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May 7, 2022

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John 14:2-3

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Who funded BLM?

If you were wondering who was dumb enough to give millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter, which has led to investigations as to what the radical Marxist founders of that group did with it, here’s part of the answer. You won’t be surprised to learn that a big chunk of it came from a secretive fund used by Silicon Valley tech giants. Yes, the same people who think you’re dangerous because you have freedom of speech.

Baby food shortage

The food shortages we keep hearing warnings about are already arriving in some quarters, and one of the most alarming and least reported is the shortage of baby formula. Desperate moms nationwide are forming cooperative groups to scour stores for baby formula, particularly for babies that need special formulas.

I know the media think the only story about babies worth covering is about protecting the right to abort them, but a lot of people are more concerned right now with keeping them alive. That could use a little attention, too.

Federal abortion bill is killed

For all the Democrats’ fiery talk about eliminating the Senate filibuster and passing a national pro-abortion law with 50 votes, it’s all just hot air to keep their leftist base agitated. Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is on record as opposing eliminating the filibuster or passing radical abortion laws. Kyrsten Sinema supports abortion rights, but isn’t crazy enough to give up the filibuster protection when Dems are looking at becoming the minority. And even swinging-door Republican Susan Collins won’t support it and drove another nail into its coffin. Ironically, the federal abortion bill is going to be killed before it has a chance to be born.

Soft on crime D.A.? Very

Just how soft on criminals is Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon? He’s so soft that even when a celebrity (comedian Dave Chappelle) was attacked onstage by an assailant carrying a knife in front of a literal Hollywood Bowl full of witnesses, Gascon has declined to file felony charges.

The only upside is that if organizers of the petition drive to have Gascon removed from office were having trouble getting enough signatures, this might help considerably.

Inspiring Story

Read about the Missouri mom who had $40,000 in student loan debt. By doing everything she could to make money on top of working a 40-hour job, scrimping and living paycheck-to-paycheck, she paid off the entire debt in seven months. She’s what I’d call a responsible go-getter, and what today’s Democrats would call a “sucker.”,hp1r

FYI: It probably helped that she got a degree in Business and not in Transgender Grievance Studies.

Russia-Ukraine War Update

There’s been a lot of speculation about Russia’s May 9th holiday commemorating victory in World War II. There’s been talk that Putin is ramping up attacks in Ukraine to full scale, “total war against the West” mode so that Russians won’t think the nation looks weak on that day. This seems likely since the Kremlin’s chief propagandist categorically denied it.

There are also questions about how Russians would view a necessarily-scaled down military parade. Russia loves to show off its massive array of intimidating armaments. But this year, many of them are in Ukraine, and quite a few are spread all over the landscape. Also, the parade might spotlight the credibility gap between Russia’s projection of its all-powerful military and the way it’s struggling in Ukraine, which would undermine Russia’s international image even more.

The latest word is that Putin hopes to scare Europe and the US by filling the parade with military vehicles that can carry nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

But just to make sure that the nuclear threat isn’t taken seriously by nations that also have nukes that they could fire back, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson insisted that Russia will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. I guess they're just the Russian equivalent of Macy's parade floats.

For the latest updates on the invasion of Ukraine, here is a Fox News link:

From Instapundit

A handy list of news headlines to refute President Biden’s wack-a-doodle claim that MAGA is the most extreme political group in recent history.

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