March 12, 2019

I honestly try not to feed the media hype machine around Vogue’s Most Stylish Socialist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, by not reacting to every ridiculous thing she says.  As I’ve pointed out before, I’d be doing it all day, because she’s practically a non-stop fountain of nonsense.  When she’s on her notes, she sounds like Fidel Castro’s PR agent, and when she’s away from her notes, she sounds like a painfully uninformed bartender who’s been sampling the goods. 

But when AOC tells a crowd of young people at the SXSW (South by Southwest) music and media festival in Austin (where the alt-rock bands aren’t the only ones filling the air with incomprehensible gibberish) that capitalism (which has lifted tens of millions of people out of poverty) is “irredeemable,” that Ronald Reagan’s economy was racist, and that America must be completely transformed because we can’t settle for just a 10% improvement on “garbage”…well, that sort of demands a response.  

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There are quite a few good refutations already on the Internet.  Here’s one that covers the basic points, which are so obvious, only the holder of a liberal arts degree from a Boston college wouldn’t already know them:

But let me add just a few that haven’t been talked about as much:

1.  Ronald Reagan left office in 1988.  AOC was born in 1989.  That means she has zero personal knowledge of what the Reagan years were like, nor of the economic failures and foreign policy fecklessness of the late ‘70s that led to his election.  Everything she knows about Reagan, she learned from leftist college professors, which is like saying that everything you know about Judaism, you learned from Louis Farrakhan.  Or everything you know about economics, you learned from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

2.  When Reagan talked about people abusing the welfare system and losing their work ethic, he never assigned any racial aspect to it.  In fact, it was widely acknowledged back then that more white people than black people were on welfare.  When Reagan criticized welfare dependency, his liberal political enemies accused him of racism, even though they were the ones making racist assumptions about welfare recipients, not him.

3.  As to Reagan’s economy, which AOC claims “screw(ed) over working class Americans": The inflation rate when Reagan took office was 12.5%.  Three years later, it was down to 3.2%.  GDP growth in 1980 was negative-0.3%. By 1984, it was 7.2%.   Reagan’s first year in office, the unemployment rate was 8.5%.  By his final year, it was 5.3% (it takes unemployment longer to catch up to positive trends, but it certainly did.)

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America’s working class was so furious with Reagan for “screwing them over” that they reelected him in 1984 in a 58.8% landslide.  His opponent, uber-liberal Walter Mondale, carried only one state (his home state of Minnesota), and Reagan’s win in the Electoral College was a record 525-13. 

4.  The American economy, which is notching up record low unemployment rates in every demographic, is not “garbage,” nor is anything else about this country, which still stands as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to oppressed people around the world, despite the worst efforts of miseducated leftists to “fundamentally transform” it into Venezuela. 

Ironically, however, in Venezuela, where the people sadly fell for the phony promises of "economic justice" and free stuff overseen by a benevolent socialist government, people are now sifting through garbage looking for anything to eat.  And that’s hard to do, when you can’t see the garbage due to the power outages, or wash it down, since the power knocked out the water pumps.

You can tell Venezuela is nearly at North Korea-levels of socialism, since it’s so dark, you can’t even see all the starving people.  Maybe that’s part of the plan.  When you look at nighttime satellite photos of North Korea, it is, appropriately enough, a black hole surrounded by light.  Socialism is turning Venezuela into a black hole, too.  AOC’s “Green New Deal” promises to do the same for us.  And like Nicolas Maduro, when it all ends up in disaster, she can just blame Republicans and say socialism works, the “right” people just haven’t been in charge yet.

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I wonder if all those young hipsters cheering her at SXSW realize that in Venezuela, the power outages mean all their gadgets are dead and they can’t access any social media sites to hear about how great socialism is? 

That reminds me of this rueful Cold War era joke that, like a lot of awful ideas from that time, is unfortunately making a comeback online: 

What did socialists use before candles?  Electricity.  

