July 12, 2018

I care about the Emmy nominations about as much as I care about which color will be dominant in this year’s Paris fashion shows, but I did check out this link from Drudge and noticed a couple of interesting quirks in what has become not an award for excellence but a reward for woke-ness. 

Is anyone surprised that the biggest comedy hit of 2018, “Roseanne,” was not nominated for an Emmy, nor was its star?  The real surprise is that Laurie Metcalf (“Jackie”) did get a supporting actress nod, which is Hollywood-speak for “We like you so much that we actually won’t blacklist you for standing next to a Trump voter.”  No such luck for John Goodman, though, who refused to backstab the woman who gave him his career and declined comment on the whole mess.   

Another surprise: the reboot of “Will & Grace” was not nominated for Best Comedy.  Not that it actually deserves it, but I suspect this reflects how far the whole LGBTQWXYZ, 57-genders, identify-as-whatever-you-want-and-that-makes-it-true wave has gone that the flamboyant gay white male characters on “W&G” now seem outdated, retrograde and the worst of all possible curse words: “problematic.”   

Finally, there are so many leftwing propagandists in late night “comedy” that the Emmys don’t have room to give them all a treat and a pat on the head for being nice anti-Trump attack dogs.  Seth Meyers, SNL and Bill Maher didn’t even make the cut!  Lord knows Jimmy Fallon wouldn’t have; he only recently was broken and put on the sack cloth and ashes for (two years ago!) treating candidate Donald Trump as if he were a human being and not “HISTORY’S GREATEST MONSTER!!!!” 

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Here are the 2018 nominees for “Best Variety/Talk Series”: Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert and James Corden.  Since Corden is the only one who does a show that even attempts to entertain viewers rather than constantly browbeat them into voting Democrat, I predict that he is the only one with a 0% chance of winning.


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  • Wyatt Thomas

    07/15/2018 09:10 AM

    Mostly nobody cares about that, or the actors. We love the characters they play, but they're just acting and saying what someone else told them to act and say. Other than that, they are no different than anyone else. A lot of them are nuts with no since at all, some are good intelligent people. They are workers like the rest of us, doing a job to pay the bills. They come in all types, I really don;t care what they are like. Entertain me and go away.

  • Penny Roberts

    07/12/2018 11:43 PM

    I have zero interest in any of show biz award shows and have no clue who most of the nominees are and don't care