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December 1, 2021

I’ve repeatedly warned readers not to fall for the idea that the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill was actually going to buy $1.2 trillion worth of roads, bridges and airport improvements (hence our habitual use of quotation marks around “infrastructure.”) That’s partly because only a fraction of the money goes to things that any sane person would consider to be actual infrastructure (Democrats only win arguments by redefining words, in this case turning “government giveaway programs” into “human infrastructure.”) But it’s also because Democrats, in thrall to environmentalist donors, have created so many laws that make it darn near impossible to build a new road, highway, dam or any other major construction project.

We went through the same thing under Obama. Remember the promise that spending nearly a trillion tax dollars would create thousands of “shovel-ready jobs?” Then we discovered that it took a 10-year environmental impact study just to get permits to buy a shovel. Even Obama himself admitted that he found out there were no “shovel-ready jobs.”

Well, one of the hallmarks of modern liberals is that they never learn from prior mistakes. So now we have a freshly-signed $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill, and the New York Times, which pushed hard for passage, has suddenly realized that it probably won’t actually build or fix very much infrastructure.

The Times actually printed an analysis by independent journalist Ralph Vartabadian in which he found that the bill “carries enormous risks that the projects will face the same kind of cost, schedule and technical problems that have hobbled ambitious efforts from New York to Seattle, delaying benefits to the public and driving up the price tag that taxpayers ultimately will bear.”

It would have been nice if the Times had looked that closely at the bill before it was passed with their support and we taxpayers got stuck with the tab. But even if it never results in a new road or bridge, it will accomplish its actual goals of (A.) giving Biden a legislative “win,” (B.) expanding government size and control, and (C.) showering money on Democrat donors and voting blocs.

In short, the Times will never learn because keeping their readers willfully ignorant until it’s too late advances the left’s political agenda. But the rest of us can learn from this never to pay attention to the New York Times.

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  • Andry Ranaivoson

    12/06/2021 01:23 PM

    Dear Governor,

    You're my second reading of the day after the Bible. How inspiring and encouraging is your newsletter. I lived through the hell of communism ideology in my former country: it is all lies and indoctrination out there. Together let's keep America Great! Andry

  • Donal E Plunkett

    12/06/2021 05:02 AM

    I love your daily updates. The information you provide is highly enlightening. Your staff writers are also to be commended for their input. As I’ve read in your newsletters about the Salvation Army and it’s apparent move way to the left and is printing and distributing the garbage of critical race theory I fear giving funds to them will now be misused!
    We all need to pray for all agencies that are promoting CRT. I guess the SA has started going after monies from the left but most Christians are moderates to conservatives. God bless you and your staff for providing such good information.
    I have to say one more thing- How about those HOGS and head coach Sam Pittman!

  • Ed Johnson

    12/05/2021 02:47 PM

    Gov, Huckabee, Neither Obama or Biden have ever created any "shovel-ready jobs", they already existed in the barn. If either knew anything about real work they would know government doesn't create jobs, jobs mostly exist waiting on someone to seek them out. Most fear jobs because they represent work. I have worked all my life on the farm or in construction. At 77, I'm still working on my farm and looking forward to the next projects on the list, a mile of new barbed wire fence, a new barn and lots of small projects in between. I plan on working until Jesus comes. Never got any welfare, never got any unemployment, just worked and enjoyed it. Served my country in the Marines in Vietnam. We need to bring back the draft and make it mandatory for all men.

    Thanks, Ed Johnson


    12/05/2021 02:41 PM

    There is only one logical purpose for "gain of function" research and that is to develop biological weapons. That is likely one of the activities that was (and probably still is) going on at the Wuhan Laboratory.

    I was not surprised that scant months after the "accidental" release of the COVID 19 virus from the Wuhan Lab, a General Officer from the People's Liberation Army took control of the laboratory. Why would that be were it not for that connection. This individual, in fact, was/is in charge of the PLA's Chemical and Biological Weapons program.

    Why would Dr. Fauci provide funds to the Chinese to perform such research? Why didn't he ask the US Army to do the research for him at Ft. Detrick MD where similar research is likely performed. Probably because he didn't want the oversight and loss of control that would come with it.

    Clearly there was more going on here than harmless scientific research. The majority may believe this release was an accident, but don't bet the ranch.

  • valerie blount

    12/05/2021 02:33 PM

    There is no way to say this nicely. I am repulsed by the new left forcing "racism" down our throats. My answer is to ignore them and continue my life as I always have. One has to speak respectful of all nationalities, religions and political opinions. I am Irish....and do not know one alcoholic Irishman....enough said about race. We are all children of God. Period. If we are approached by dishonesty, aggression, or any other despicable trait...we treat the approach in such a manner to protect ourselves and others. Why complicate what the left is doing with reason....for they are not reasonable.
    If they were....we'd all be far more accepting. Be who we AMERICANS!

  • Susan Cowan

    12/05/2021 02:18 PM

    Hi Mike,
    I read your newsletter daily. Thank you for having the heart , will and focus to speak the truth. Also for having a great staff who does the same!!!

    My question/concern is: with all that that has been brought to light, falsehoods uncovered; and criminal actions, when is anything going to be done?

    When are those involved going to be held accountable on this earth. I pray daily that the evil in our leaders will be exposed and they removed from leadership of this country and replaced with Godly Men and Women. By this I meant God the father of Jesus.
    Will they ever face justice for their lies, deception snd criminal actions.

    I bet if I did such as a common citizen. I’d be locked up as those from Jan 6th.

    God bless you
    Susan Cowan

  • Sharon Gibson

    12/03/2021 07:04 PM

    Thank you for this article. Knowing this present administration I figured as much. Get them out, please! !

  • Charles B Moore

    12/03/2021 06:26 AM


  • Red Green

    12/01/2021 09:49 AM

    Everything the democrats, the obiden cartel and their handlers do is designed to destroy America and our freedom. Their every move is calculated, sanitized and presented as "helping America". You can bet the farm that their motives are totally opposite, as has been proven over and over again.