January 14, 2020

The new James O’Keefe/Project Veritas undercover video is out.  It reportedly shows the Bernie Sanders campaign's paid “field organizer” Kyle Jurek talking about what will happen if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination and if he’s elected (WARNING: Not surprisingly, he uses lots of profanity.)

Short version: If things don’t go Bernie’s way, they’ll riot in Milwaukee at the Democratic Convention, beat the cops and burn down major cities.  If Bernie is elected, then they’ll be putting billionaires and “f---ing Nazis” (I assume that means anyone to the right of Bernie) into gulags for “reeducation” by breaking rocks 12 hours a day.  But don’t worry, because “there’s a reason Josef Stalin had gulags,” and they weren’t nearly as bad as the CIA has told us.  Why, the prisoners had conjugal visits and were paid a living wage, and they were “meant for, like, reeducation.”

Kind of makes AOC sound like a Soviet history scholar, doesn’t he?

I don’t know how high in the campaign this shockingly stupid and nasty person is, and I expect the Sanders people will be backing away furiously from him.  But it’s nice to be reminded of just how “tolerant” socialists really are, when they aren’t trying to cover up their true face with all that “Democratic Socialist” clown makeup.   


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Two Republican Senators say that if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually manages to send over her “articles of impeachment” this week, then the Senate trial should begin next Tuesday.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly plans to make it run six days a week, for maximum discomfort.

Speaking of discomfort, here's a reminder that Democrats will no longer be in control of which witnesses to call.  The Dems wanted to sow the wind, and now, they may reap the whirlwind.

Personally, I’m warming to the suggestion of the President challenging the impeachment vote and asking the Supreme Court to throw it out as unconstitutional because the process blatantly violated his due process rights.

The argument is that the House may have sole power to set procedures for impeachment, but they never have the power to violate anyone’s Constitutional rights.  If the Senate starts a trial, that will imply they accept the impeachment as legitimate.  Considering how obviously illegitimate that process was (barring Trump’s defense from seeing testimony, calling witnesses, cross-examining witnesses, facing his "whistleblower" accuser  etc.), I’d like to see the SCOTUS weigh in on whether it was constitutional at all before we give it any imprimatur of legitimacy and waste even more time and taxpayer money on it. 



MESSAGE FROM MIKE HUCKABEE:  Do you have trouble sleeping?  I’ve been using Relaxium for well over a year.  Watch my video message here:


Anyone who’s even halfway considering voting for a Democrat next November needs to take a long, hard look at Virginia (I bet you thought I was going to say California or New York.  You can look at them, too, but I didn’t want to scare you too much.) 

Last November, Virginia voters (mostly because they’ve been swamped by federal workers and federal budget sponges in DC) thought it was safe to give the Democrats control over both houses of the legislature and the Governor’s seat (held by Ralph “Blackface/Kill post-born babies” Northam.) Despite having only a two-vote edge in the Senate, the Democrats have shown no interest in bipartisanship. 

They immediately embarked on a radical agenda of banning guns, even threatening to use the National Guard to arrest law-abiding gun owners (and sparking a massive “2nd Amendment sanctuary county counter-revolution); reviving the failed Equal Rights Amendment that’s been a dead issue for years; and trying to repeal any pro-life laws and enshrine radical pro-abortion stances into the state constitution.

Oh, sorry: not “abortion,” but “the individual right to personal reproductive autonomy.”  That follows the George Carlin principle that if you just inflate a term with enough vague, fuzzy verbiage, all the pain goes away, like turning “shell shock” into “post-traumatic stress disorder.”  Sorry, I know what abortion is, and all the weasel words in the world won’t obscure the fact that means killing an innocent baby in the womb -- or if Northam has his way, already out of the womb. 

So when November nears, and you’re hearing Democrats bathe you with soft assurances that if you put them in charge, they will work across the aisle to reach bipartisan consensus, certainly, look at California and New York.  But also remember they said the same thing in Virginia and before they took over power in the US House in 2018. Don't listen to what they say they'll do, look at what they really do. And don’t forget to look at Virginia, where a mere two-vote Senate majority is justification enough for them to overturn decades of local laws and cultural and religious beliefs and threaten to jail anyone who dares stand up against the theft of their Constitutional rights.

Don’t let America or your state become Virginia.  And Virginia voters: turn out and make Virginia Virginia again.  




