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July 19, 2021

Former President Trump put out a statement criticizing the way President Biden is handling convincing Americans to get vaccinated against COVID. Because of the media’s prime directive that Trump is always wrong and to blame for all bad things, this is being spun as Trump promoting the anti-vaccination movement, which he wasn’t at all (you can read his statement here for yourself):

As noted, why would Trump, who got the vaccine himself, urged Americans to take it, and rightly takes credit for getting it developed so quickly, back the anti-vaccination movement?

The big story about the lagging vaccination numbers is just how much Democrats themselves have had to do with them. Most of their arguments are based on mockery and condescension rather than facts, and that works with some people, but it’s backfiring big time at convincing people to get vaccinated. To begin with, the idea that the “vaccine hesitant” are a bunch of dumb, anti-science Trump voters is not only insulting, it’s patently false.

A Kaiser poll in May found that only 20% of those hesitant to get vaccinated were Republicans, with 19% being Republican-leaning Independents. 41% were Democrats or Democrat-leaning Independents, and 20% pure Independents or undesignated. So reluctance to get vaccinated spans the political spectrum and might even lean slightly Democrat.

And who’s to blame for that? Biden and Kamala Harris might want to check out the nearest mirror. The press pretends to forget (and Biden probably has forgotten), but Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Cuomo and other top Democrats spent much of the 2020 election campaign casting suspicions on any vaccine developed under Trump (see the media’s prime directive, above.) Harris said flat-out that she would refuse to take it. Here are a couple of strolls down Memory Lane…

That first link up above to also includes a video montage of Biden and Harris throwing shade at vaccines. Of course, that was before they got elected. Then they got the vaccines even before taking office and immediately began taking credit for them. They also began sending other mixed messages, like continuing wearing masks and social distancing even after getting vaccinated, and flip-flopping on issues like the effectiveness of facemasks.

Other attempts to force/convince people to get the jab, from threatening them with loss of rights to sending government reps to our doors to offering $1 million lottery jackpots, have also predictably backfired. The first two simply reinforce the idea that this is more about increasing government power than public health, and the third…well, when you offer someone one miiiiiillion dollars to inject something into their body, you have to expect the reaction to be, “Keep that stuff away from me!”

Incidentally, if only rightwing Republicans are unvaccinated, why is there a surge in cases in Los Angeles? Is that a hotbed of Trump supporters?

Full disclosure: I got the vaccine because having previous lung issues and having lost friends to COVID, I thought it was the best choice for me. But I wouldn’t force it on anyone else. I try to present accurate information and let people make up their own minds. And despite the media narrative, it seems that’s exactly what people are doing.

A study by MIT found that many vaccine hesitant people made decisions that were highly informed, scientifically literate and sophisticated. They examined the date carefully and arrived at the conclusion that because of their age, health status or locations, the risk wasn’t sufficient. The government could try countering that respectfully with fact-based counter-arguments, but it’s easier to assume they’re just morons and treat them as such with orders, bribes and threats of punishment.

Unfortunately, the people in charge now have played politics with this disease so much, and they’ve declared their claims to be absolute truth that may not be questioned (only to see that get reversed over and over again…here’s the latest example)…

…that they’ve flushed their credibility down the porcelain convenience. Like anything else that goes down there, once it’s gone, it’s awfully hard to retrieve.

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  • Lorraine N Armstrong

    07/25/2021 09:37 PM

    I definitely agree that people are blowing this all out of the water in EVERY possible way!! It takes, on average, 7-10 YEARS to pass a vaccine. They cannot convince me that this 'vaccine' is safe!! I have already had a stroke and the fact that this seems to be one of many nasty side effects of said 'vaccine' makes me even MORE not willing to take one!! I am Canadian and I am engaged to an American. I will NOT get one just to come into the country!!

  • Jane Zorn

    07/25/2021 10:40 AM

    Now, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to politics. I usually stay away from it, cause to me all it is is bullies on the playground! But to say that the vaccine isn't proficient because it was developed, tested, and offered to the people under one administration over another is ludicrous! Did Donald Trump work in the science lab to develop this vaccine? Was he a part of the test subjects? Did he tell his scientists to 'sshhh! don't tell anyone this will work!!' ? NO! What Donald Trump did was strongly encourage the scientists (Who, assumingly, know their job and how to perform it) to work on it so that the public (who was suffering and dying from the disease) would have the ability to receive the vaccine and thus preserve this great nation of ours from drifting down that 'porcelain convenience' you speak of. Would the Dems think better of Trump if he had sat on his be-hind and said nothing about this vaccine? Keeping it all to himself and his immediate cronies, and simply let the nation fall apart? Trump was working on behalf of the population of this country and even the world! He was in a hurry to offer this vaccine before the numbers of deceased sky-rocketed to 4 or 5 million!! He was working FOR our country.

    If the so-called 'authorities' in power at present want glory for themselves (which apparently they do by saying anything under Trump's administration shouldn't be trusted), perhaps they should have encouraged the constituents to receive the vaccine thus protecting our nation from demise instead of slamming it because it happened before them!! Had the situation been any different, and the disease had come calling on our doors four years later, I'm wondering if they would have had the inclination to do the things Trump did. Trump is a businessman who is used to getting things done, not a politician who sits on his hands with a funny look on his face saying 'I dunno!!' (Sorry, Mike.)

    I wonder if this world would be walking around with braces on their legs or in wheelchairs if the population (or government at the time) had denied Salk's vaccine because 'it wasn't created under their watch'??