5.  Finally, to all those young hipsters cheering for AOC and her incoherent babbling about Reagan and socialism, I would ask you this: If she and her ilk ever do take over, and inevitably destroy the economy, do you think there will be any more SXSW festivals, and if so, that you’ll be able to attend?  Considering that badges for entrance cost between $1325 and $1650 each, you’d better hope someone redistributes a lot of other people’s money to you.

Personally, I can’t think of a better illustration of the current intellectual emptiness of the left in America than the sight of a designer-clad socialist media star ranting incoherently against capitalism to a crowd of people who paid $1650 apiece to listen to it. 



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  • Carole Makowski

    03/15/2019 05:38 AM

    Thank you, sir, for your common sense, reality based commentary. While I always want to share articles like yours with these deluded children, I’m thwarted time and again by the fact that they wouldn’t believe the things they do if....facts, reality, common sense - read ‘truth’ - mattered. Nevertheless, sir, keep on speaking truth.

  • Stephen Daniel

    03/14/2019 01:11 AM

    Thanks Mike for your spot on commentary. You were my first pick for President. I’m a Trump supporter but would love to have had someone of your class and Christian worldview at the helm. Please keep it coming.

  • Linda Pratt

    03/13/2019 04:15 PM

    The only thing that keeps me from screaming when I hear such foolishness is remembering 'THIS IS NOT A BATTLE BETWEEN FLESH AND BLOOD." Therefore, this battle can not be won through arguments and reasonings. The anti-Christ spirit is at work but the greater one lives within those that believe and He has a plan and is strategically implementing it in this nation that He began. The sovereign Lord whom we serve is bringing revival, awakening and reformation to the heart of this nation so that WE will have a final chance to chose Him as the God of this nation. This is why president Trump was chosen. He didn't come up with "Make America Great Again."
    God did! We have to remember that the Lord is running this end game and He has extended America a season of mercy. He is exposing the gross ignorance of an ideology that He thwarted years ago when He brought confusion to the languages of men and set boundaries and gave us nations as He stopped the building of the tower of babel. When this last days scenario is over, the world will have the one world socialist government they so desire for seven years called the Great Tribulation in which they will choke on the darkness they have yearned for. Venezula, Cuba, Syria, China is nothing compared to what they will eventually see. And even that will only last for seven years. :)

  • Gene Blazer

    03/13/2019 03:58 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee! It continues to be refreshing to hear your voice of reasoning out from the wilderness of stupidity! I for one, am sick of seeing and hearing her, even on Hannity! I think her microphone should be muted. I refuse to listen to her and all the other fools like her, and the list keeps growing. We are almost to the point where average Americans are going to rise up and take our country back! Thank you again!

  • Karen Snyder

    03/13/2019 03:08 PM

    Mike - I live in Hendersonville, TN and have been to your show at the TBN theatre. Just wanted you to know I've tried 3 ways to share this article and your response on FB and FB has blocked it every time. I hope they have not blocked you but it wouldn't surprise me.
    Keep on keepin' on,

  • Veronica Kehoe

    03/13/2019 12:52 PM

    Sanity Speaks!! Thank you. AOC is a loud mouth bartender who knows Nothing!

  • Rosemary Scott

    03/13/2019 10:56 AM

    Who are we saving the planet for?

    1. AOC suggests people should probably not have children. Okay, so the planet is going to crash/burn/implode/explode in 12 years, so who are we trying to save it for if there aren't any children to grow up in it? (BTW, I'm sure AOC has already taken the steps necessary to guarantee that she does not reproduce in this toxic world).

    2. AOC says we have to get rid of airplanes, cars, trucks, fossil fuel, nuclear too I suppose, so therefore, we have no tractors to farm the crops we need for food/ clothing etc., trucks to transport it, electricity/heat/cold to process it, etc. We have to get rid of cows because they fart, so no beef on our plate either. I'm sure horses will be banned too, since they must fart a lot too, so we can't use them for transportation like in the horse and buggy days. So basically, we have nothing to eat or clothes to wear or means of travel (at least until the high speed trains are designed, built and running throughout the country, which I approximate will take a zillion years!) Since there will be no means of heat, we're going to freeze our naked butts off.