Must-See Video!  With Bernie Sanders rising in the polls, there’s a slight possibility we might be looking at an election contest between the ultimate America-first capitalist and an old-line socialist who honeymooned in the USSR on purpose.  Since Trump’s greatest weapon is mockery – and Russian citizens used sarcastic jokes to survive the deprivations of socialism – this presents a golden opportunity to recycle lots of Soviet Russia jokes we haven’t been able to enjoy since Yakov Smirnov’s heyday.

To remind you of how much fun this could be – and to give President Trump a head’s up on some material he could borrow – here’s a video of Ronald Reagan doing jokes about Soviet Russia.  For older viewers, this will be hilarious and nostalgic.  For younger viewers like AOC and her Twitter followers, it will be a deflating revelation to learn not only that socialism really stinks, but that most of us knew that and were ridiculing it long before you were even born.


MESSAGE FROM MIKE HUCKABEE:  Do you have trouble sleeping?  I’ve been using Relaxium for well over a year.  Watch my video message here:


The latest survey by the Media Research Center found that in the three months after Nancy Pelosi announced the “impeachment” hearings, coverage of President Trump on NBC, CBS and ABC’s evening newscasts was 93% negative.  That’s compared to their coverage of his first 100 days in office, which was 89% negative.

To be honest, I’m genuinely surprised and have to question the study.  Before I believe it, I want someone to show me the 7% of network news coverage of Trump that wasn’t negative.




A study by Robert Half Consulting found that 90% of workers go in to work when they’re sick, so for every 1% increase in employment, flu-related doctor visits go up 19%.  Someone alert Nancy Pelosi that we’ve finally found her some grounds to impeach Trump!

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  • Kathy Backer

    01/16/2020 12:34 PM

    Hi Mike,

    Could you explain what the dues are that AOC owes?
    i've read some about it but what if she doesn't pay?

  • Duane Davidson

    01/15/2020 03:47 PM

    PLEASE drop the promos re: Relaxium!

  • AngelS

    01/15/2020 03:20 PM

    You have to love it! After all of the media blasting Trump and his supporters for lack of civility, we hear where the most lack of civility is coming from!! --And it's NOT Trump nor his supporters!! PS Mike - it's very difficult to make a comment when ads are covering a quarter of the page!

  • Thomas Ewing

    01/15/2020 02:28 PM

    As a former attorney and judge, I agree that the president should challenge the impeachment effort in the Supreme Court on the grounds that his right to due process was violated and that the charges against him are not enumerated in the Constitution.

  • rosemarie campanile

    01/15/2020 11:31 AM

    Everytime I hear them talking about old white men, what color skin do they expect us to have. We are in the United States, not China where they have yellowish skin color, or Africa where their skin is brown, etc. etc. If they don't like the white men they can go back to their home land.

    I guess that is being racist?? Rosemarie

  • Janet Bramel

    01/15/2020 08:45 AM

    Thank you for the Regan jokes. Brought back good memories from a great man.

  • Milly Smith

    01/15/2020 06:27 AM

    Good morning Mike
    I am a working 76 year old widow. I would like a simple answer to this question: how is the national debt going to be paid down?
    Will it be by the sanctions that are being put on China?
    And, please answer this question: why is the US giving/loaning money to other countries when we, the US borrows money?
    Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts on your programs.

  • Ed Johnson

    01/15/2020 06:13 AM

    The impeachment farce should be contested at the Supreme Court level for lack of due process. If the "Domocrats" received the same treatment they would be squealing like pigs at a slaughter house. Keep America great, deport a Democrat.

  • Teresa Edwards

    01/15/2020 02:58 AM

    Please help me understand the news relating to Lev Parnas and these “documents” he gave the House Dems. I do not understand what is going on.

  • gary

    01/14/2020 10:50 PM

    not to happy with your choice to include multiple advertisements in your evening editions--that tactic merely cheapens and detracts from your message---

  • Granny Anne

    01/14/2020 10:24 PM

    I keep wondering why these Democrats are willing to run for president when they only make fools of themselves with their bazaar claims and promises. It seems to me that the elites who fear the swamp being drained are the ones who give millions to these ,so called, candidates in the hope of causing such confusion and nonsense that it could hurt our President Trump. What I am saying is:
    Are the Democrats running just to get rich? Hmmm?

  • Ellen J Benischek

    01/14/2020 09:45 PM

    Did you get the e-mail I sent you a while ago?

  • Amelia Little

    01/14/2020 09:29 PM

    Thanks for the laughs with President Reagan's jokes. If the left/msm were as unhinged back then as they are now, they'd have imploded already!!