  • Mugleston Kristine

    07/24/2021 11:15 PM

    I have chosen not to get the vaccine after doing the studies others have done. My problem with it all who do you trust for proper information. I do not trust the CDC or Dr. Fauci I have listened to Christian doctors also some who talk about building your immune system with Vitamins etc which I think we should be hearing more about. But that doesn’t fit the narrative of the drug companies. It’s difficult who to trust do you have any counsel on that. I have great respect for you and would like to hear your thoughts. Now the push from the left that this is now the pandemic of the un-vaccinated is so disturbing. If there offering all this money and incentives you have to ask what’s wrong here. Free vaccines to make Americans healthy how about those with diabetes that can’t buy the over priced insulin to remain healthy etc. I want to thank you for your political insights and your Godly wisdom.

  • Nagi Mato

    07/24/2021 05:39 PM

    I truly don't believe that President Trump took their "vaccine". What I do believe is that he took a shot of hydroxychloroquine and that is why he got healthy so quickly.
    As for their "vaccines", me and mine shall never get that "jab" under any and all circumstances.

    Thank you so much for doing and being what you do and be (?),
    Rev. Nagi Mato

  • rodney burke

    07/24/2021 05:19 PM

    the stupiity of the left is amazing. They ASSUME we are no capable of reading studies and reports. Generated by experts, NOT CDC and NIH. And wen we do and make an iformed decision on that basis they get mad. Hypocracy is no longer strong enough term. And I don't wanna hear about our "civic duty" My BS meter just pegged right. Owens is right. This is communist control as predicted 60 years ago. Let's just call them what they are; communist thugs. I believe the USC has a term for that.

  • Martha House

    07/24/2021 04:30 PM

    I recall my son telling me when the pandemic first started, over 20 MILLION AMERICANS would die. So many people have lived in fear, still do.
    The hubs and I behaved wisely, were careful with hygiene and crowds. We did have the virus, thankfully mild. It took longer to get taste and smell restored, weeks. We have read research on both side of the question, both of us retired educators with multiple degrees. So we are able to understand the research.
    My freedom to choose is important to me. I expect my elected representatives to defend that right, and become very suspect when they try to coerce.

  • Jay Lalime

    07/24/2021 04:08 PM

    I read the MIT site description of Lee’s report. It’s amazingly condescending and I believe only reinforces my understanding that most of America is simply not actively on Twitter or Facebook, which they used for their study,

    More than that, where is the discussion ops out those of us who have actually had Covid? Every study I’ve read (all dated before Covid) claim that immunity from contracting a virus is far superior to vaccines (except in the case of the virus that causes cancer in woman, but in that case the vaccine seems to have major side effects anyway). But all Corona related, or other viruses, give stronger immunity via the sickness, than the vaccine. why on earth would I risk anything by taking the vaccine if I’ve had Covid? The only test they can do is antibodies of course, but that is just one third of our immune system defense. My body now recognizes Covid, and even variants, to a degree better than those who are vaccinated. Two years ago, this would have been accepted as science. Now, not so much.

  • Robert E. Christensen

    07/24/2021 04:03 PM

    It began for me on the 4th of February, got my first Moderna shot and my wife also. The next day l could hardly walk with stiffness in both legs, arm and shoulder pain. On the 21st went to ER and was placed in a room for oxygen after extensive tests, one showing blood clots in both legs and both lungs.
    Released in three days,
    It on 24 hour oxygen for a couple of months, and still have pain in hands,feet and etc. It is now the 24th of July. Moderna has given me a bunch of beating around the bushes over my case even though lots of other people that have asthma and take Breo had the same reaction as l have, but as servers.
    My doctor advised me not to take the second dose which was scheduled for the 4th of March. So lam presently not well and concerned about Delta variant being something that l might get because l have only had one dose!

  • Paul Ashley

    07/24/2021 03:59 PM

    "As noted, why would Trump, who got the vaccine himself, urged Americans to take it, and rightly takes credit for getting it developed so quickly, back the anti-vaccination movement?"

    While the idea of getting a true vaccine through quickly was perhaps noble, the result was not necessarily so. The mRNA shots produced have been the works for years so they were not a "miracle" and they are immensely more dangerous than any traditional vaccines that have ever been developed. Considering the too of death and disability they have racked up, in numbers that would see an other drug pulled from the market, and that there is zero recourse for anyone damaged, Trump would be wise to step back and say only that taking it should be any individual decision and that vaccine passports are unconstitutional whether imposed by government of businesses.

    And though I am a Trump supporter, it is simply not the case, as his statement implies, that people are not taking the gene therapy injections because they do not trust the Biden administration. Almost all I know have researched the vast amount of data available, put forth by many highly reputable physicians, and have decided that the vaccines are unnecessary, dangerous, and have no risk advantage against a condition from which 99.8% recover.

  • Kimberly Wohletz

    07/24/2021 03:34 PM

    I have looked at the data about Covid-19 carefully. I have looked on the CDC’s website to get raw numbers and calculated for myself my own risk. I do not have a high risk to pass away from this illness. I already had the illness in November 2020 and had no problems with it. In the past I have been much worse off with flu bugs. From research at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo, those with mild cases of Covid-19 have good T-cell immunity to said illness. Also, a group of about 30 people from the 1918 Spanish Flu were tested for B-cell immunity in 2008, and they had great immunity still to the Spanish Flu from 90 years ago. I believe in freedom of choice. We still have people who smoke cigarettes; I am thinking that they should be told they have to stop smoking if mandates to get a vaccine are employed. Also, people should not be able to get their hands on foods that make them overweight either if mandates to take the jab are enacted. The obese population happen to be affected greatly by Covid-19. This push for all people to get the vaccine does not make sense if one has read actual information (not propaganda) about Covid-19 for ones-self.