    3. Since no one is required to work, ie. unable, un-willing, but everyone gets paid, oops, there's nothing to buy, it's all banned! We will have free medical (since no one has to work who's going to man these hospitals??)

    4. No power means no TV, radio, internet, wi-fi, smartphone service so we won't be able to listen to senseless nonsense from people like AOC....wait....that's a plus!

    5. So, even though I'm sure I missed many important items we must get rid of to save the planet, I, for one, have no desire to live the last 12 years of my life starving, naked, freezing and huddled in my cave to save the planet for ( remember, no more children) ….NOBODY!

    6. So grill me a ribeye, slather my potato with real butter and sour cream (from those farting cows), then go for a drive around the lake in my gas powered car, watch some electric powered TV, then go to sleep in my nice heated house. I'll take 12 good years of life over a lifetime in hell with the Green deal!

  • Allison Boyle Runkles

    03/13/2019 08:43 AM

    I am in total agreement with all of those ahead of me with comments of shipping AOC to Venezuela for a “field trip”, or perhaps more like a “missions trip”. When Christians chose to go to a mission’s field to spread the gospel, they take those mission’s trips to get real-life exposure to what they will encounter when they become inhabitants of that country. I would REALLY love to see a cameraman or woman follow AOC around Venezuela with the lens directed at her facial expressions 24/7. Perhaps that should be a requirement of all incoming newbie political “upstarts”? (Especially those with 0% experience). I would pay money to see that!

  • Mary Lehman

    03/13/2019 08:25 AM

    So refreshing to hear your words of sanity, Governor. It gets so very frustrating. ...Also always appreciate your writing style. Nobody can turn a phrase quite like you. :)