  • Robin Rebhan

    01/14/2020 09:26 PM

    Democratic definition of " bipartisan consensus ": When everybody agrees with us Democrats and there is no opposition to us Democrats, no argument against us, no debate against us, no discussions, and never ever use the United States Constitution against us.
    But! It is perfectly okay for Democrats to disagree with every single thing the Republicans try to do, especially the President ( unless he's a Democrat... of course ).

  • Donald Buchholz

    01/14/2020 09:25 PM

    What James O'keefe has shown is confirmation of what "Yuri Bezmenov" told us back in 1983 or 84 about the subversion of our country,

    If you watch what Bezmenov said and compare it to what O'Keefe has uncovered, it is evident the evil one is still walking around like a hungry lion.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Donald Buchholz

  • Kevin Turnbaugh

    01/14/2020 09:17 PM

    Gov Huckabee, I hope the folks in WI take the threat by that Sanders supporter seriously. This will only reinforce the fact that the persecution of Christians is here in the USA; when you consider Senator Sanders feelings toward Christianity. Also, the HQ for the atheistic group FFRF is located in Madison, WI.

  • Jeannette Wood

    01/14/2020 09:12 PM

    Having received an email citing the speech made by Nikita Khrushchev at the United Nations in 1960, I am now reading through a hard copy of that speech. Imagine, when Khrushchev compared Socialism and Communism as being one and the same with very little differences. Do the Democrats, under Bernie Sanders, want to turn America into a communist country? I think these people really should be schooled in exactly what Socialism is all about...!

  • Don Oswald

    01/14/2020 09:06 PM

    I have gotten really tired of the Dem advertisements in Arizona talking about our President trying several times to do away with Obamacare. They are trying to pull votes from the Dem's that still believe all the lies. The things the Dem;s are doing are just unbelievable and downright wrong.

  • Randall L Pittman

    01/14/2020 08:48 PM

    Great comments! In spite of all the Trump bashing by the "main stream media" (or maybe "main extreme media" , he's been doing a great job of making America great again. He's still in the process of draining the swamp, but even he wasn't aware that it's long ago been converted to a very dangerous, smelly cesspool. He's definitely going to need all our help in the next election to be able to get enough plumbing to drain that mess!

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/14/2020 08:43 PM

    I watched the Kyle Jurek video in disbelief...and the fact that someone like this man could be drawn to Bernie Sanders says something ABOUT Bernie Sanders because, as someone once said, "you see in others what you yourself possess."

    Watching this video sure did drive home that this kind of hatred toward President Trump can cause severe...tragic...consequences should President Trump win reelection!

    In the name of love for the Constitution, the Democrats' hatred for their President is serving to enkindle the hatred of a man like Kyle Jurek and if he acts out his threats of violence....that results in bloodshed.....what shall we say?
    People died because their fellow Americans violated God's law that we love one another, but PTL the laws of the Constitution were upheld in the process!
    Again the word INSANITY is most appropriate!

  • Rick Locke

    01/14/2020 08:28 PM

    According to Yakov, in Russia, on Saturday nights you don't have to wander around and look for a party - the party will be looking for you. (Yes, I'm that old!)

  • Phyllis Murrell

    01/14/2020 08:08 PM

    If the Supreme Court can label this impeachment hoax unconstitutional and throw it out, that would be ideal. I know the president wants to face his accusers and defend himself, but it will just generate reams of unfavorable spin from the mainstream media and an unending slew of criticism which he is already enduring 24/7.

  • Darlene F. Donston

    01/14/2020 07:14 PM

    My husband and I were talking about Old Man Bernie with one foot in the Grave this morning and we believe he has turned the corner into a Communist. Of course we have always thought so, but this on here tonight just proves it! A Communist or a Socialist should never be running in the Democrat or Republican. Some people really don't know what is going on in this World. Maybe I should same with a Rino, they don't belong running in the Republican Party either. Well, so much for Bernie. Personally NONE of those running in the Democrat Party are qualified for street sweeper! ............. Also, the U.S. Marshall's should be paying Pelosi a call. She is out of her mind about President Trump! I did see what Dershowitz said about Pelosi and he is right!

  • Catherine Jones

    01/14/2020 07:13 PM

    Please assure me that you shared with the President and Senate about the mistake of trial and giving legitimacy to the Way Democrats handled this sham!

  • Edie Faylor

    01/14/2020 07:00 PM

    Thank you for your daily commentary! More than ever, my family and I support our President, an I hope he will use some of Pres. Reagan's jokes when he runs against any if the socialists!