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May 5, 2023

I’m sure some of my readers are sick of hearing about Hunter Biden (I’m certainly sick of him), but this story is only partially about him.

It’s an update on the court case in Arkansas, where not to my surprise, Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer is doing the tough and impartial job of holding Hunter to account that our federal agencies seem incapable of doing. She’s ordered him to turn over financial records and is losing patience with his lawyers’ feeble excuses for trying to redact information that wouldn’t even be in court if Hunter hadn’t tried to lower his child support payments.

But I’m not writing about this to report another Hunter Biden scandal. It’s to report my relief that some other media figures are finally starting to speak up about an issue I’ve raised several times: the reprehensible treatment of Hunter’s innocent four-year-old daughter, Navy Joan, by the entire Biden family.

I sincerely hope that her mother has been able to shield this little girl from the news and the horrible comments from her father about her mom and their “relationship.” I won’t repeat them; you can read them at the link if you don’t know; it’s just the worst sort of attempt to use his own rotten behavior to evade responsibility and to slander her mother because of her job. And at least Hunter has the excuse of being a drug-addicted lout. What possible excuse could there be for the President and First Lady to pretend that their own granddaughter doesn’t even exist?

If I have to read another puff piece about Joe Biden’s love of family (a media bootlicker won an award for writing one of those at last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner), I will lose my lunch. I’m disgusted by the arrogance, cruelty and elitism of this family ignoring their own flesh and blood, exposing an innocent child to such humiliating treatment just because of the circumstances of her conception (which was the fault of the kid YOU raised, Joe) and her mother’s one-time occupation (which is frankly more honorable than Hunter’s.) Greg Gutfeld regular Tyrus hit the nail on the head when he said this is about “character,” and these people have none.

The sins of the father are not the child’s, and if Joe and Jill had any decency, they would say that none of the issues between the parents matters: Navy Joan is their grandchild and she has their love, acceptance and full support. Until I see that – and a Christmas stocking with her name on it at the White House -- any “prize-winning” newspaper stories I see about Biden’s deep love of family will be sent to my writers who have pet parrots and always need bird cage liner.

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  • Robert Martynowski

    05/05/2023 06:36 AM

    Right you are! So called devout "Catholic Joe" should be exposed for the corrupt fake he is - denying the existense of his own grandchild and being all in for the murder of the unborn. We are raising and have adopted a child who through no fault of his own was conceived in similar fashion.