May 9, 2018


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Today's Commentary:  Trump delivers on promise to pull out of Iran deal-- NBC earns fresh round of mockery -- Gina Haspel's nomination -- Bulletin: Americans released by N.K. -- Kerry's shenanigans helped kill Iran deal -- Evening Edition - May 8

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Despite former (repeat: FORMER) Secretary of State John Kerry’s intense and highly inappropriate efforts to save Obama’s ill-advised Iran deal and preserve Obama’s damaging legacy, President Trump has fulfilled a campaign promise to step away from the deal, outlining a 90-day window for working out details with allies and re-instigating sanctions on Iran.

The hope is that we will end up with a better deal; it could hardly be worse. Right now, Iran’s leadership has its fist in the air, saying Trump’s withdrawal is “illegal and illegitimate,” and that was entirely predictable. (Of course, they always have their fist in the air when it comes to America.) The deal as negotiated by Obama offered no provisions for pulling out, and that in itself testifies to how ridiculously bad a deal it was. But since Obama entered into it without having it ratified as a treaty, Trump has the authority to pull out.

The terms were to the Iranians’ immense advantage, with no rules against their pursuit of long-range ballistic missiles and only a short-term ban on their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Restrictions were to end in 2025 –- just 7 years from now. Do you know how long 7 years is in their strategy to wipe out the nation of Israel (“the Little Satan”) and destroy the West (“the Great Satan”)? A nanosecond.


Mike Huckabee

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NBC earns fresh round of mockery

By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of liberal news organizations that bury negative stories about Democrats (but rush to report anti-Trump stories even when they aren’t confirmed), NBC is getting a fresh, well-earned round of mockery. Last year, NBC was ridiculed for rejecting reporter Ronan Farrow’s expose of Harvey Weinstein that was instead published by the New Yorker, where it ignited the “Me, Too” movement and won a Pulitzer Prize. The reason why NBC’s display of bias and incompetence is back in the news: that bombshell expose of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in the New Yorker was also co-written by…oh, go ahead. Take a guess...


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Gina Haspel's nomination

By Mike Huckabee

Four Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are blocking President Trump’s nomination of Gina Haspel as the first female CIA Director. They object to her based on claims that she participated in waterboarding a terrorist suspect at a CIA base she oversaw in Thailand, although that story was retracted when a declassified timeline showed she arrived after his interrogation. But her Democratic opponents just picked up the support of a prominent newsmaker who also thinks she’s not fit to run the CIA. Their new ally: Al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He does not want that woman in charge of interrogating him!

If the Democrats think this endorsement of their position on national security looks good for them during an election year, they really have no business being on an intelligence committee.


Bulletin: Americans released by N.K.

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump tweeted that Sec. Of State Mike Pompeo is now in the air, bringing home three Americans who had been held captive in North Korea. Meanwhile, all the diplomatic experts who were in charge of preventing North Korea from getting nuclear weapons, and then who warned that by standing up to North Korea Trump was going to encourage them to fire their nuclear weapons at us, are now warning that Trump doesn’t know how to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons the way they do.

My question: Can we put those “diplomatic experts” on the plane returning to North Korea?


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Kerry's shenanigans helped kill Iran deal

By Mike Huckabee

The Daily Caller quotes inside White House sources as saying that while John Kerry’s inappropriate-if-not-illegal impersonation of a sitting Secretary of State negotiating to save the Iran nuclear deal was not the reason President Trump killed it, it did help drive the final nail into its coffin. Let me be the first to say: “Heckuva job, Kerry!”



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Evening Edition - May 8

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


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