than act solely on what they find their constituents want their stance on items coming to the floor to be?!?!?
    We did not elect them as KINGS.....DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

  • Mary Rodriguez

    10/11/2017 03:34 PM

    Totally agree! Always enjoy your perspective. Please, keep it up!


    10/11/2017 02:06 PM

    THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION ON ANDREW JACKSON. Eventually, the public sees the difference between right and wrong. Trump will be more wildly successful than any former President. WE THE PEOPLE love President Trump and Melania. They are remarkable. We are in good hands. We also love your daughter Sarah. She is smart, fast, pretty and ready to roll with the punches. She is a breath of fresh air in this jungle we face and will defeat.

  • Mark Klemkosky

    10/11/2017 01:50 PM

    Thanks for the history reminder Huck! Sadly, kids won't be hearing any of these factoids in our current education system. If I remember correctly, they impeached AJ unsuccessfully as well.