  • Teddy Woodward

    03/13/2019 05:40 AM

    YIKES! Where do you begin to comment on the MESS that politicians have made? First of all, AOC. She is OVER HER HEAD to a degree that is pitiable. I feel sorry for her, because she is CLUELESS! Though it's hard for me to look around and think that EVERYTHING about capitalism is so wonderful. Here in Nashville, there is a BEGGAR ON EVERY CORNER, EVERYWHERE YOU GO. LOCK YOUR DOORS and ROLL UP YOUR WINDOWS! NEVER saw THAT UNDER Reagan. Or go to Wal-Mart, or as it should be called, little Mexico. You hear a LOT MORE SPANISH here in Music City when you go shopping than you do English. This isn't IMMIGRATION. This is an INVASION, brought to us by our LOVELY CAPITALISTS. When MONEY IS GOD, the SHIT HITS THE FAN. "THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL". ALL of the -isms have their GOOD POINTS and FAILINGS. Our military-industrial complex spends MORE TAXPAYER MONEY on weapons that don't even work all that well than the NEXT TWENTY COUNTRIES COMBINED. And that INCLUDES China and Russia. Eisenhower's farewell address to the nation WARNED US ABOUT THIS. Apparently, we didn't listen to the SUPREME COMMANDER of WWII. I advise EVERYONE to watch his farewell address to America. HE was a GREAT MAN who TOLD THE TRUTH. Pretty RARE THESE DAYS. $1650 for a ticket to SXSW? HOLY COW! Were Elvis and the Beatles there? I sure couldn't see paying that much to watch Miley twerking away with Taylor appearing to have her way with her from behind, or to watch 50Cent tell us what a bunch of A-holes we white people are. Let's be honest, folks. CAPITALISM has shot ITSELF AND US IN THE HEAD! It is CAPITALISM that CREATES the AOC's because we let MONEY do the TALKING in America when it comes to elections. How about a political movement called COMMONSENSE-ISM. Of course if we did that, we'd have to FIRE ALMOST EVERYONE in Congress. And one last thing, about Ilhan Omar. There is a book called "The Israel Lobby and American Foreign Policy". It was written by Stephen Walt, the former DEAN of the KENNEDY SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT at Harvard, and John Mearsheimer, a professor from the history department at the University of Chicago. These are INTELLIGENT, WELL EDUCATED INTELLECTUALS who say A LOT of the same things Ilhan does, without the smartass, all about the Benjamin's type of remarks. They aren't anti-semitic LULU'S. And to call Ilhan anti-semitic means she is SELF HATING because SHE is a Semitic person. LOOK IT UP. But to pretend that people like Sheldon Adelson, who says OPENLY that he is a ONE ISSUE GUY, and his issue is Israel, and that his BILLIONS don't give him UNDUE INFLUENCE in our government and elections is preposterous. He has given 100 MILLION DOLLARS to candidates of BOTH parties. To DENY that the Israel Lobby isn't INCREDIBLY INFLUENTIAL in America is either INCREDIBLY ignorant on the subject, or disingenuous. EVERY ASTUTE follower of American politics is aware of this. There is a LAW being pushed in state politics that makes people sign an OATH to not support the BDS movement (boycott, divestment, sanction) against Israel and their BRUTAL TREATMENT of the Palestinians, or LOSE THEIR JOB. The Episcopal Church has endorsed the BDS movement. Are they ALL a bunch of anti-semites? I attended an Epicopal private school in Baltimore in the sixties, that afforded me a FANTASTIC EDUCATION, and if they taught us ANYTHING, it was FAIRNESS AND HONESTY. If you got caught CHEATING, you were EXPELLED THAT DAY. Too bad Felicity and her 49 CHEATING FRIENDS didn't have THAT kind of education. But what other FOREIGN country has THAT KIND OF CLOUT in America? COME ON. TELL THE TRUTH. This isn't saying ISRAEL and ALL JEWS ARE BAD. But to DENY their ENORMOUS INFLUENCE in America is NOT HONEST. It's COMMON KNOWLEDGE. A LOT of what I have learned about it is FROM JEWS, like Glenn Greenwald. The Jewish Voice for Peace came out in SUPPORT of Ilhan. And that INCLUDES people like Naomi Klein that I hold in HIGH REGARD. TELLING THE TRUTH isn't ANTI ANYTHING. It is PRO HONESTY. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT? When we Christians, and ALL RELIGIONS start TELLING THE TRUTH, THEN we will win GOD'S APPROVAL, and LIFE will be BETTER for ALL OF US. TW

  • Linda Kirk

    03/13/2019 12:42 AM

    I don’t understand how someone with as much hate for America gets elected to the Congress of the United States. What does this tell us about the voters in her state?

  • Mary Perez

    03/12/2019 10:58 PM

    If these people are so fond of socialism and hate our capitalism, why in the heck are they still here? Why join a capitalist nation if you think it is evil and selfish? No other nation would put up with their crap except a place where they have the freedom to speak their minds. But, if you hate us so, just leave!

  • Leilani Jay

    03/12/2019 10:33 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I like your show it is one I try to watch weekly. AOC is one of the more unintelligent persons on the liberal left that I have heard, and that is saying a lot when talking about the liberal left. This article covers everything quite well and I enjoyed the read. I got several laughs, but seriously, one of my main concerns (if I take any of this socialism seriously) is what is going to happen with social security and social security disability? It is hard enough to live on less than poverty level that we are forced to live on now but I can't see any improvement with her future. Has anyone asked that question ? Can you find out and let us know please. Thank you

  • Wayne Hilchen

    03/12/2019 10:00 PM

    You nailed AOC and her following. Unfortunately it is going to take a constant comparison of socialism vs capitalism to get a true picture of why we don't want to go down the path with AOC.

  • Don Crumbley

    03/12/2019 09:47 PM

    Gov. Huckabee: Your right on target! Let's get it over with and decide where the USA is going to be in this remaining century. Voters are going to have to decide in 2020, which direction they are going to take this country? The choices will be two, (1.) "vote the Liberal Progressives into power", the pathway to ruination of the USA, through the implantation of socialism or communism or (2.) "vote for Conservative Capitalism, the road to freedom of choice, individual liberty and justice for all. It's going to be decision time for John Q Public in 2020 to decide the future of the USA.
    My opinion is that the older, smarter, and remaining left of center Democrat party members, already see the light and that the 2020 election will result in the mindless, younger, die-hard and older Far-Left Progressives "breaking their pick" in the 2020 election, against President Trump. The current left of center Democrat party members will be glad to see, the Progressives, that have now hi-jacked the Democrat Party name, banished and run their course from being able to influence the 2024 election, giving the Grand Old Party, an opportunity to get back in the game in the election out years. I call it the urgent need to purify the current Democrat Party system and President Trump is just the medicine needed to accomplish that end, for the Democrat Party. So let's let John Q Public voters bring it on in 2020 and decide to flush the current Progressive sickness out of the current Congressional system and unify the USA again.

  • John Alpers

    03/12/2019 09:30 PM

    You are 100% correct. Why don't more people see this? It is almost like facts don't matter anymore. They say ignorance is bliss, AOC should be very happy.

    The thing that scares me the most is some group elected nuts like her and the anti-Semitic from Minnesota. How can that happen?

  • Fred carter

    03/12/2019 09:01 PM

    Our country is in a mess when people will believe such lies, Governor.

  • April Allison-Garlow

    03/12/2019 08:41 PM

    AOC's belief that Reagan's remark about welfare recipients was a racist remark, just shows her own racist belief, that all people on welfare are black. Her ignorance is legendary, now she proves she's also a bigot--just another poster child for the Democrats.

  • Patty Hager

    03/12/2019 08:38 PM

    Sir, I hear different ways this woman and her Muslim sidekick who us spewing venom towards the Jewscan be ousted from their positions. But how? What can we do as an American people jointly to demand this? They are tearing America apart. The Democratic Party is destroying America. We have got to rise up and somehow say enough is enough Mr. Huckabeefor ai am very worried where all this is heading.

  • Janet Elliott

    03/12/2019 07:41 PM

    When I watch AOC talking and using her body language she reminds me of Adolf Hitler. He spent hours standing in front of the mirror practicing his speeches and his body movements so he could "sucker" in the the German people. And we all know how that ended!

  • Audrey Skarness

    03/12/2019 06:34 PM

    Ms. Cortez needs to pack her bags [most probably made with petroleum products] and spend a week in Venezuela and let us Americans know how that pans out for her.

  • Coleen Bane

    03/12/2019 05:53 PM

    Thanks so much for the real motives behind puppet AOL! Thanks for sharing Barbara Em! How can we make this more public than preaching to the choir ??

  • James R Wilson

    03/12/2019 05:42 PM

    She is half Jew. I don't mind saying how dumb she, but talking about how much Judaism she knows might be crossing a line. I know she has difficulty accepting that side of her, but It is likewise anti-Jewish to state that she learned everything from college. Gentiles aka non Jews needs to stop attacking Jews on the Jewish side. She is as dumb as a rock, but don't go bashing a Jew when trying to hold up that you like Jews. I am sure you don't hate Jews, but it just makes you look bad.

    It is just advice from another half Jew on how to deal with Jews. Your daughter is a really good woman and pretty tough given how she handles things. If you ever need a decent adviser I make decent one as sometimes can read stuff others don't see.

  • Fank Buckoski

    03/12/2019 05:03 PM

    Right on, again.

  • Jim Simpson

    03/12/2019 04:14 PM

    I have a few questions - Why is everyone in this country falling head over heels for AOC and Omar? If they were not given all this publicity would they go away? Frankly isn't it time we changed the subject? Just saying.